Trump Endorses Late Rep.-Elects Widow in Special Election

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Trump has thrown his substantial political clout behind another Republican challenger. Trump recently issued an endorsement for Julia Letlow, the widow of Representative-elect Luke Letlow who passed away last year from Covid-19 complications. Julia is running in a special election to represent Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

In Trump’s statement, he writes that Letlow is “Pro-Life and strong on Crime, the Border, lovers our Military, our Vets and will always protect our cherished Second Amendment.”

Letlow posted a photo of Trump’s endorsement on here Twitter and thanked him for the honor.


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          2. Yes honey, I see your name on different sites.
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  2. Donald J Trump is the real President of the US and his endorsements mean the world! The Puppet and his camel are succeeding at ruining America. TRUMP 2024!

    1. the puppet will never get things done right….guarantee. during his first day in office he terminated 10 K jobs.

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          5. The Dems paid the Chinks 12 millon to release the virus just to make Trump look bad.
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          2. Trump had total control of the government for his first two years in office.
            How many people were arrested for voter fraud?
            Trump was in charge for 80 days after the 2020 election.
            How many people were arrested for voter fraud.
            Trump is just too weak to run a great nation like the US.

          3. Trump tried to prove that there was voter fraud.
            Yet another Trump failure.
            Like overturning ObamaCare.
            Don’t you ever get tired of Trump being the President of Mar-A-Lago?

        2. And when my kids loses a basketball game it is because the other team cheated.
          I can’t prove it but I know they did.
          I saw my kid make basket after basket.
          Late in the game when I went to the bathroom the other team got twenty points.
          The other team is sponsored by a union.
          That tells me all I need to know about fairness.

  4. I heard RINO Sen. Cornyn today say there is little that we can do to stop the Dems law-rush through congress. But we will crush the Dems in ’22 due to their abusive laws. How does he figure an overturn in ’22 when the Dems are passing election laws which will gaurantee Dem victories. We need this women and no Cornyns. I think we are toast.

    1. You will crush the Dems in 22 like you crushed them in 20 and 18.
      We have a three party system of government.
      In order of size they are Democrats, RINOs and Trumpists.
      The Repulican Party is in dust bin of history.
      Trump trashed it.

      1. Albert, you can take all of your registered Democrats and registered RINOs and registered Trumpists, add them together and you still have less than the registered unenrolled. This is your 4th party if you will. My prediction is that enough of them will be paying $6-$7 per gallon of gas but remembering 2020 when they were paying $2 per gallon of gas. Most people who are not party to any party vote their pocket books.

        1. As of today 26% of registered voters are Republicsns.
          What percentage of them are RINOs?
          Is Romeny a registered Rebublican?
          Is he a RINO?

        2. In 2020 the demand for gas dropped in half.
          We are a Capitalist country.
          If we were a Communist county the price would have remained steady.
          The only thing that will drive our gas to $6-$7 is Globalist demand.
          That will be good news for our economy.
          We are a net exporter of hydrocarbons.
          If there are no more tax cuts our national debt could be eliminated in my lifetime.
          I am Trump’s age but not that fat and obnoxious.

      2. that’s what President Trump – our real president – is coming back to correct – the weak republicans, the lying dums and the brainless dumo supporters

        1. He won’t be back in government.
          Unless it is at Danbury.
          They have nice nine hole par three course.
          No carts.
          He may be able to make a couple of holes a day.
          There won’t be any Mickey D food,or Diet Cokes

  5. All it would take is for the still majority to flip the tables on the American born & raised democrat fascist “wokesters” and immediately accuse them of doing what they falsely accuse the still majority of doing.
    But you need the castrated white males & always vote democrat, white females in the corporate board rooms to act like Vladimir Putin and show some guts!!!

        1. I hadn’t thought of that line in years.
          Seeing Cancun Cruz in his dad jeans with his jelly belly hanging over his belt buckle brought it to mind.

    1. I like Putin’s style.
      When he wants another term as President he just pulls out his Sharpie and signs an Executive Order.
      No back talk.
      Vlad has balls to die for.

    2. I don’t want to see guts.
      Guts are ugly and they smell bad.
      I want to see big beautiful balls.
      Even on women.

  6. She owes Trump for saving her husband from an horribly painful Covid-19 death.
    Without Trump’s Hydrocloraquine he would be in his grave today..
    In hindsight do you think he regrets not wearing a mask, going to crowded barbecue joints………

  7. Now it’s King Barry behind the arras, Queen Kamel out front, and Chucky-Yucky is the Grand Vizier. Fancy Nancy is advisor to the Queen. Joey is the Court Jester. Buyer’s remorse, anyone? Just you wait!

  8. I pray for this fine lady to win big. If she has Pres Trump’s endorsement, I’m really good with that. I can only hope the mid term election goes right. It should, look what a mess we have at the border. Biden and his crowd could not manage a dog pound.

  9. She sounds like exactly what the Republican Party needs! Thank you President Trump for supporting Julia Letlow in Louisiana! .👍

  10. now i will donate bc I see President Trump is actually campaigning for her. I refuse to give to those who email me – I want to make sure Trump is really involved

  11. She sounds like just the strong Conservative Republican we need in BOTH the House & the Senate, so, good luck to her in the upcoming special election – and God bless Pres. Trump for standing up for ALL of us!! MAGA!!

    1. In thanks for Trump’s support will she smear her fecal matter in the Capitol?
      Eat her feminine napkin?


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