Manhattan DA Investigating Trump Taxes to Retire

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Manhattan District Attorney and longtime rival to Trump, Cy Vance Jr. announced he will not run for a fourth term next year. Vance first came onto Trump’s reader when the Democrat began requesting the president’s tax returns. Recently, the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s plea to block the taxes from Vance.

Fox News reports:

“When I ran for this job in 2009, I said that a District Attorney’s responsibilities should extend beyond obtaining convictions in court, and that a 21st century prosecutor’s mandate is to move our justice system and our community forward,” Vance, 66, said in a statement on Friday.

Vance’s office also touted Trump v. Vance, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Trump was not immune to a subpoena from Vance over his financial and tax records, and People v. Weinstein, which led to the downfall of entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“I never imagined myself as District Attorney for decades like my predecessors,” Vance said in a statement. “I never thought of this as my last job, even though it’s the best job and biggest honor I’ll ever have. I said twelve years ago that change is fundamentally good and necessary for any institution. Having secured these lasting impacts in our communities, our public policy, and our crimefighting capacity­­, the time has come to open the pathway for new leadership at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office.”

Vance is a Democrat, and the race to replace him is already shaping up to be about radical change as candidates embrace substantial sentencing reform, promise not to prosecute a host of low-level offenses and introduce plans for “decarceration.”

Trump has continually railed against Vance and his investigation into his tax returns saying it’s a “continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

    1. No one on the commie/nazi left that used to be democrats will..let’s face it….they are ALL about the destruction of the USA and a NWO with all of us actual slaves probably in camps…we must pray for God’s intervention. IMHO Revelations IS unfolding before our eyes…

    2. Psychotic hatred fuels the Left. Pretty quickly, moderate Democrat voters are recognizing the disaster unfolding in the Biden White House. Example– my next door neighbor exalted Biden’s inauguration. 51 Days in, he’s trying to figure out how his family w/3 small chilrdren can survive. I heard them today, panicked, about their financial outlook. Biden has zero capability to fire up the economy. He’s no Donald Trump. He’s got no idea what to do. For people who STUPIDLY believed the Democrats could do this job with the great skill of Donald Trump, they’re Sh–tttin g their pants right now.

      On the other hand, I feel very little compassion. For 4 years, Democrats SAVAGELY attacked Preident Trump while he achieved so much. Now America’s going down hard. My friends and I are convinced Democrats have got to feel deep pain, like nothing before, so they LEARN the mistakes of their policies. The faster they learn, the better. Fourth degree burns are the only way they will learn..

      1. I agree with you 100%..President Trump accomplished more in his four years than any other president and he was hounded and sabotaged at every turn by the democratic leadership. I hope these dyed in the wool democrats see what their party is really all about and it is not the people of this country.

    3. He doesn’t seem to know what his job is either. It is NOT the job of a DA to “seek convictions in court.” It is his job to seek JUSTICE. Just one more instance where the leftist mentality mucks things up.

  1. Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America
    These dumbocraps have a one track mind
    Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America Undermine America

  2. Interesting that the not so supreme court will order the release of President Trump’s tax returns to his rival but they won’t hear a request from Texas or allow Sidney Powell to present her proof of tax fraud and cheating during the 2020 stolen election. There are many reports that the not so supreme court is compromised, especially roberts. However, there are a few justices who are not compromised but they are outnumbered by those who are compromised. What is happening to our country when even the supreme court is compromised and controlled by outside forces?

    1. Lorraine…. makes one “kinda” wonder whether the Supreme Court has been compromised. What happened to Kavanaugh and Barrett??? Would not surprise me if their lives or that of their families were threatened!

        1. might check out Bill Gates he is behind a lot of this horrible stuff. And it is amazing what he is doing against our nation.

  3. Just a simple observation — Trump’s wealth was made BEFORE he came into office — all these politicians made their money AFTER they had all the perks of office. They NEVER seem to be investigated ????

    1. Exactly! Those politicians are the ones that need to show their tax returns AND show exactly just how they made their millions

  4. Why New York City need an Attorney General. There will be no criminals since the democrats are bound and determined to make all criminals the poor little heroes. There will be no police reports to base charges on since they’re going to de-fund police and let social workers handle hardened criminals.
    Oh, wait…I forgot. They need an AG to file charges against nuns and ministers and conservatives and people who accidentally do the right thing and those who forget and use the wrong pronoun and a child who cries out for Mommy instead of saying Parent…and on and on to complete insanity as the left pushes us over the cliff into oblivion.

    1. Sorry, I left out the second word – will. But then if teaching correct English is racist would that make using correct English racist? If so I just dodged a racist bullet.

  5. Foe dumbocraps there is no justice, for republicans, they haunt u for the rest of your life, that’s right a two tier justice system, that we need to take away form the deep state. Time to start standing up to these incompetent, bullies, that have gone off the deep end, and fight back at these radicals,

    1. I was asking that same question, monica. I enjoy TTN, but like so many other such websites, they use the National Enquirer technique of “sensational headlining” to grab attention!! So unnecessary.

  6. If they’re not gonna prosecute crimes it should be financial crimes they should stop prosecuting. Just make the defendants pay the money back or whatever

  7. Vance is an arrogant, pompous wannabe, that could only pat himself on the back as he attempted to destroy anyone and everyone that didn’t bow down to his way of thinking.

  8. I’m glad that THAT piece of excrement is FINALLY getting flushed. Now we can start demanding HIS tax forms so HE can be investigated for “suspected irregularities” on them. Matters not if there are any, just so they can be obtained and ‘inconveniently’ get leaked to everyone who wants a copy.
    Turn the tables on that kind of scum and perhaps they’ll start washing themselves with something to clean themselves up with.
    Instead of using their used toilet paper.

  9. Has Cyrus the Virus ever investigated Bill and Hillary, Schumer, Nadler, Cuomo with his family links to the mob or indeed AOC for financial irregularities, why always the Trump family. Did Vance do a sweetheart deal with Epstein in the past, he must have been a visitor to the island.

  10. The left continually plots to undermine America and every freedom we have. They have been after President Trump with every plot and conjured propaganda scheme imaginable.

  11. Does he believe in searching President Trump’s taxes he will make himself look like a fool because he will find nothing wrong?

  12. In case most don’t know this, Vance is the son of Jimmy Carter’s secretary of state. He is a hard core democrat party hack. His persecution of President Trump was strictly political with Vance toeing the party line. It is a good thing he is going, the sooner the better.

  13. Good. One more deluded democrat “down”! Now fill his chair with a Republican…FAST! AND FILL EVERY DEMOCRAT POSITION WITH A REPUBLICAN until there are no more dems in D.C.!

    Oh pleeeeeese!

  14. Every millionaire knows that the IRS IS ALWAYS looking at everything all the time
    So asking for Trumps tax information is
    like a desperate attempt to scare only, and Trump didn’t budge
    Just another wacky time delayer.

  15. It appears that this Judge realizes that due to the complexity of what an audit work entails, he doesn’t know where to start his audit. So, to save his face, he is giving up his job quickly. Good riddance.

  16. Demonrats WASTE so much of OUR time & OUR money on BS lawsuits, keeping Republicans busy. THEY should be concentrating on AMERICA’s REAL problems.

    1. Someone in Congress has something on Roberts. The thing he did with Obama care to get it passed was down right illegal. The court is not suppose to tell the Congress how to alter a bill so it will pass the Supreme Court (supreme is not what it is now)

  17. Question to anyone with common sense? If the democrats represent freedom and justice, and the DOJ and FBI are not one party employees , why has no one in the first planned coup on Trump been indicted? Why hasn’t Eric Holder who is in contempt still free, why are Brennan, Clapper who weaponized intelligence, Rosenstein, McCade, Comey, and others in on the coup on propaganda news nightly and not in jail. How can FBI wear in the middle of the night the same combat equipment we wore in Iraq, to arrested a sleeping unarmed 66 year old man with no weapons in his underwear, as propaganda leftest news broadcasted it. How can Lois Leaner found a suspect in targeting conservatives by IRA not be indicted? Benghazi totally covered up and no questions allowed as lying Rice is back in the government using senile illegally elect Beijing Joe to sign executive order laws no one wants. This as laws we do not want are passed by suspected illegal majority in the senate congress where unwanted laws are shoved up our asses? Everyone knows HR 1 will end all fair elections forever, an unconstitutional law, and ten million illegals on automatically made citizens, as millions more run across the open borders seeking welfare and our own people died homeless in the streets are a powerful voting block. I am not as smart, or sneaky, as my illegal masters, but I know there is going to be an explosion politically and peacefully if there is no investigation into what 75 million people believe is a rigged election.

  18. Usually this type of thing could be called a vendetta but with attorneys having convoluted our language the meaning is not the same. For example do you know what a person means legally…try this “Person” means an individual, a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, association, trust, unincorporated organization, or other legal entity or organization, or a Government Body.

  19. Agree with President Trump that this is just the liberals’ foot-stomping “temper tantrum” witch hunt ongoing. Somehow I just find it difficult to believe that these pathetic people will find what they’re looking for, given the successful business man he was, President Trump had hired advisors and attorneys to ensure all business/financial/tax processes were appropriately followed. I pray that the day will come very soon when the bullying and harassment will stop, that President Trump can live in peace and have another four years as President. And — that all these hateful people will get their rightful comeuppance. 🙁

  20. Wasn’t his father, same name, in a Dem White House post way back when? Was it Kennedy’s Administration? I don’t remember this guy being a tenacious bulldog. ?Maybe “then”? politics was not as overtly hostile or openly hateful like today.


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