REPORT: Ballots to be Unsealed in Georgia?

Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler fly Air Force One with President Donald J. Trump en route to Atlanta's Centers for Disease Control, to fight the China virus, March 6, 2020. (Photo: Senator Loeffler's Facebook page.)

A judge has indicated that absentee ballots in Georgia, specifically in Fulton County, could be unsealed in order to dispel any notion of fraud occurring. The watchdog group leading the lawsuit is lead by former United States Senator Kelly Loeffler.

According to Town Hall:

A watchdog in Georgia filed a lawsuit for absentee ballots to be unsealed in Fulton County on account of allegations of potential fraud. Judge Brian Amero indicated on Monday that the ballots could be unsealed, as mandated by Georgia law, in order to dispel a lack of confidence in the 2020 election’s integrity.

“We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light,” Amero said at a hearing regarding the ballots on Monday, per the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “The devil’s in the details.”

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who is heading a new group focused on restoring election integrity and voter confidence, supports the move to “unseal and investigate” absentee ballots.

“Georgia voters deserve to have confidence that their voice – and their vote – is heard. Unfortunately, the many irregularities we saw in the 2020 elections have eroded trust in our electoral process,” Loeffler said. “We fully support the move to unseal and investigate absentee ballot process in Fulton County. Transparency is the first step toward restoring integrity and accountability in our elections, and we look forward to the investigations’ findings.”

It appears the fight for the truth in Georgia continues.

  1. And they better be checking trumps to not just theirs start fighting for the right people I hear the senator talking about hers and the other guys invalid but you know chopped offended you guys so you should defend Trump and open those votes for his ballots to

    1. Unsealed means all unsealed, not any particular party. The bigger question is – what will they do if it shows fraud? Betting nothing will be done.

      1. It will be real interesting if they find out that Trump won the state and not Biden, and if the communist-democrats lost the Senate races. Will they do the right thing and make the appropriate changes or just say,”Oh, well.” My bet would be the latter.

  2. There were questionable results in a number of states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, etc. as well as Georgia and all of it should be open for review, otherwise the election will never be acceptable in many minds. The public must be able to believe every election is fair and honest or the country is at great risk, and our elections are becoming less so when they should be getting better. The 2020 election appears to be the worst in history for presenting ethical results. Every policy that is potentially risky for allowing dishonest ballots must be rejected or no democracy is possible. The ends do not and never have justified the means.

    1. You know, I know and the world knows that in a fair election, Biden wouldn’t stand a chance of beating President Trump. He is not even capable of finding his way to the men’s room. The Dems knew Kama-Llama could never be elected so they put good old Joe in there, well aware that he couldn’t do the job and she’s end up in the President’s chair. Fraud, deceit and lying in a US election. Never thought I’d see the day.

      1. Corruption doesn’t stray far from the democrat party. I truly believe all dems must pass a corruption test before becoming a dem. That way, when dems need to pull a fast one, they know every dem is on board.

        It’s time to throw the dem’s crap back at them and fragmatize their political party. That won’t be too difficult because most of them are not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Pelosi is, even as an old crone.

        First, remove Pelosi’s hold on this federal government by removing Pelosi anyway possible. This is the one action that will return our Federal government back to American’s hands. The rest will fall into place once the crone is removed and new younger Patriotic blood starts running the House! Any suggestions how to accomplish this goal?

        1. Have Trump sue her for defamation. There is plenty of proof. Hey come on Joe Collins who ran against Mad Maxine got an HONEST judge and when she tried to have the case thrown out the judge said NO!

    2. You are correct!
      All the states with questionable election results should have a forensic audit done to prove or disprove the fraud.
      But as some others on this website have said, even if election fraud was proven, we would still be stuck with an ImPOTUS (Impotent, Imbecile, Imposter).

  3. Am I being too cynical and skeptical to think this is a placebo? In an age where I have seen judges put a “stop” on a political thing pending litigation within 24 hours at the Democratic Party’s bequest. This was not done for our elections in November. Now, 5 month’s later we supposedly get Justice? Sorry folks, too much time has passed for the perpetrators to allow them to conceal, destroy and lose evidence. Georgia really, really stinks of massive Republican corruption and they will skate.

  4. Irene———please learn to intelligently express yourself in writing. Trying to decipher what
    you are trying to say??? Stop using drugs girlfriend, you sound like a moron.

    1. She made an error (offended) that she corrected in the 2nd post. Alluding to a microphone, she may have been talking through her computer instead of using the keyboard. C’mon man, it’s not that hard to figure out. She is urging the former Senator to also look for errors concerning the votes for Trump.

  5. I will believe this judge when I see he is actually dedicated to making sure the TRUTH is uncovered and exposed about the integrity of the 2020 and 2021 elections in Fulton County, Georgia, where I reside, pay taxes to and vote in.


    1. Marilyn, first, take the caps lock off. Second, Loeffler is a woman, not a “he” and there is no Loeffler county! Proofread yourself before you hit “post comment”.


  8. I foresee a tragic accident where the ballots in question are “accidentally shredded and then the dumpster they are in catches fire.

  9. This should happen in every state. To think for one minute that Hidin Biden could beat Donald Trump in a national election is ridiculous. You know and I know that voter fraud was rampant. Biden couldn’t even find his way to the Presidential bathroom. KamaLlama will be pulling the strings and making the decisions. Americans should be embarrassed that this was the most fraudulent election in our history.

  10. Are we now to believe any investigation, so many days after the fact? Four months have passed for any evidence to have been tampered with or eliminated. The evidence for corruption, tampering and fraud was overwhelming but our corrupt government, including GOP and courts, refused to act. I know we have a lot of stupid, dumbed down people in our country but it is inconceivable that such a blatantly corrupt party endorsing a half wit for president could have possibly won the presidency over an incumbent who has done so much for our country —– employment for all races at record low numbers, tax reduction, foreign policies that have favored out nation, immigration policies that stemmed the flow of illegals (despite the resistance of dems), a rising stock market that had broken all records, etc. —– I am sure many other accomplishments can be listed. And all of this was done in a hostile governmental environment where the democrats spent four years lying and actually manufacturing false evidence to try to oust him out of office. THERE IS NO WAY THAT BIDEN WON THAT ELECTION!!!!! ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

    1. And never took a salary the 4 years he was there. Biden takes a salary plus all the money he stole and continues to steal while breaking and destroying our country.

  11. “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” —-Joseph Stalin

  12. Every close election in the house and senate should be reviewed, recounted and machines checked for internet fraud.
    Wouldn’t it be glorious to see the Republicans really win both houses and Presidency!?

  13. Time for a VENDETTA AGAINST THE CORRUPT DEMOCRAT PARTY. Yes, now the Courts are agreeing to investigate– too late dudes! Why did you hold up any investigation for so long? So the Democrats can hide everything they did illegally? That burns me deep down inside and that flame will fester until one day it will explode. And any lying democrat within range will disintegrate…or I hope they would!

    So now what if Georgia discovers President Trump really did win, does BiddyBoy need to be removed from our White House so Trump can move back in? Did the Dems (pelosi in particular) know they stole this election and they needed Biddyboy to sign mega numbers of Executive Orders (like he frantically did) to destroy all of President Trump’s work BEFORE THE FRAUD WAS FOUND OUT?

    This is sounding more and more like the truth! That was the plan from the beginning — kick P.T. out of the White House long enough to kill all his legislation with Executive Orders by biden BEFORE it is found out that the election was stolen to do just that? ?? But that is stupid thinking. P.T. can just rewrite those Executive Orders and Congress pass that legislation again.

    Some idiot dem is NOT thinking clearly about what is happening, and it is not BiddyBoy. Could Pelosi’s HATE FOR TRUMP have consumed her so much she has no idea of what she is doing or done to our Nation? Oh Hell yes! That’s exactly what has happened. And Pelosi’s plan is not working…so she has pushed for open borders to put up a smoke screen to hide her actions. What a piece of work that crone is!

    So my guess is by the end of next Month, April, there could possibly be NO biden in the White House, NO Harris either, but the Trumps will have moved back to D.C. where they belong. Several websites I’ve been checking on and off seem to think something huge is going to happen…mega arrests, incarceration, etc. in April. Time will tell…but the Democrat’s play time in D.C. seems to be coming to an end, the sooner the better!

  14. The American people were totally disenfranchised in the 2020 election with fraud that was allowed by Republicans too in at least 6 states and probably more. We the People elected Donald J. Trump to be our Commander in Chief, based on his policies, his promises, and his ability to deal with problems, and he is the legitimate President. No amount of spin, deception, and corruption will ever change the truth. No matter what the Left does, they will not be able to hide their corruption forever, specifically in the eyes of God.

  15. Also unseal and audit the ballots in Michigan and see that John James is the actual senator there since he was robbed too.

  16. Yep and I’m sure the demoncrats will be the ones checking stats. Give me a break. Where were you when we all needed you on a sabbatical retreat. You mean there is one good one they haven’t gotten to yet?????

  17. This would be a good start! If this cheating is not uncovered, we will never get our country back!

  18. What about Pennsylvania, and the other states where affidavits were signed of witnessed wrong doing, and I know, laws that were broken. Here in Pa. our state legislators allowed the governor to change election laws, we don’t need ballots checked we need lawlessness looked into..

  19. President Trump WON GA. He won the other battleground states as well, but GA is a good place to start looking at evidence of election fraud.

    I’d like to know what happened to the two women Mom and Daughter that ran ballots three and four times in Fulton County. Has the FBI looked at them and what they did? Has the FBI arrested them or charged them with any wrongdoing?

    I think not……

    When it turns out that President Trump won GA, what will be done about it? The ImPOTUS Burden is embedded in our White House like a fat tick.


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