Supreme Court to Make Decision on Boston Bomber’s Death Sentence

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from the Department of Justice asking the Court to reinstate the death sentence of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The death sentence had been vacated by a lower court due to jury bias concerns.

According to CNBC:

The Supreme Court said on Monday that it will decide whether the death penalty can be reinstated for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was convicted of plotting along with his older brother the 2013 bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in which three were killed and hundreds injured.

In an order, the court agreed to hear an appeal filed by the Department of Justice of a lower court decision which wiped Tsarnaev’s death sentence. The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the the trial court judge, U.S. District Court Judge George O’Toole, did not adequately ensure that jurors were unbiased in the high-profile case.

Attorneys for Tsarnaev argued in court papers that the justices should not consider the Justice Department’s appeal. They wrote that even if the court sides with the Justice Department in the case, it is likely that the 1st Circuit would still strike the death sentence on other grounds related to jury misconduct.

Tsarnaev was given 20 life sentences in addition to the death penalty, and will remain in prison for the remainder of his life regardless of the Supreme Court’s action.

The Supreme Court has dodged many high-profile cases recently but has decided to take up this case. Do you think the death penalty should be reinstated? Let us know in the comments below!

    1. But SC refuses to hear about America’s voter fraud which is America’s most fundamental right that makes America the freest nation on earth. sure looking like dems have something on some SC justices compromising SC

      1. If the SC thought there was significant voter fraud they would hear it. Republicans have a six to three majority with three having Biblical knowledge of Trump.
        It sure does look like you love a conspiracy theory, losers always do.

        1. Hey Albert Hess, you mean like your loser Speaker Pathetic Pelosi wants to overturn another certified election that didn’t go her way!

          1. Pelosi is not mine, I did not vote for her.
            Trump is yours, you voted for him.
            You and he are losers.
            Do you want to overturn an election that did not go your way?

          2. Hey Albert Hess, let’s see if you are man enough to apologize for the crooked election results as day by day they are finding more and more fraud, as many of us have said since the fraudulent election results emerged.

          3. Don’t feed the troll. That’s all this guy does. He’s probably sitting in his kitchen in his bathrobe right now drinking coffee bought with his welfare check.This is the only entertainment he has. Sad.

          4. I love this venue because of the attention I receive. Nobody pays attention to me in real life.

          5. Messy Hessy (cause your brains are scrambled) I keep telling you to read REAL news. After the fact several judges are agreeing that several states changed laws that only their Senate and House could change NOT the Secretary of State or any voting official. Lot of dead people voted. One state mailed out 1.7 million ballots but got 2.5 million returned. Another state had a 1.7 million ballot count that could not be reconciled. 300,000 unexplained ballots. Caught on tape in Nevada DEMS paying Native Americans for their vote. Arizona is hand counting 2.1 million votes from a questionable county. “Dominion machines showing massive errors”. “New front for election fraud emerges illegal alien votes”. “Dominion IT worker describes exactly how poll workers inflated Biden vote tallies”. “Judicial Watch finds 1.8 million ghost voters in 29 states”. “Time Magazine investigation well funded cabal worked to change election laws control flow of information”. It’s all online.

          6. Me rikey Premier Yu Bidet rong time now! He the reader America need now! Oh no…that comes across as racist and insensitive! Chairman Xi and the venerable Mr Soreass will not be pleased! Forgiveness prease!

          7. He won’t be there long watch and see. They all will be gone like they never existed. God has a way of coming in the Knick of time to show who really is in charge. He just wants to see who’s hanging in there and who is hanging them selves

          8. Sadly wish this was a proven truth! Look at Venezuela as an example, where is God creating retribution to their Democrats? The people starving thanks to Chavez and the “elites”, who used the same tactics and lies to fool the people and ensure never ending power thru same crooked Dominion machines!

        2. The Supreme Court stated that the parties had no standing in the case, not that there was no evidence. Forensic evidence was there. The state legislatures refused to look at the case.
          Mark Zukerman paid $500,000.00, to make sure Biden won. That is why he censored conservatives after the fraud was uncovered.

      2. This is a case for the country – and right now, due to the lying, cheating and stealing their way to the top, it appears to the dems that they are more than half the country and speak for all of us – they have the power – so do not expect much!

        1. How many vote fraudsters has Trump had arrested?
          From 2016 and 2018?.
          To win the House in 2018 the Dems cheated.!!!!

      1. Hey Albert Hess, your Dem party would know about fecal matter, you sling it all the time, lies, lies, lies, sounds like an old Knickerbockers hit

          1. HMMM Now I know why you like to post on here. You just LOVE those little red numbers. Do you think they are little red valentines? AW how sweet.

        1. I am an eminent authority on feces and all things fecal related. I have an extensive collection of what I like to refer to as “Fecalana.” This includes fecal samples, toilet paper, commodes, plungers, etc. I have the largest confirmed collection in Massachusetts and one the largest on the east coast.

        1. The gorillas at the zoo always managed to get me with theirs. I think that is why I have become such an afficionado!

          1. You are to evil to speak Jesus’ name. OOPS wellllllll ever Sinner has a future and every Saint has a past. You are probably past saving.

        1. There is a lot of things Christian you do not under stand. Did you know God gave us the death penalty? Yep there is a difference in killing someone and murdering someone.

          1. I know a little about Christian beliefs.
            My grandad was our town’s only minister.
            He was active in the Civil Rights and antiwar movements.
            Our town was very divided.
            His church was burned out.
            It is now a Dollar General Store.
            The town voted 84% for Trump.

          2. Smart town! What happened to you? Turned in your common sense and became a Democrat?

          3. So you are the only dumbass to ever come out of your hometown! 🖤😄😂🤣 Gotta love it!

    1. A post partum abortion?
      What if he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior.
      Has a come to Jesus moment?
      Trust the Lord.

      1. Careful there black troll Al, you are coming nearer and nearer to being a blasphemer! That is a sin that will get you in more trouble than murder! Read the Bible and understand!

  1. What’s the point. Lock him up and forget about him. If death penalty is reinstalled, this guy is going to be a martyr for the liberals during decades. It’s going to cost tons of money and he’s not going to be executed before 20 years anyway.

    1. Why spend $75k+ annually of taxpayers’ money to keep this creep around. I say drop him off where we deposited Bin Laden!

      1. Because it will cost 500k a year for twenty years to kill him.
        You didn’t deposit Bin Laden, Obama did.

        1. You are the typical moron that just keeps running off his mouth. Nobody needs your stupidity showing.

          1. Psssst……my truth is showing.
            How much has been spent to trying to make him not alive?
            Obama got Bin Laden.
            Not Bush.
            Not Trump.

        2. AFTER Bush set it rolling. Just like Biden saying he got the vaccinations rolling. When any American with a brain knows TRUMP did. DEMs do nothing but take the credit.

    2. If someone does something bad enough to be convicted and get the death penalty it should never be allowed to drag on for more than a year, should be immediate execution and no 20 years of cost to the taxpayers.

        1. When a guilty verdict is read, the convict should be taken OUT BACK and summarily EXECUTED right NOW!

          1. Actually, PUBLIC EXECUTION would have a better impact on potential criminals.


        1. Should the cop who found him the boat have just executed him?
          Is that what law and order means to you?

      1. You are so right. I’m tired of paying for these prisoners living out their sentence with free room and board….not to mention free medical and dental to take care of them. Hello have to pay for my own!!! Also, heard a tidbit back where prisoners may be given a stimulus check! Is that wrong or what??? Am I the only person in the world that feels this is soooo wrong!!!!

      2. How many people who have received the death penalty have been exonerated twenty years later?
        Was it worth the money?

          1. Freed, no, he might do it again.
            Executed, no, that will bring no joy to me or my loved one.
            At this point in time it will be cheaper to let him die in jail than to execute him.
            Trying to execute him will keep his cause in the news cycle.
            Like it is today.
            You still want to execute him?
            Do you get off on that kind of thing?
            Busch Light and Belly Bumps!!

          1. John Kerry is not mine.
            I never voted for him
            John Kerry does not fly to campaign rallies in ‘my’ airplane.

  2. Given his crime, and the pain inflicted on others, execute him. Doing so will be far cheaper than keeping him alive for no good purpose. JMO.

  3. If they do not reinstate the death penalty, ultimately we can expect this guy to go free at some time. Another liberal governor will have that option as has happened in CA by the rogue and lawless Gavin Newsom who has released many, many felony murders over the past 2+ yrs.

      1. And the public is so stupid as to put a mental defective in that office. Giving the nuke football, and the ability to pardon. He’ll likely pardon his cokehead son.

    1. I am from California. We voted for the death penalty and won by a large margin. Good ole Dictator Newsom didn’t like it so he cancelled it. Now he is up to be unseated. Californians are finally seeing the light.

    1. They do…It’s called “we, the taxpayers”…We are the ones who will be picking up the tab…and if you’re a taxpayer, that means you as well!

        1. Abortion is a personal choice.
          Like getting boob, belly or butt job.
          Or having a penis enhancement job or having your balls cut off.
          Tell your Rep buddies that,!!!!!

    1. True Justice requires God. Mercy Triumphed over evil. Every unrepentant person will meet with Jesus and bow their knee to His name. There will be judging of the wicked and God said, “Vengeance is mine. I will repay!”

          1. If you ever read the Bible you would know He, God, does in many places and for many things!
            READ THE BIBLE! It will prevent your obvious ignorance and foolish appearance! 😳💥🤯

          2. His son Jesus Christ died so we may have our sins forgiven in our end times. God gave up his own sin for us… Jesus knew what would happen to him his whole life on earth. Yet he went through terrible pain and agonizing death for the love of his ppl.
            God will not forgive blasphemy……

      1. Quit rewriting the Bible! God has no mercy for murderers. Read all of the Bible, not just what fits your narrative.

          1. ONE quote from the Bible, the written word of God……”the wages of sin is death”.

      1. Black idiot troll alert! The little black super pooper scooper troll is in the house! Fellow conservatives give it something to do and make sure he has to scoop it off his face and out of his mouth! Troll, your slow boat to China is about to leave port…. hurry, you can still make it!

  4. Muslims say they welcome death in the service of their evil god Allah. So, let’s give him what he wants.

  5. He should have been put to death shortly after it happened. Death penalty should be back in every state , including my state , Maryland. Instead we keep them in jail for many years and spend millions keeping them alive with very little thought to the people they killed.

    1. Right On, Get Rid of that Dirty Terrorist & Criminals on Death Row….Stop All Covid Relief Checks & Rights to Vote…Our Justice System lacks Common Sense!!!

    2. How many people, in Maryland, that have been on death row, have been exonerated?
      Should they have been put to death shortly after “it” happened?

      1. Albert, you may actually have a point. Nobody wishes to see an innocent person executed, but without having data, I would suspect that the number of those exonerated is extremely small. But all too often the evidence against a person convicted of murder or a crime deserving of the death sentence is overwhelming, and the taking of their life is well justified. Why should the taxpayers pay for the care and feeding of a convicted criminal for a lifetime? And what about those who serve their time and get released, only to commit the crime again? With the death sentence, there are no repeat offenders!!! Yes, mistakes have been made, and that is tragic. However, if more executions took place, just maybe it may make purpetrators have second thoughts about committing the crime. Even if only a small deterrent, it may be worth it.

  6. He deserves the death penalty, so it should be reinstated, period. He didn’t show any mercy, why should it be shown to him.

  7. I think he should rot in jail. No parole, no death sentence, no getting out of jail because he was a good prisoner.

  8. What would God do? We are told in the Bible that God values human life, and the
    penalty of deliberately causing death is death to the perpetrator. No stupid technicalities about the jury or other matters. Unless he has made a complete
    turnaround in his life to be a witnessing Christian, there is no debate.

    1. Yes it is a fundamental principle woven into our historic justice system from the very beginning of our nation, even found in all 13 Colonies.

      1. This Scuzzy Muzzy and his brother left three with still hearts.
        That nice blond haired, blue eyed, kid who accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior did in nine their own Church.
        Which should be executed first?

    2. Let me get this straight.
      You can make mince meat out of people but as long as you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you are good to go?

  9. Most Strongly a YES to the question. The person who takes a life in an unlawful manner, forfeits their own when convicted. We have more than enough appeals to ensure the lack of error in the sentence. Heck, some could die of old age waiting for execution these days.

  10. Yes, Reinstate the death penalty….American Taxpayers Want To Stop Taking Care of Terrorist…Also SCOTUS Needs to Hear the Election Fraud Cases & Punish States breaking the Election Laws

  11. He did not care that women and children were killed or blown apart +babies
    so what is the question . There is no question hang him now

  12. The death penalty should be reinstated in this case!
    These people obviously immigrated to America for the purpose of committing terrorist acts killing and maiming Americans…….which they did at the Boston Marathon! Living conditions in our prisons are better than in the countries these kind of people come from so, prison is an improvement for them and no deterrent to their acts of terrorism!
    That is what we should not lose sight of!

  13. Take him out over the Ocean in a C-130. at about 20k show him the back door and let him walk home. he can converse with his maker on the way down. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER VETS. PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.

  14. I am all for the death penalty, however, in this case, he should be kept in prison until he dies. No chance for parole, no chance of a pardon, no way out except boots first as they used to say. Maybe put a microchip in his body so that if he leaves the prison or tampers with the device it sets off a bomb inside him. That way escaping is also out of the question. As to the cost of housing prisoners – it’s very high. This system is not designed to be a country club – it’s punishment for crimes. Lets take away the extra perks not required to keep them alive and healthy. If the food the active fighting military is good enough for our men and women who are saving our country, it’s damned good enough for those who don’t follow the law. If they don’t have entertainment, neither should these criminals. At least these felons have a roof over their head, food and clothing – our homeless do not and they may not have done anything wrong to get in that position. Bring back the chain gangs – if making them work to support themselves is slavery, then for sure making the public pay for their upkeep is also.

  15. That guy is nothing but a terrorist didn’t people die and lose body parts he should die I would blow him up just like he did to the people

    1. Black Jack Pershing’s method worked well on Muslim terrorist. Firing squad with bullets dipped in pig blood. then dumping the body in the pit with the dead pigs.

    1. I don’t care how its done just execute him ASAP and get it over with. We have already spent more money on him than he was ever worth. There is no doubt about him being guilty. Get er done.

  16. I have lost respect for the Supreme Court, especially Justice Roberts,
    the cowardice I’ve seen is unparalleled. The justices of the past were
    braver and morally truer, than those present today, except for Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and a few others. I expect nothing, and I get nothing. Your times will be challenged by a higher power than me.when you go
    to seek your sentence from God! The prophecy is in motion, labeled the Final: Age of Man! We’ll be extinct soon enough.( all on GOD’s
    time and plan.)

    1. That may be a good thing, but please, keep the identity of the donor in this case very secret. I for one would be mortified to wake up from surgery and find out that the body part now keeping me alive came from that heathen. My God. That would make me want to just die instead of recovering.

      1. You would rather see your daughter die than to accept an organ from this guy?
        Have you discussed this with your daughter?
        Your husband?

  17. I am against the death penalty for only one reason, it is too expensive. It cost the state of Florida $14 million to finally get rid of Ted Bundy. He could have been kept in prison for over 300 years at that price. How much has it cost just to get the Boston Bomber to the SCOTUS? and then the appeals will go on for another10 years, costing the taxpayers $millions. Throw him in a cell and leave him there for the rest of is life.

    1. The state of Florida has a much less expensive method at their disposal. Just throw them in a swamp full of hungry gaters. If they can make it back out, then they can finish their life sentence in prison.


  19. So let me get this straight – They can “handle this ” and yet cannot grow a Spine and a pair … and deal with Voter Fraud .. a very SERIOUS CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE?

    Wow … you just cannot make this stuff up …

    The ” kid ” is a no brainer – Death – Period, it’s not even an issue.

  20. There is little actually AMERICAN, about the SJC. That contention is PROVED by their utter fear and failure to act upon the many affidavits sworn to the titnessing of massive fraud of all types during the most fraudulent so-called election in U.S. history. They are, in their fear and unwillingness to do their jobs,.in violation of their swearing in oaths after confirmation.making them malfeasant in action and derelict in duty and oblgation to American citizens, they are UNFIT if they will NOT live up to their responsibilities and, Chief Justice Roberts is the worst of the bunch who was heard prior to the BLM , Antifa caused riots on 6 January loudly exhorting the otherson the court NOT to hear the huge number of claims and ignore the sworn affidavits responsible FOR THE VIOLENCE SURE TO RESULT! WHAT THEN DID HE KNOW PRIOR TO THE VIOLENCE? Good and valid question; does anyone with a brain and the ability to think have an answer? Tsarnaev and his Brother committed the acts accused of. Many were injured and a number of them died and I was at the Boston Marathon in 2013 when this attack took place. They Deserve to die. The elder Tsarnaev has paid the price and the Younger SHOULD , as there is absolutetly NO DOUBT of his guilt and for its carrying out being an exercise of TRUE JUSTICE , which may at least provide some closure for the victims of his crimes!

  21. The Tsarnaev brothers uncle was married to CIA bigwig Graham Fuller’s daughter for several years. The FBI wanted Tamerlan to be an informant. Russia & Saudi Arabia warned the FBI & CIA about the brothers. Was it Mueller who was in charge of the Boston “FIB” office back then? I think they want him dead because of what he knows, although the older brother might have known more. Do I smell “Black OPS”? My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible crime…

  22. He belongs with Pelosi Schummer Harris and Biden….all criminals lovers of those who commit crimes against Americans

  23. Yes, I agree the death sentence should be reinstated for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He must pay the consequences or penalty for his actions.

  24. This scum should have already been executed…he’s lived 8 years longer now than those he and his brother killed…and to call 100’s ‘injured’ is a travesty. Mutilated, amputated and lifelong injuries by the hundreds. and their intent was to MURDER HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS…

  25. Hell YES, the death penalty REALLY deters crime and should be used REGULARLY in CAPITAL cases, PERIOD!

  26. Yes i think the death sentence should be reinstated . When someone plans to murder another person and has carried out his or her plan to commit murder of innocent people . Then capital murder charges has to be filled and a trial of peers convicts that person . Then the death pentyl has to be administered upon a guilty verdict .

    1. They are moral cowards and fearful of retribution FOR LIVING UP TO THEIR DUTY to hear the election fraud claims made by hundreds who swore affidavits which put THEM at risk of perjury if they lied! So, what makes you think THEY will do anything about the TRUE JUSTICE Tsarnaev has earned! I rather doubt they willl do a dmaned thing as they are totally useless to We The People. Bring back Trump, send the rest to the dump , FOREVER! There is NOTHING Actually American citizen oriented about this entire Administration or the corrupted DOJ and SJC. Period. AND THE RECORD, AS PITIFUL AS IT IS CONFIRMS THAT CONTENTION!

  27. He should be executed before his Biden stimulus check gets to him! What kind of an insane administration would provide stimulus checks to prisoners in general, much less murderers?

  28. The death sentence should be available in 1st degree murder cases in all states; it would greatly cut down the number of homicides because criminals would FEAR the death sentence in their actions.

  29. People are questioning whether an act of terrorism that took peoples’ lives deserves the death penalty? He should have already faced a firing squad without a blindfold.

  30. The death sentence should be carried out within a year of conviction after the appeal. In most states a death sentence has an automatic appeal at the end of the trial sentencing should be carried out.

  31. These idiots worry about this terrorist who put a pressure cooker by people and killed them. Bleeding heart liberals kill the unborn and now after birth in NY and want to give this murdering terrorist life? Execute him.

  32. We shouldn’t have to keep him alive forever with our TAX $’s…..It’s just NOT reasonable, after all, HE along with his brother unleashed hell on US Citizens that day…..!!!!

  33. Save the taxpayers money for constructive things…feed the lions at the zoo with this idiot at least he will have contributed to something good…

  34. I always thought the death penalty was for CRIMES like the one he had committed….???? “WHAT” does one has to do nowadays to be seen as DESERVING for it…???? blow up the WH with ALL these “special” people in it at present time…..????? I am sure that will get you CRUCIFIED, eh…..

  35. eye for an eye, no more insanity, if they are so insane they are killing people they need to die.

  36. Who gives a fat rats ass what the supreme court does or wants??? Defund the entire court,they dont do the job theyre supposed to do,so let’s can them.#superlazyuselessnarcissists


  38. This is the perfect case for the death penalty, there is no guessing or police and prosecutor misconduct. This killer ruined the lives and killed some of the victims.Why are we having this discussion??

  39. How much death and destruction does one have to accomplish before being put to death. I suspect the many continuing to suffer from their wounds would say carry on with the ultimate punishment.

  40. He went with intent to harm many people, premeditated.Planned it for days or weeks. It’s over for him. If he gets out what will he do for revenge??

  41. I think he deserves the death penalty. I hope the Supreme Court does its job and vacates lower court ruling, taking away the death sentence. The jury of his, 12 peers decided he deserved the death penalty, That should not be changed by one persons opinion, even though it was a judge. This country has good and bad judges, this judge made a decision based on technical information, that shouldn’t replace what 12 people agreed to have done.

  42. People who go on death row should be executed within a week of sentences to keep the people from having to take care of them. They sure didn’t care about the lives of the people they killed. So why should we have to care about them?


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