These Two Trump Allies Just Announced Their Senate Campaigns

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Two pro-Trump allies have launched Senate campaigns as five Republican Senators have announced they will not run for re-election. Congressman Mo Brooks is running to succeed the seat left by Sen. Richard Shelby who announced his retirement. Also, former Missouri governor Gov. Eric Greitens announced his Senate campaign to fill the seat left by Roy Blunt who will also retire at the end of his term saying he is a “fierce defender of President Trump from Day One.”

Prior to Brook’s official Senate campaign launch, he joined Stephen Miller, a top Trump adviser, who offered his endorsement to the Alabama Congressman and touched on his loyalty to the former president.

Fox News reports:

And in an exclusive national interview with Fox News, the congressman spotlighted his “very good relationship” with Trump, emphasizing that “I have stood by his side during two impeachment hoaxes, during the Russian collusion hoax, and in the fight for honest and accurate elections. The president knows that. The voters of Alabama know that, and they appreciate it.”

About an hour before Brooks officially launched his campaign to succeed retiring longtime GOP Sen. Richard Shelby, former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens announced his candidacy for the Senate during an appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

Greitens told Bret Baier that the people of Missouri “need somebody who is going to go – as I will, as I am committed to do – to defending President Trump’s ‘American First’ policies and also to protecting the people of Missouri from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s radical leftist agenda.”

Rudy Giuliani formally endorsed Greitens’ Senate campaign. On Twitter, Greitens referred to Giuliani as “America’s Mayor” and thanked him for the support.

Now, the two Republicans are waiting to hopefully receive endorsement from Trump, who’s taken on a “kingmaker” role within the party.

        1. That is in the past so who cares. Let’s talk about 2024 and who are we going to vote fore? That is if there will be 2024 election for the people to vote.

          1. In 2024 I hope to voting for a Republican.
            I do not vote for former Democrats.
            They have no loyalty.

        1. If Trump supporters had a spine he would be in the White House.
          All they have is their smelly fecal matter to smear about.

          1. If the courts would listen to the fraud cases maybe Biden would not be in office today.

          2. No they didn’t listen to the evidence, because anyone who hears and sees the many kinds of fraud and the Cyber attack on our voting system would know our electoral system was totally compromised! This fraudulent election was an overreach and abuse by a foreign country, or many countries involved, that disenfranchised the legal American voters and changed the tide of this country to a nation of destruction.

          3. dosnt have an intelligent comment? idiot, all democraps are evil, cheater, corrupt and violent, go master bate

    1. Moron Alert!…Moron Alert!     Albert “The Brainless Troll” Hess is in the building. Moron Alert!

      1. You don’t understand the little jerk needs attention. He is one of those TDS, one digit jerks. Mama locked him in the basement. She can’t stand him.

        1. Has a problem a split personality. Goes under a few different names. Doesn’t really know who he is but loves the attention cuz he is lonely 70 year old man no one wants to be around

    2. go master bate pos
      you still think sleepy Joe won the election? ignorant scum. His first address of the Union right after he suppously won the election did not reached a million people, nobody watched him

      1. That’s what they want you to think. So they can say they won cuz we didn’t vote. But of course the numbers will look like we all voted twice

        1. 2924 the SECOND COMING of the best president America has had in years. This time he will use Executive Orders to clean up every “deep state” dept. in the government. When he finishes the jokers will ALL be stripped of their Security Clearances so they can’t sell America out anymore.

          1. please people when you see the idiot name Albert hess do not even bother to read the comment cancel him. ignore him

  1. Bravo! Rep. Mo Brooks demonstrated truly courageous leadership, rising first in the House of Representatives with Rep. Gosar and Rep Biggs in Arizona— before all others– to vigorously condemn election fraud in 2020, and demand the right of State Legislatures to present alternate electors on Jan 6. Mo Brooks championed election integrity with the fiercest understanding that our nation’s future was in danger from this disastrous mistake.

    The future of Alabama will be stronger with Mo Books in the Senate. Trump voters need to help him win.

      1. Messy Hessy Biden has broken ever rule in the books. According to the Constitution Biden is walking all over the Presidents job is to enforce the law not “create” the law.

        1. Did you just love Trump’s Executive Orders?
          A law is created when the President, half+ of the Senate and half+ of the House sign it.
          Or two thirds of both of the latter.
          Biden is enforcing the law.
          100 plus fecal smearing Trump MAGAots have been arrested.
          How many voter fraud arrests did Trump make?

      2. And How exactly did Biden manage to get into the White House? It certainly wasn’t legally. I tend to consider Biden to be the loser since he can’t seem to accomplish anything on his own merit.

  2. Washington needs some new blood that @ least “knows” something about the Constitution & THREE branches of government! If you’ve been in Congress fo 20+ yrs., then it’s TIME TO GO! At this point most Dems are as old as the granite pillars that are in front of the Supreme Court! Term limits need to be ENFORCED which is WHY the Senate rotates “elections” so that one third is elected on staggered terms, so that two thirds are still in place to aid the “new guys”. So Despot Pelosi has been there 34+ yrs.? & Schumer 25? +? THAT’S “HOW” they got to be so powerful AND CORRUPT! How many lobbyists do they OWE allegiance to? One things for sure, Their “allegiance” is NOT to the AMERICAN “average JOE”! It’s to ALL ILLEGALS , Big Pharmaceuticals, the DEEP STATE & deep pockets of DARK MONEY who supplies their radical , racist, divide & conquer mentality, & who drives their WHACK AGENDA!

  3. The only way to get our country back and great again is to have a Majority Republican. Republican Senator and Republican Congress. There you have it. There is no other way period. What y’all say?

    1. We have had Republican majorities in the past. We need Patriots more than anything else. Swamp critters reside in both parties and must be rooted out at all costs.

    2. I’all say that you are the miniorty.
      Y’all had the White House, the Senate and the House in 2017 and 2018.
      What happened?

  4. MAGA is on the rise -we the people will not be silent any longer – we have the numbers to do anything and all we have to do is make our minds up to do it and make it so — believe in God and in have faith in yourself and fight to overcome these traitors

      1. Keep telling you, Messy Hessy, new info coming out every day. Several judges have already said the State Secretary or State Voter Depts. did not have a legal right to change voter laws That is VOTER FRAUD.

  5. This is what the Republican (LACKEY/RINO) Party has done for the past four (4) years, Nothing in the Name Of “Political Correctness” !!!! This is why We The People Find Our America Being Lost !!! NO GUTS, NO AMERICA, No Freedom, No Security, No Economy, No Bill Of Rights, NO Rule Of Law, No Constitution !!!! Becoming a Third World Dictatorial Country !!!! PRAY FOR AMERICA !!!!

    1. Trump has been the undisputed leader of the Repulican Party for five years.
      He is now the leader of nothing.

  6. To be a Repulican do you have to want Trump to be the President.
    At least one Repulican Govoner did not vote for Trump.
    He remembers when Trump was a Democrat.
    That Was When America Was Great


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