Lindsey Graham Says Trump Should Not Issue GOP Endorsements

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Is Senator Lindsey Graham breaking with Trump…again? The South Carolina Senator says that Trump should “sit out” of the GOP Senate primaries in Alabama and Missouri and let the best candidates emerge, seemingly a swipe at Mo Brooks and Eric Greitens who just announced their campaigns for U.S. Senate in the two states.

However, Sen. Graham noted that Trump is still the leader of the party, and many will look to him to help the party succeed and win back majorities in the House and Senate.

Fox News reports:

“I think he should just let it play out, if I were him,” Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday, referring to Trump. “I just think you want to just make sure some of your best candidates emerge.

“I said you’re the leader of the party, whether we win or not, and 2022 matters to you. If we come back, you’ll get your fair share of credit,” Graham said.

He pointed to Herschel Walker, who Trump called on to run in Georgia. Walker, a former NFL player, has not announced a run for the Georgia seat in 2022, but has publicly supported Trump.

“Like Herschel Walker, I think Herschel Walker would be a good candidate. But I don’t know, I’ve never tested Herschel, I don’t know,” Graham said. “So the bottom line is, you are the team captain. Make sure your best team is on the field. May not be your favorite player but it’s the one that can play the position best. So it’s a constant reinforcing the message that success in 2022 in the House, in the Senate, helps you, helps us all.”

Trump has already issued a slew of endorsements for Republican campaigns across the country but has not formally endorsed Mo Brooks or Eric Greitens. However, in Greitens’ campaign announcement he said he has been a loyal supporter of Trump since “day one.”

Congressman Mo Brooks is running to fill the Alabama Senate seat being left by retiring Sen. Richard Shelby. Greitens’, the former Missouri governor, is running to fill the seat left by retiring Sen. Roy Blunt.

  1. They should do, there not rhinos. Graham should keep to himself, if it wasn’t for Trump u would be sitting on the sidelines,Trump don’t need your help.

          1. then in that case he would have more intelligence in his head than you have in yours—–genitals —

          2. My mouth is stuffed with the Magic Mulatto’s succulent floppily doppilys! 😙

          1. How long will the crying and whining be over Trump’s loss?
            Untill the last MAGAot is dead?

          2. how about we get rid of trolls like you and have a real discussion without
            scum like hess-

          3. Better watch out one of those may find out where you live and post it online. Then you would need to move out of your parents, check that, gov’t subsidized apt.

        1. EdD – don’t be silly. JOHN WAS JUST BEING SARCASTIC. Look! If Lindsey and the rest of the RINOs had their choice, they would have given us Jeb fort candidate in 2016 ( just like that gave us McCrud in 2008 because the rest of the candidates were “too conservative to get elected.”). That would have guaranteed Hildebeast’s election. She would also have been a demo shoo-in in 2020. Praise the Lord! Trump prevented that from happening.

        1. twice as many probably-
          however there is the chance that there would not have been a covid
          since it was really only brought on to defeat trump
          and own biden-so they can get a return on the billion that they gave to hunter in order to get to his daddy-

      1. albert–pick up your crayons and coloring book -the guys in the white coats will
        be around to collect you and take you back to your padded cell-

  2. No Lindsey YOU ARE WRONG. Trump is cleaning the party of RINOs which is long overdue. Never let RINOs emerge as the “best candidate”.

    Shut up Lindsey or you’re next RINO.

  3. I don’t know why Lindsay Graham gets so much press. He’s absolutely worthless! He’s an absolute RHINO hoping the other establishment members can ride Trump’s coattails once again while accomplishing nothing but enriching themselves. Nobody and I do mean nobody likes you Lindsay – so please leave!!

  4. Graham would go on Fox and talk a good game. I do not remember him getting anything accomplished that he spoke about. I did notice that Tucker Carlson quit having him on his show and I assume for very good reasons.

    1. Lindsay, all bark and no bite. I got tired of Hannity because of Graham. Hannity constantly lets him rant and never calls Graham on his lack of action. Add Rove to Hannity’s list of useless RINOs. IMHO Graham is another RINO whose main goal is power and money. Remember, he admitted he is good friends with Biden – so you believe he didn’t know all the games Biden was involved in.

        1. Rove led those jerks in 2016 who went all out to have McCrud as the GOP candidate. Rove famously led ther chant that ALL the other candidates were “TOO CONSERVATIVE TO GET ELECTED.”

        2. That Rove is a disgrace! He just hosted a campaign for Rino Leftist Adam Kitzinger from Illinois! He is a traitor to the Republican Party!!

          1. I love the attention I get here, because nobody pays any attention to me in real life.

  5. Graham is the one that needs to be sitting quietly by on the sidelines with his mouth shut thinking about how he’s going to hold onto his seat when time comes

    1. Hopefully, when that time comes, 2026, he’ll be finished with the Senate or the voters of SC will need to make sure in the primary.

  6. I realize why he is saying that. It is because Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP. If they. Lindsey and other Senators had tried to put more GOP counters in the counting process, then the GOP would be in power. So funny that hind site is easy to see. Trump won the presidential easily, and was cheated out of it.

    1. true–actual count before the dems put on the steal–
      trump had around 90 million votes -he had to–
      there is no way on earth that biden got more votes than hillary at around 60 million
      so with 150 million votes total -90 and 60=150-
      if you sugar coated biden he would not even draw flies-
      the steal was in big time-only took a few adjustments in about 6 or 7 states-

    2. As the leader of the Republican Party it was Trump’s responsibility to have enough GOP counters to insure free and fair elections.
      Yet another TrumpFail.

      1. Cheaters will cheat – they always find a way. No one can insure free and fair elections, especially when they won’t even require voter ID card. The dems are so predictable – it’s ok to force people to get a vaccine, but it’s too repressive to force a voter ID card.

  7. Graham is willing to kiss anyone’s ass that will help HIM get re-elected. When he wins he goes back to his typical back-stabbing ways. He’s a total user to get only what HE wants because to HIM, HE’s all that matters…

    1. Yes, and we in SC know that only too well. In the primaries, if Lindsey has one, the Upstate of SC votes against him, but the Midlands and Low Country vote for him which so far has given him a pass out of the primary. I think the Low Country is the real spoiler because of how he’s catered to Charleston with the port. He’s definitely a politician’s politician, ie, kisses butt.

      1. Funny, I don’t remember any other president (or any politician for that matter) in modern history who actually kept so many campaign promises.

  8. Lindsay, you need to keep your nose and opinions out of what the true Conservatives say and do. You DO NOT belong to the MAGA crowd, so just button it. I know a lot of people who will vote for anyone that President Trump endorses and supports. We believe in him and trust him to do what’s best for the country. Vote out all the RINOs and replace them with true patriots and Conservatives. Get involved work hard for true Conservative candidates and help them win.

  9. I would ask Senator Graham where he would be if it weren’t for Pres. Trump’s endorsement in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. He’d probably be looking for a new line of work. That’s appreciation for you. You beg for his endorsement before the election and after you’ve won, due to his endorsement, you throw him under the bus. As far as I’m concerned, Senator Graham is one of the RINOs that needs to be put out to pasture because he’s full of manure.

          1. I’m a giver, not a receiver. There’s a difference… I’m not a f a g g of.

    1. But, President Trump always scores in the high 90s, so, that’s a whole lot better than Graham’s percentage.

  10. Who is Graham tying to impress? Trump didn’t follow Graham suggestion when he was President and he doesn’t think that much of Mitch either. And I agree with Trump 100%

  11. Interesting that most of the candidates that President Trump endorses actually win their seats in Congress. So why wouldn’t P.T. keep endorsing candidates he believes in?

    Linsey Graham occasionally makes some questionable statements — just like this one. Who knows where his head is, but P.T. knows exactly what he is doing!

  12. We all need to be more vocal like you! I’ve started emailing GOP Senators and Representatives when they do something right or wrong…

  13. Hey Lindsey,….. we do NOT need any more RINOs like you in office… you have been ALL Talk and NO Action these last 4 years

  14. Graham did not do a great job in keeping a Senate majority. Maybe it is time for someone else to take control.

  15. Trump should issue endorsements, and Graham should shut up about it. Graham is expressing the GOP Establishment discomfort that Trump is being so strong. Too bad. The future of the Republican Party is with Trump.

  16. Why oh why didn’t SC come up with better candidate choices to primary this RINO train wreck. If he lived in IL, CA or NY he would be a full-fledged demonKKKrat…

    1. No way he would be. I’m from IL, not always proud of it, but Graham is eons better than our democratic senators, Dick “Turd”bin, and Tammy “if you don’t hire Asia-Americans then I will not vote for our nominees” Duckworthless. I know that’s not saying much.

  17. Looks like Lindsay was feeling unloved by not getting any media coverage so he had to do something to get attention. RINOs are not needed. At least you know a democrat will lie and blame someone else for a disaster they caused and vote liberal all the time. The RINOs will talk a good game and vote with democrats.

  18. Hummmm — Let’s see now. If Trump lets things ‘go’, as they have in the past, the “swamp” will win again. The ‘bread’ for the new congressman comes from the ‘boss’ and in the present climate, that’s the Washington ‘deep state’. If the President wants a Congress ‘devoid’ of political bias (America First), he’ll have to support the RIGHT candidates. Sounds like the ‘ole’ “home guard” doesn’t agree :^)

  19. I guess Graham is one of the IDIOTS that thinks Biden won fairly and squarely??? NOT EVEN CLOSE!! FRAUD All the WAY!!!

  20. The ‘establishment’ GOP itself seeks to pick the candidate they want, they don’t just let the process play out. It comes in the level of support the RNC and NRSC gives. During 2016, they gave Bush the most support, followed by Rubio. They probably don’t like Mo Brooks, and that’s why Graham is speaking out.

  21. Amnasty Graham, the wannabe McCain clone RINO, should just STHU. President TRUMP earned his right to endorse. only thing that Snake Graham hsa earned is a butt kickin’. He is one of the RINOs I wish had been primaried last year.

  22. Lindsey , you are exactly why the GOP can’t get control of the House and the Senate. It is wimpy weak people in the GOP like you, who will not stand up for our true AMERICAN VALUES! In your words…you always say ” we will get to the bottom of this” Dah! nothing ever happens and you are a dying bread of politicians that need to find a another job, I know you put up a great front like you are doing something great, but I have watched you for over 30 years saying the same thing.. You are only trying to stay in office for the pay check….so get a job at a grocery store as a greeter, you maybe and I do maybe build up a support to get a job at the White House as a janitor….Sorry Buddy But you have to go.

  23. Graham has never been loyal to President Trump. He is not to be trusted and should be voted out of office when the opportunity presents itself.

  24. I have lived in South Carolina, over 75 years, I testify that you can’t trust Politicians from South Carolina. They have sold out their voters everytime.

  25. We ALL KNOW ‘WHY’ you would like him to sit out and not promote a candidate HE BELIEVES would be an asset to our party— Because YOU WOULDN’T BE ONE OF THEM -RINO GRAHAM

  26. Graham and some Rep. are useless…no strength or integrity…..politicians only!..not representatives of the people….why doesn’t Graham take a lesson from Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others

  27. Linsey Graham is the one who did nothing for 4 years!! No real investigation in his committee?
    He and John McCain back stab American people and Trump for 4 years. He is a worthless republicans.
    He is part of swamp. He , Justice John Roberts Chief Justice and FBI director Wray are Traders to American all working for US Chamber of Commerce communist China and Globlist Bush family.

  28. What has Graham accomplished? Nothing! All during investigations of FBI and DOJ the only thing I can recall from Graham was “Stay tuned”. No one prosecuted as he kept on promising. What a loser.

  29. Why the hell not. He wants to issue his endorsements? WOW McCain is no longer walking the Earth. This guy is flag on the wind. POC. He would never win SC is not of President TRUMP. RINO.

  30. I disagree. Perhaps President Trump‘s endorsements might mean fewer newbie RINOs. I feel I can trust his endorsements. So many candidates while they are campaigning hide their true opinions and are a precursor to voting with the Dems. We’ve just had that take a look at how the new ones are voting. Several are new to Congress and Senate and are already voting with the Democrats. That has to stop!

  31. Lindsey Graham cannot be trusted! He is a Judas and will back stab you faster than lightening! He is like Marco Rubio to the Second-Amendment, a TRAITOR!! We have way to many of back stabbers like that and need to vote their crooked ashes out of office!!!

  32. I like you Graham, but as you said “if I were him” – you are not and most of us look to Trump to hopefully get our majorities back and keep Biden/Harris in check before they take us down farther into the black hole. The best solution is to keep Trump out in the open, letting us know which candidates are not fricking rinos.

  33. Graham is a blowhard do nothing. Please remember all the bluster about getting to the bottom of the Clinton emails, the Russia hoax, and the FBI corruption?

  34. Hello all, L.Graham is fearful of trump supported politicians who speak the truth! President Trump is the filter for republican BS!
    Those politicians he endorses will more than likely win, if there is no election fraud like in Georgia.




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