Senators Investigating Biden Over Border Wall Fund Seizures

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

A coalition of 40 Republican senators sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office to investigate if President Biden broke federal law when he halted billions of dollars in funds allocated for the construction of Trump’s border wall. According to The Daily Wire,  “The probe highlights the challenge presidents have historically faced in fulfilling campaign promises that require money to be spent — or suspended — at odds with Congress’ intent.”

Biden ended the construction of the border wall as one of his first acts as president despite reports that the wall played an instrumental role in deterring illegal crossings. A little over two months into the Biden presidency and the situation at the border has already spiraled out of control and the U.S. is on track to encounter more migrants than in the past 20 years.

These senators are standing up to Biden’s dirty tricks:

    1. PUPPET, run by Marxist handlers; thus: open border with CATCH & RELEASE, destroying America’s energy independence—-as if the Communists version of another Pearl Harbor
      is using the puppet to do the dirt.

  1. What was that, you Liberals claimed against Trump.. was it misappropriation of the impound act? Taking ahold of the purse strings?

    What about fraud, abuse of power and breach of a Government contract?

    Sure relieved to know that the President isn’t above the law and neither are his accomplices!

  2. Every Governor in a border state, should fight this tooth and nail. They should demand that the wall be finished or send all these ILLEGAL INFILTRATORS BACK! Has anyone been paying attention to who’s crossing?
    No one that’s going to contribute anything of value to our country. Just drain it of its resources. Like President Trump said:
    “They’re not sending us their best”
    God help us all.

  3. Biden has now surpassed peanut man – Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama as the worst president in American History.

    Biden may be a demented fool but it is the idiots who voted for him who are the ones that are stupid beyond belief. The Democrat Political Party has turned into the Democrat Communist Party. Thank you Democrat voters.

    1. I totally agree with you. Don’t forget the coward people of Georgia who didn’t show up to vote, so it caused us to lose the Senate. It was our next to best chance of stopping this INSANITY.
      Annnnnd, joe is NOT in charge.
      This is OBUMMER’S 3rd term.

      1. We need to recall, the election machines were not changed and the same election that we lost our president trump, was still in effect for the senators, enough is enough, I cannot blame the voters of Ga.

    2. Except, did they actually vote for this man, I still think ballots were printed and added after election day, I know this happened in Pa.

    3. I agree Dictator Biden with his XO’s is worse than Obama. However, to me the worst POTUS is LBJ. He escalated the undeclared War in Viet Nam causing over 55,000 of our good soldiers to be killed, and countless injured physically and mentally. Why? Because a huge amount of war machines and materials were from Texas suppliers. I also believe he was behind the assassination of JFK. Who had the most to gain from that?

  4. why are we the taxpayer have to build a wall around the capital to protect only these senators and the president when these same idiots who don t give a damn about protecting us the innocent Americans so why should we waste our money for protecting them

  5. “We” suffer wearing masks, going crazy trying to find an opening @ a vaccine site & that NITWIT lets ANYBODY INTO America! WHO IS HE TO SHUT DOWN THE PRESS WITH A BLACKOUT? THIS IS FOR??? national security? He falls UP steps, not once but THREE times, & holds a staged “press” conference with his 10 most favorable “news” correspondents.Too boot he has to LOOK @ HIS SCRIPTED NOTES! As soon as he started saying “folks” WE know who’s really behind this MESS =Obama.In 3months ‘we” have no free speech, a blocked out “press”, a disaster on the border & the spread of MORE Covid with his idiotic bussing of ANYBODY ANYWHERE in the U.S.! CAN’T SOMEBODY “DO” SOMETHING???

  6. Any and ALL politicians who voted for illegals to come waltzing into the US should have their paychecks deferred to pay for all this mess THEY created. This includes the illegitimate man in the WH and his VP who is a natural citizen therefore also illegitimate to hold the office of VP or Pres.

  7. The Wall is necessary and we are now seeing the result of Biden’s and the inept Communist Democrats’ opposition to having it! Biden and his Open Door Policy is destroying this country and our economy along with it. We are already seeing what the financial impact is on our economy and the increases in crime and the spread of diseases. This can not be tolerated or allowed to continue. In fact, all should be rounded up and sent back where all can submit their applications and proceed with the process legally!
    What is taking place now is sheer madness and insanity!

  8. I’m so GD sick of that fraud claiming to be the president I could s##t 🤮🤮I simply despise that senile phony ass as well as kameltoe harris willie browns hoe !!! 👹👹👹🤮🤮🤯🤯

  9. This ugly women and I do mean inside and outside has to be stopped I am a good American taxpayer and I and my fellow Americans should not have to put up with her crap. The Democrats are trying to take over our country and they must be replaced with confident people and soon before this gets more out of hand.

  10. With the exception of Blackburn and Kennedy, ALL the rest who were pictured are RINOs, and most listed are also RINOs, which means the “investigation” will go NOWHERE…


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