Michael Flynn Hits CNN with $75 Million Defamation Suit

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Two family members of Trump’s former security adviser, Michael Flynn have filed a $75 million defamation suit against liberal network CNN. Flynn’s brother Jack and sister-in-law Leslie claim the network purposely portrayed them as supporters of the QAnon conspiracy group by running doctored footage to damage the family’s reputation.

The Daily Wire reports:

The segment largely shows footage of a meeting of QAnon supporters, including the photogenic icon of the Capitol riot known as the QAnon Shaman, but also briefly shows video tweeted by Michael Flynn of a July 4th gathering of his extended family. In the video, the Flynns recite a pledge to the U.S. constitution and end it with “Where we go one, we go all,” a slogan so frequently used by QAnon adherents it appears as the abbreviation WWG1WGA on movement merchandise. Jack and Leslie Flynn contend, however, that the slogan is unrelated to the movement and that they are “not followers or supporters of any extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon,” despite being allegedly inaccurately portrayed as such.

Michael Flynn served briefly as former President Donald Trump’s national security adviser before he resigned the post while under scrutiny for allegedly lying to the FBI. The allegation turned into legal charges and a court battle that lasted roughly three years and ended with a pardon from Trump.

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!” Trump tweeted on Nov. 25.

Prior to Trump’s pardon, the Department of Justice (DOJ) had moved to drop the charges against Flynn after a review of the case revealed that federal prosecutors had failed to turn over exculpatory evidence that undercut the DOJ’s case against him, according to former Attorney General William Barr.


Watch the edited footage from CNN HERE:

[jwplayer u5Ad2tUM-lzmB6GEw]

  1. I wondered when Genera Flynn would go after the liars, and those who tried to destroy him based on false accusations. Its time to hold the lawless accountable in every way!

    1. Why did Flynn confess to to a felony he did not commit?
      And then turn around and says that he lied?

      1. Because “Herr” Hess, the crooks in DOJ/FBI threatened to “persecute” his son! Don’t you nazis communicate with each other?

        1. hess husband bill and his boyfriend frank must have been eating tidepods in mommies kitchen when the news broke on globalist media, clion opinion and feelings network .

          1. where have you been the FBI/DOJ did nothing but pursue impeachment acquisitions that the demOrats were guilty of and used these judicial puppets to deflect them onto our great president

          2. don,t blame democrats alone,they had lots of help,
            ever hear of RINOS!!! the worst kind.

          3. Apparently, left over leftest swamp creatures were calling the shots and giving the higher ups false info.

        2. you can call hess an Idiot,but that N… stuff could get you in big trouble!!!!
          be careful what you asked for.

      2. You need to do your own research, he didn’t lie the FBI pressured him and told him he lied and that they had it on tape so unless he confessed they were going to arrest his son as well. That’s called coercion and pushing a false narrative. SO do some research and stop listening to the Communist News Network, and mockingbird media.

        1. And THAT explains WHY the FBI would not release the SO-CALLED PROOF they SAID they HAD!!! People like hess only blindly believe what ever the FAKE NEWS programs put out

          1. The proof is that Flynn said he did it.
            Unless of course Flynn is a liar.
            In addition to being an officer and a gentleman


        2. One way or the other he is a liar.
          Either he lied about what he did or he lied about something he did not do.
          It can’t be both.

          1. Coerced utterances cannot be considered genuine lies. The communicating party does not make themself answerable for the content put forward.

          2. How was he coreced?
            By pleading guilty to a lesser charge?
            That is how most criminal charges are dealt with.
            Thin big case, soild little case.
            No reason to waste all that money on a jury trial.

      3. You know, Albert i have been watching your posts, for the last 2 or 3 weeks and you lie, twist and manipulate all of what you say, to fit your lifestyle. And that is fine, since it fits you. But do not try to act stupid and ignorant at the same time. You love to insult people, as if they are dumb, but your comment just now, about why did Flynn lie to the FBI. Man, if you still do not know the answer to that question, then, i am sorry to say, you really are stupid and it shows when you write your posts. You must not be a dad at all, and if you are, then i feel sorry for your kids. Their dad does not know the meaning of the words ” love for your children”. So please, learn the truth, and you will have a much more rewarding and happy life.

        1. Yes the FBI traps criminals.
          It is a standard LEO procedure.
          It is how most drug, gun and political crime is illuminated.

        1. Fortunately al and his husband bill and his boyfriend frank can’t have any children but they can rent children like globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE .

        2. How did they threaten his family?
          Did they have evidence of criminal behavior on the part of one of his family members?
          That is how drug kingpins usually go down.

        3. They threatened his family because he is a criminal. The FBI uses the same method to take down Mafia families.

      4. Comrade Hess..! Check the history of Soviet Union, specifically the Stalin era – and you’ll get the answer to your stupid question..!!!

      5. You need to learn to read and listen to the whole story instead of just paying attention to the parts you like, hess bidenhead.

        1. I liked the part where Flynn plead guilty.
          Did you?
          This suit is going no where.
          CNN has very deep pockets, and they don’t back down.

          1. Very true… They are typical Dim’s like yourself. They never admit to being wrong , even if you prove it.. So I like the generals plan….Make them pay for it.

      6. You need to learn to read and listen to the whole story instead of just paying attention to the parts you like

      7. The same reasons that globalist puppet democrat criminal party and chester the molester biden and his criminal family refuse to confess to all the felonies that they did commit .

        1. Thousands and thousands of defendants in criminal cases have admitted their guilt.
          It is the honorable thing to do.

          1. Would it also be honorable to admit when you are wrong about an issue ? Looking forward to your retractions then..

          2. Flynn pled guilty.
            Nothing to retract.
            The big charge can still be used.
            Flynn was not smart enough to get dismissed with with prejudice.
            Or more likely it was not on the table.

      8. hey al do your home work he agreed to it to protect his son. who the gov.. said they would go after him too.

        1. His son is a small criminal.
          They were after the big criminal.
          They got him.
          Standard LEO accepted practice.

      9. Go away moron. You add nothing to any subject you post on. You are delusional if you actually believe you are clever. You are not clever you are STUPID.

        1. Deplorable.
          Is that your go to word when you have nothing to say?
          Is that what you whisper in your daughter’s ear when you climb on top of your daughter and thrust?

          1. And you call HIM deplorable ??? You have an ability that most people don’t have…The ability to prove you are a hypocrite in one post …

          2. You don’t like to have fun with F words, like Tommy?
            It’s fun for the whole family!!!!!

      10. Our rotten FBI could trap you, me, anyone they want, into a felony perjury trap and threaten your family if you don’t cooperate. It’s called the Swamp and they do whatever they want and they did. They see the people we send to Congress and the White House as just the temporary help and detest them. That’s what our Republic has come to and it’s only going to get worse under Sleepy Joe. You Patriots out there, keep your powder dry!

          1. I think he might have been on the way to draining the swamp… But swamp lovers like you cheated and stopped the process.

          2. You & your partners are very sick. just like those who voted for Biden, with the help of the media. Who are destroying the United States, the dems & rinos will not be defeated unless people start removing their mask & not go to the businesses that don’t allow you in without one, including the hospitals. I’m in my 70’s and more afraid of having a stroke & having to go to the emergency room, then getting the cov-19. Wake up people, we need to open up our country. People are afraid of going to the hospital, which is worse then getting the cov.

      11. a.hess,the fbi lied to flynn.
        he should have called his lawyer,problem solved
        oh,i forgot,too complicated for you?

      1. He will win and then globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network will keep appealing until the case is heard by a globalists or globalist puppet $oro$ or globalist puppet, barry soetoro appointed criminal judge .

    2. From what the short article and filing papers said, General Flynn’s brother John “Jack” and sister-in-law Leslie filed the lawsuit. It doesn’t mention General Flynn as being a party to the lawsuit. Although it seems General Flynn has ample reason to file a lawsuit.

      1. Commenters on here do not read the articles.
        Just the inaccurate headline before issuing their MAGAot drivel.

  2. Defamation is tough to prove. I hope he has solid evidence and gets a fair hearing. He deserves every dollar he can get if he has the proof and the hearing is fair.

    1. Wouldn’t he have many, many video tapes that proves HOW they mis-construed everything about him….???? sure hope so…..biden said he has a big voter FRAUD organization in front of cameras – now he is in office and claims he was “elected, if the courts would have only LOOKED at the Evidence of voter FRAUD, we may would have Trump still in Office…Anyway, I sure HOPE that the General will win his case…..!!!!!

    1. How much you sue for does not matter.
      What you win does.
      Trump and his merry band of human excrement smearers are losers.

  3. Money cannot make up to this patriot and his family for all the damage done by the liar’s club of the dim wits and their leaders Schmucky and Old nasty Nanc. But it is a downpayment on all it cost this family to save General Flynn from the workings of the globalist, Bozo and his tribe of morons from his Soros’ paid BowelMovement and Antifa Brownshits, Shifty Shift, the son-in-law of Soros, etc…. Flynn should receive all of this and more!

  4. Lots of luck with that. Now if I was in Flynn’s place I would low, now most of the things Flynn was charged with were dropped by the prosecution but that does not mean they could not reappear and new charges made. Now being a General in the US military Flynn knew what he was doing was wrong. Now acting as an agent for a foreign Government when not reporting it is a serious charge and Flynn was originally charged with that but it was dropped without prejudice so they are still on the books.

      1. Was the original charge dropped with or without prejudice?
        In cases where they plead lower the prosecutors usually hang onto to the higher charge to enforce the plea.

    1. I don’t usually engage leftist posters.
      However, why don’t you tell us why Hitlary, Brennan, Susan Rice, etc, etc have not been prosecuted? I’ll wait…..

  5. The only way he and we can feel whole again is for Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Storz and Macabe end up in prison and completely broke and unemployable thereafter.

  6. If only the two big Mikes had convinced Trump to declare martial law Biden, Hillary, Obama and Romney would be in jail.

    1. Funny, I would think if any administration would call for marshall law, it would be the liberal democrats. Right after they stopped screaming, whining and stomping their feet that they didn’t get their way, because of racism!

      1. I have an honest question for you and anyone else who reads my post.
        Do you guys really think you can get through to third pantie sniffer?
        If not, why do you (some of you) engage it??

    2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  7. Flynn should sue EVERYBODY who made his life miserable since being tapped for the Trump Administration. He lost just about everything financially & that biased D.C. “judge” REFUSED to drop the case even after vindication of Flynn. He should sue them ALL for all that “they” are worth & lets see how “they” like it!

  8. Phuck CNN ( Communist News Network ) and ALL OF THE COMMUNIST NETWORKS disguised as REAL LIGIT news : Natl. Bullshit Channel (nbc), Another Bullshit Channel (abc), Communist Bullshit Station (cbs)

  9. Who is Qanon? There is no Qanon. Why can’t the media groups get that into their thick skulls? There’s no such thing as Qanon.

  10. The biggest problem is there is a two tier justice system in this country. Hillary and company should be under the jail. Peter strock and his lover should be in jail for what they did to the general. Weismann and muller should be in jail for withholding exculpatory evidence. But let’s pray that the wonderful General’s family can make CNN pay for their lies

    1. Why did Trump fail to have Hillary, Strock, Weismsmann and Muller locked up?
      What ever happened to Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up?
      Just another Trump big lie?


  12. I am a retired regular US Army Officer – 3 plus decades of service. The Democratic Party and their media minions have never been a friend of the military! This includes the many times they have gone to court to suppress the military vote. General Flynn is a patriot and his persecution should trouble all, regardless of party!!!

  13. If the case is heard by an honest judge, flynn will win. If the case is heard by a globalists or globalist puppet $oro$ or globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed criminal judge then flynn will lose .

  14. CNN depicting Trump as a Liar , I believe Trump has a good case for a Law suit as well
    Azzzzz wipes at CNN

  15. Michael Flynn has every right to sue the hell right out of cnn. If I was Flynn. I would have billions not millions suing them evil RATS

  16. Good for General Flynn! He deserves to win. The lies and embarrassment that CNN caused him and his family with their LIES and misrepresentations were disgusting. I hope you win because you are in the right. CNN needs to be held responsible for their actions.

  17. Personally, I think he is suing for way too little, for what he and his family had to endure which was not only reprehensible but the added conduct of CNN exacerbated the massive dilemma to reach the family was exposed – there is no possible excuse for the media in this case. Like poker, CNN went all in and Flynn should own CNN – I hope that when Flynn wins this case the jury provides punitive damages of at least 3-10 times the amount of the suit.

  18. Is this the same Mikey F who posted a video of him and his family reciting Qanon incantations to his own account with a QAnon hashtag?
    Why would anyone think he was a Qanon wackadoodle goofball?

    1. After finishing the oath, Flynn says, “Where we go one, we go all!” His post included the hashtag #TakeTheOath, which he recently added to his Twitter bio as well.


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