It’s No Coincidence Red States Are Leading U.S. Economic Growth

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According to the Department of Commerce, Republican-led states are those leading the country in economic growth. It’s no secret that many Democrat-run states have basically fallen into ruin by stunting their economies with oppressive lockdowns and overbearing restrictions. Not only do these states have the highest economic growth but can also boast the lowest unemployment rates in the country. If you’re planning to leave your Democrat-led regime these are the best states to look into.

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  1. Florida is a Red state….
    that’s the primary reason dementia Biden and nitwit Fauci and the ‘rat political party in general continue to prohibit cruise ships from sailing from Florida ports for yet another summer and fall.
    MEANWHILE, the morons we have destroying this country simply allow thousands and thousands and thousands of Covid positive illegals pour into this country.
    Man, I wish there was another country we could all flee to like the pilgrims did to escape their persecution!!!!!

    1. I understand your feelings, but, no. We must fight till we win! We need to pressure our politicians, in state and Washington. At some point, not just us, but everyone will be feeling the pain.
      At least that’s my hope. I’m beyond mad!

      1. Start at the state level first. Elect conservatives, clean out the trash in the polls and tighten state laws on voting, etc.. Then we carry on to the feds for more cleanup and removal of the establishment jerks. If we do not send the right people to congress in the house and senate from each state we are still wasting out time and resources incorrectly. And since the GOP is corrupt with rinos we have a massive job ahead.

          1. They aren’t ALL doing a bad job!! But if you CARE, you can check out who in your State is doing a good job and who isn’t. Most people have never even done that before they start screaming about Politicians!!

        1. Start with the STATE CONSERVATIVES you HAVE. THEY can make a LAW AGAINST your State participating in Bidens new LAWS!!! But you have to tell them!! If enough people contact them, they will listen. Even the RINOs will HAVE to listen IF they want to be re-elected!!!

      2. You COULD Pressure your own State Legis to make STATE Laws against biden’s LAWS!! Just like DeSantis is doing in FLA!!

    2. That’s OK! De Santis is using his OWN EO to STOP that in Fla. AND he is instructing Fla State Legis. to make it a FINAL LAW!!

  2. Red states keep up the pressure on your contemporary blue states with your well deserved economic growth and freedom. I happen to live in a blue state with a dumbdonkey of a governor. Everywhere I go I’m reminded to wear these stupid masks like I’m some child. And I’m not the only one feeling that way. MOF quite a few of my friends have been going to Florida and they tell me it’s like a whole different world with no mask mandates. (God bless desantis). Biden needs to go to bed

    1. In Alabama there are signs on all business doors to wear masks but half of the people do not wear them and nobody says a word. Back about 5 mos ago one person told a clerk that people were supposed to wear masks. while I was checking out.
      I knew she said it for my bebefit. I looked her in the EYE and told her that it was ILLEGAL for ANYBODY to REQUIRE it, and was also EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY to be breathing in the Carbon dioxide that our bodies expel!!! She turned around and walked away. Never said another word.
      And before that I was in another store w/out a mask, and met another lady that looked at me and said THANK YOU and whipped her mask off and put it into her purse. And before I got to the check out, another lady whipped her mask off and grinned at me. Now about half of the people I meet in any store do not were masks. Some do, some don’t. It is their prerogative, IF they want to or not!!

      1. God bless you Beverly. Despite the fact of being reminded by “big daddy govt” to wear these dumb masks, NO ONE likes wearing them. I only wear mine out of courtesy. But when I’m outside enjoying the fresh air, I don’t wanna see anyone try and tell me about wearing some mask. Also alot of these liberals like these masks mandates because it gives them a sense of superiority to tell others what to do so they can feel “righteous”. That’s why they tell us “it’s for our own good” (bunch of crap if you ask me)

    2. I had planned to vacation in Kentucky this summer, and had made reservations at a Kentucky State Resort Park. However, Kentucky has a Democrat governor and the restaurant at the RESORT state park remains closed; I couldn’t even get any information about when it might reopen. I cancelled my reservations and made them at a Tennessee State Park. Tennessee has a Republican governor and the park restaurant will be open.

      1. Pretty much the red states are the places to be at now. South Dakota never shut down at all and as I speak they’re doing phenomenal with their economy. I was actually looking to go to KY a few weeks back but too many snowstorms. Soon as you said KY has a dem governor I knew it wasn’t meant for me to be there lol

  3. The democrats are moving down a long dark hallway, when suddenly nancy polosi sees something moving ahead,” she yells “hey you” with her fists shaking violently, nancy yells again, “ who are you…..
    By this time all of the democrats are just speechless, and they can’t believe their eyes… jerry says “ alright you, come on out of there.
    And just as simple as can be Trump walks into the light, and says,
    You have committed voter fraud, and these investigators would like a word with all of you. That’s when nancy polosi falls to her knees and yells..”why can’t you be impeached “I have tried everything”
    Nancy, with her head hanging low whispering to chuck we can’t go on we are finished.

    1. How about, one of Pelosi’s Campaign Mngrs told Nancy that she had a dream about her. Nancy said “What was it about?” The Aide said “There were THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people there and were all CHEERING as you passed by!!”
      Nancy said “How did I look? was my hair all in place??
      The Aide answered, ” I couldn’t tell, It was a closed casket!!”

  4. Socialism doesn’t work, many nations realize that socialism is an oppression. Freedom loving people work together in unity, productivity, and have goals that are the same, and strive for more positive achievements for everyone. Lets hear it for the governors that realize this Virus has been used to take away freedoms and to destroy the prosperity and sovereignty of the United States, and have decided to run their state in a reasonable and rational manner.

    Next time select photos of real Republicans instead of the 3 RINOs.
    You just removed all credibility from this article.
    Vietnam 3x

  6. These States are restoring people’s freedom of choice where they can rightfully be the independent masters of their own destinies. People are not free unless government is limited. They should never become cringing supplicants for the favor of the government.


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