Lara Trump Joins Fox News

Doug Coulter via ( Wikipedia Commons

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump has officially joined the Fox News family. The network made the announcement Monday morning during “Fox & Friends.” Lara joins Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany who also recently joined the network.

The Hill reports:

“Let’s bring in Lara Trump, former senior adviser for the Trump campaign, and we have a big announcement. She is a new Fox News contributor. Welcome to the family, Lara,” said host Ainsley Earhardt.

Trump has been a frequent guest on “Fox & Friends” as well as other Fox News shows.

“Well, I’m so excited, first of all, to be joining the Fox family, I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long,” Trump said after the announcement. “You guys know it was kind of a joke over the past five years, I would come there so often that the security guards were like, maybe we should just give you a key.”

Lara Trump helped advise the Trump political campaigns and is also reportedly mulling a bid for North Carolina governor.

      1. They still have Tucker and Hannity. Those are the only shows I watch on Fox anymore. Hannity can get under my skin as he repeats his same talking points a thousand times a month on TV and radio but Tucker does some interesting investigative work and I like his conclusions on many political topics.

        1. The difference between Tucker and Hannity….Tucker actually debates…Hannity interrupts…but he does have some very interesting guests..IF he lets them talk.

      2. I am a farm/ranch boy at heart. I still check Fox daily after the “boys” took over. It is easier to avoid getting “it” all over your boots when you keep track of where it is likely to be, and how deep “it” is.

      1. Are all you fair weather friends of “fox” disapoin5ed that President Trump lost the election to a bunch of loaded machines. Yes loaded since there was no way to check for their programming instructions after the “damage” or I should say the “jacked-up” numbers were cast for Biden was done. Fox had no part in the manipulation of the numbers. Question If Trump runs again in 2014, will you all vote for him?????

      1. Wouldn’t put it past them. Joe Manchin’s wife just got a job with slow joe’s administration.

          1. Absolutely. Trump raised 1 billion for 2020 election from Jan- July. The Federal Election Commission warned Trump of moving money earmarked for campaign to another campaign Save America. That campaign had no restrictions on spending. 418 million from the 1 billion was put into a new shill company created by Jared. Making Lara president and Tiffany as CEO. That 418 mil from citizen donations was spent by Sept. Biden had 2 billion for his campaign to Trump’s 400 million. Putting Trump team in a panic. Eric, Don Jr&gf Kim, Lara&Tiffany launched one of the most aggressive donation fundraising in history. I myself received 12-14 emails a week. ” My dad considered you as a loyal supporter of the Patriot Movement in the Gold VP Club. Clearly he has made a mistake, as of this email we have still not received your donation. My father has decided to give you one last chance to remain a loyal American as a VP Gold Club member by making your donation before the 1 hour timer expires. Make your donation now. Eric Trump.( Amount started at 100-500.00) no lower amount option available. Each email became more rude, disrespectful&aggressive. After 300 I blocked them.
            I find that to be totally disgusting Team Trump, this president would expect supporters to be pressured in that way to donate. Ignoring the fact how hard hit people were struggling from covid. Many living on retirement and fixed incomes of less than 700.00 a month SSA benefits. 80% of states not even open and only 1,200.00 payment from taxpayers money as help. Did little to 100s being evicted and thousands standing in food assistant lines. All because Team Trump spent prior campaign donations like a slush fund. My view changed for Trump then.
            His absence has given 2 million of his base to reflect on events of his term and no longer support him. More adding everyday. As the star of this horrific movie, how will he explain or tell the truth of Melania no longer as the first lady? Divorcing Trump Oct 2020. For the same reason his other ex’s did, Cheating. Once she stepped off AF1 Jan 20 in FL she took her suit cases and Barron’s and left to her parents.
            Trump paid her to be First Lady, they were separated. How could he explain a mistress but no wife when elected. It had to be unbearable to see this woman in the WH.
            Deception and secrets is our president, no different than those before him.

          1. I do not mind being DEPLORABLE (regrettable, very bad, wretched) because it is better than being DISPICABLE (deserving scorn, contemptible). At least you do not deserve the evil deplorable label.

      2. I watch do little fox news anymore it’s unbelievable.. don’t trust them. Fire wallace, rivera and that idiot williams, not fascist he’s stupid no mater his melinin level

        1. I agree Wallac, Rivera and Williams need to go and take along with them Jedediah on Saturday and Sunday Fox. I use to love that show….she wrecked it !!!

    1. Doubt it since they refer to him as a “real journalist ” Haha. His liberalism shows through on every interview.

    2. I don’t have as big a problem with Wallace as I do with Juan Williams and sometimes Geraldo Rivera. I’d rather see Juan go before Wallace.

  1. I know what people will say. I’m as angry with Fox as anyone…a network that I trusted implicitly for twenty years (with some obvious exceptions) to give me the truth and I felt horribly betrayed on November 4th. I doubt if anyone in the Trump family would allow themselves to be compromised and anyone willing to give them a public platform in the face of all of the censorship we’ve seen should be allowed to do so.

  2. Well, it looks like the Murdocks might have finally picked a side and it is not liberal or so it appears but who knows with those boys, They have stabbed Trump in the back several times so as long as they employ Wallace and his ilk I don’t trust their motives. And I still remember the wife of one of the boys expressing joy that Trump’s election was stolen. They knew, they actually knew what had transpired and conspired with all the news outlets to get it done. Guess they did not realize what it was going to do to their share of the business cause the conservatives are not unaware to be steered by them.

    While Wallace is still there I don’t believe they are sincere. They are just seeking to draw back the 75 million who dumped them in 2020 by offering the Trump family member a job. And all the conservatives host they have now are neutered and watching their comments. I might watch Lara and see what they will let her cover! I believe her show will be edited heavily just like the other conservatives.We shall see..

    1. They can also get rid of Neil Cavuto and Arthel Nevil. Yesterday she told a big lie on Trump regarding asking the SOS in Georgia to find some votes. Comment was never corrected. Never, never trust anything coming out from tv. They only care about the ratings. They continue to play Americans, one against another.

      1. Every Utube clip I watch of Cavuto, I just simply want to slap him. He’s such a schill.
        I very much doubt it that he’s a Republican much less a conservative.

    2. You have to remember Papa Murdock was in Europe when all this happened. When it hit the news he was home immediately. That is when the shake up at FOX started. Bet that wife wished she had kept her mouth shut.

    1. These are my EXACT SENTIMENTS. Fox News is history to me (and millions of other conservatives). Newsmax is a far better choice. FYI: I do NOT care about “fair and balanced”. The Communists and Socialists have destroyed the USA.

  3. Is FOX looking to make amends for trashing their President? I am suspicious. How long will she last? Will she have access to Mr. Carlson for advice?

  4. You MIGHT want to use her FULL name “Lara Trump” so the headlines and article do not appear to be refering to PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  5. You can hire anyone you’d like but an apology for what happened on Election night with the liberals you had on your network would go a long way, then back that up with letting Wallace go so he can move over with Rachel Maddow on MSDNC where he belongs. Then I might consider watching again. So sad.

  6. Excellent. Trump’s moving his stature as heavyweight champion of MAGA policy to a new role as Opposition Leader of America First populism. He’s recovered his energy & balance. Now he’s roaring back to the forefront. Damn lucky for us, he’s no quitter. Joe & Kamala are a wrecking ball of mediocrity & failure. Trump is our best hope to beat back the worst damage they try to inflict before 2022, and he’s our best chance of Making America Great Again in 2024. Lord knows our nation will need him.

      1. Actually, it is definitely the other way around – right now with faux, it is one attaboy with at least 10 awshits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Is FOX trying to go back to its original roots?
    Maybe they got concerned over the back lash and ratings going down? Anyway, good addition.
    Beautiful and smart to boot.

  8. Only problem with this news: Lara won’t be able to run for Senate and be a paid contributor at the same time.


  10. Congrats to Lara Trump! I hope she does well at Fox News and enjoys working there! I’m sure her father is very pleased for her!

  11. They might get me to watch them again but I still have to think about it. If I do and the next time they lye or cut President Trump off short or a Republican short other than a weather storm I will never watch them again.

  12. FOX News has a few good shows that I watch which includes Tucker, Hannity, Ingram Angle and Sunday mornings with Maria Bartiromo. Lara Trump is a great addition! FOX is what I turned off after their Nov 4th stunt. They’re lucky I’m watching the only few good ones that are left… OANN, keep up the great work!!

  13. I supported Fox with donations in the early days. There betrayal has been very hard and I for one am not really anxious to trust them now.They caved to the liberals and left the conservatives hanging.

  14. I don’t know why Lara would give any credibility to those traitors! They have proven that they are a part of the corrupt satanic Nazi democrat propagandists.

  15. As long as Murdoch is at the helm at Fox, I’m not watching. He jumped up and down with glee when Biden (fraudulently) won the election. I wonder how much money he contributed to his campaign. He can go to you know where for all I care.


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