Biden Just Released His First Set of Judicial Nominees

President Biden has officially announced the first judicial nominations of his presidency. His predecessor previously made a historic amount of judicial nominations and appointments, including three Supreme Court Justices. Trump’s mark on the federal judiciary may very well be his greatest and most lasting achievement as president. However, now Biden will surely work to undo his work as Biden focused on race in his nominations to emphasize his administration’s focus on diversity.

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  1. Biden Just Released His First Set of Highly Skilled and Racially Diverse Judicial Nominees: Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Goebles, Lennin, Marx, Idi Amin… Well you get the picture!

    1. This is exactly what Hitler loving George Soros wants and his tool is the dumb idiot Obama who has the reins in Washington over Biden because we know Biden doesn’t make decisions. They are traitors to all of us and we must get them out now!!!

  2. I’m sick of this just do something to be diverse – how about based on ability no matter what race, creed or religion … geez I’m sounding like REVEREND DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.!

      1. No just judiciary who will totally back every evil, corrupt case that Democrats push her way!
        Supreme CRT next step for partner of Perkins Coie who were totally behind the rigging of the 2020 election.
        Marc Elias, Perkins Coie bulldog who orchestrated all the illegal changes to voting protocols that allowed the fraud.

  3. What should we expect out of a socialist Democrat administration. Their agenda is based not on what the Constitution states, but on gender, racial, and sexual identity; equity, not equality.

    If I were a Senator, I’d ask a simple question. “You’re going to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign an domestic.So DO YOU interpret the Constitution from an EXEGETICAL point of view? Yes or no?”

    Any bobbing an weaving, shuck and jiving, and obfuscation in answering I’d take as not only no, but HELL NO, and I’d make that clear for the record.

  4. Sleepy Dementia Joe didn’t nominate crap! The Kenyan and Heels up Harris did the dirty work with a pathetic old geriatric stool pigeon taking the “credit”! Push him out on stage, give him a 72 point font teleprompter to try and read and sit back and cackle like the wicked witch! Nobody buys this crap…SERIOUSLY! SMFH!

    1. Yes exactly how I read it too!
      Election should be overturned on basis Biden was never physically sound, and Kamala was not elected!

      1. The Law of Nations Emer de Vattel Senate Resolution 51 (co-sponsored by Obama) All define a “natural born citizen” as “jus soli” (right of the soil) “jus sanguinis” (right of the blood). Born in a country (American jurisdiction) to American parentS (both parents must be citizens). U.S. Constitution “natural born citizen”. Neither Obama nor Harris are “natural born citizens:.

        1. The Constitution directly addresses the minimum qualifications necessary to serve as President. In addition to requiring thirty-five years of age and fourteen years of residency, the Constitution limits the presidency to “a natural born Citizen.” Not one word about parents and where they are born.
          All the sources routinely used to interpret the Constitution confirm that the phrase “natural born Citizen” has a specific meaning: namely, someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth with no need to go through a naturalization proceeding at some later time. When did Kamala go through naturalization proceeding? Give a date please.
          There is consensus among academics that those born on American soil, except children born to foreign ambassadors or to hostile soldiers on U.S. territory, both of whom owe allegiance to a different sovereign, are natural born citizens, regardless of parental citizenship status.

    2. Harris is laughing and cackling – because she is not part of the organization team and hads no input and will never have input. Obama’s Cabal tells her what to do, and she does it or they will use criminality to force her to resign. It is the same technique they were going to use on Hillary had she got in and gone off the reservation.

  5. Such a shame that the stupid white wokesters today won’t still be around to enjoy seeing their white children and white grandchildren living their lives as subservients who are chastised, shunned and subjected to racial discrimination because of what their “woke” parents and grandparents did today.

    1. I think as whites are still the majority in US, surely it is time they all stood together, stood up to the crazy agenda driven traitors and said “no more of this crazy shit”. If they don’t, you are doomed.
      Actually with the woke diversity rubbish where people are no longer employed on merit, aeroplanes will be crashing, surgery will be a risk, what a perilous world these imbeciles are creating, BUT the sensible people are staying predominantly silent and allowing it to happen.

  6. Naturally payback to the Democrats legal firm Perkins Coie that has been behind everything corrupt and law “bending” would be expected. Another absolutely biased Democrat judge in the system a given. So much for judges adhering to “the law/Constitution” you can count on it this judge won’t be!
    How sad the American ideal is dying more each day due to corrupt politicians and Judiciary!


  8. While slideshows might increase a feeling of anticipation they also increase the amount of time required to gather needed information. This slows down potential action.
    Recommend just posting the details and simplify the presentation process.
    We’re busy people too. Skip the digital theater and get down to business. There isn’t much time left to save this nation.

  9. America will not be well until Biden is removed as pres! He has created more problems than all other Presidents together managed to create!

  10. I’m not concerned with who Biden brought in as Judicial nominees, I’m far more concerned about how long it will take to remove Biden! He should never have been elected and I doubt that I’ll ever undestand why anybody would have wanted him to be Pres!

  11. Biden is the worst choice for President the US has ever had and one can only hope that the country will soon be clamoring for his removal!

  12. I can hardly wait to read about who Biden chose for his Judicial nominees! They’ll have to be as ugly as those Pres. Trump chose for their superiority!

  13. As I’m not familiar with the people that Biden chose as Judicial nominees, I can’t say whether or not they’re deserving of the position! However, given that Biden nominated these people, I have some concerns as I don’t at all trust his judgement!

  14. Joker biden is not picking judges he is picking activists. True judges follow the law n Constitution not follow the political winds.

  15. Will someone help get this corrupt piece of excrement out of office. Other than pulling him out by his hair what can we do to dissolve the whole Democratic Party. It’s scary to think this crook and his radical cabinet are destroying this country. We all have to stop him and the Republicans need to get stronger and fight. …Right now they are not able to do anything. Get them out now!!!! We are heading toward a war on our land with China, Russia and Iran. Time to act!!!!

  16. THIS just “slays” me. It doesn’t matter “if” you are qualified for the job! ALL that MATTERS “IS” your skin color,”OR ethnic persuasion”OR “gender identity”. WHO CARES??? Can “they” do the job?


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