Despite Trump’s Fury Rep. Kinzinger Brought in Major Fundrasing Bucks

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger faced fierce backlash from his constituents, family members, as well as former President Trump over his decision to vote to impeach Trump in insurrection charges. However, despite Trump’s promises to endorse GOP challenger to unseat Kinzinger during the midterms he has actually managed to haul in an impressive amount of fundraising dollars- 2.2 million in three months to be exact.

Fox News reports:

“Thank you! Such a strong showing!” the congressman from Illinois tweeted Thursday morning, after media reports of his fundraising haul made headlines.

Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran and current lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard, who served two tours of duty in the Iraq war, told reporters on Wednesday that half of his haul – $1.1 million – was raised by his congressional campaign fund. He noted that the figure was nearly three times what he brought in for the same period in the 2020 election cycle and more than three times what he hauled in during the first quarter of the first year of the 2018 election cycle.

Another $1.1 million was raised the past three months for the “Country First” PAC he launched in late January to take aim at Republicans who continue to embrace Trump.

While he has yet to formally announce his 2022 reelection bid, Kinzinger has said, “My priority is to get reelected. My priority is to continue to build this idea of country first and this movement, to help people that think likewise.”

While Kinzinger’s fundraising haul is promising it may not be enough to save his seat during the midterm elections.

  1. During this time of year we all remember who Judas was. “zinger” walks in the same shoes. I plan to send a donation to whomever primaries him.

    1. There is actually a conservative businessman who recently announced his run for Governor of IL-Gary Rabine-He is friends with Trump

      1. I met him on Tuesday at his official announcement-He wants to create Jobs and lower taxes-Hmm, Imagine that…common sense

      2. Wow! Good news to hear that J.B. “Jabba the Taxman” Pritzker is getting someone to run against him. I also like the platform he is running on as well. I feel that would start to bring people back in to the Land of Lincoln. Too many people fleeing the state because of policies and taxes. Now, we need to get rid of some of the legislators that brought many of these policies and taxes.

    2. I cannot afford to send any money to anybody but if I was it dang sure would not be him but he can raise all the money from the democrats he wants but they cannot vote to get him in the primaries it will take the Republicans to do that and he does not have their support

      1. Truckmant, Democrats can cross party lines to vote for a RINO. I believe they did that in the 2018 primary election. A true, Conservative (James Marter) should have won that election!

        1. Soros ran scared shitless from both Hitler’s Nazis and the Russian Red Army.
          He is still a wanted man in Russia, his native Hungry and other eastern European countries.

  2. Illinois is just packed with Communist Democrats and it shows in all the money for that disgrace Kitizinger! He is no more a Republican that Stalin was! Instead he should be Mayor of Chicago with his Partner in crime that is in there now!!!

  3. Much bragging. But let us see the list of donors. If 2.2 million dollars was given by 4 big business people, that only means that he will get 4 votes if they live locally. Down he goes despite his funds.

  4. When will these RINOs understand money doesn’t mean votes. Ask Jeb Bush and how did it go for him in 2016.

  5. Having money doesn’t mean your constituents will re elect you. He is in a Conservative district west of Chicago. He is very arrogant and full of himself. He will come down to reality when he loses in the Republican primary. Pride comes before the fall.

  6. I guess all the Hollywood elite leftists have donated. Don’t think honest conservatives have donated to him. That’s what he wants you to think. NOT…

    1. Soooo true…and where was the supreme courts when they could have confirmed election integrity…..

  7. Puh-leeze. Kinzinger raised $$$ off Lincoln Project donors & Hollywood Democrats, who are destroying our country’s economy and freedom at this very moment. Just wait until Gen Z discovers Kinzinger’s globalist buddies have killed their jobs & they’ve got no money to pay rent or take exotic vacations or buy funky clothes or eat at chic ethnic restaurants.. How do you think this spoiled, self indulgent generation raised on Participation trophies will react when they WAKE UP & discover they’re ALL competing with Illegals from Mexico for jobs as Doordash drivers & filling Insta-cart orders for grocery delivery at Whole Food?? Do you think they’ll CRY??

  8. As the mother of an NG Soldier this really disgusts me. Biden and the Dems do not support the military in way, shape or form.

  9. I wonder where he got 2.2 million three months. Some of it better not come the RNC. However I would trust the RNC to support a pro Trumper.

  10. We keep close track of those who seem to be heros that prove to be against what we are hoping for our Country….we WILL NOT SUPPORT this man.

  11. His PAC is “Country First”, but if you rail against MAGA and support Biden the real question is which country are you referring to in the title of your PAC?

  12. So what! Hillary had a billion and wasted it! Money flows when you who ever what they want, it means nothing in nov!

    How sad to be such a huge disappointment to your friends and family in your actions! Guess the only one who wants him around is that dude with horns and a pointed tail.

    Good luck with that Kinsinger. Money can’t buy you RESPECT or the love of your family. But it can get you in closer with the DARK side..

  14. How much of that money came from Democrats. As a fellow Air Force veteran, I have to say how disappointed I am that a fellow Air Force who calls himself a Republican, would a t like a Democrat, especially knowing how volatile things are in the political arena and this country. Whoever primaries him has my vote.

  15. When even your family is against you, can’t go any lower. Hope someone else takes his seat.

  16. Politicians such as this are not statesmen there simply political hacks they work on bias and emotion rather than doing their job and working for the benefit of the nation. Many people do not like President Trump because of the way he speaks, many lies have been attributed to President Trump, the Fake news media is not really news media they are the propaganda arm of the political Democrat party. The only valid point is, who strives to serve America and our endemic ethos as a nation under the Constitution? It is certainly not the Democrat party and Joe Biden. Everything that President Trump did was for America – you do not see that with the Democrat party or even many Republicans. The general vicious hatred of President Trump was a propaganda coup for the Democrat party – and the result…has been a disaster for America. If the Biden Administration is not abolished soon it will not take two years to destroy America as the nation we all know and love.

  17. Money can’t buy everything. It can only buy crooks to steal an election by other means. Hence ! 2020 election

  18. What is the point on you running, you don’t seem to be any different than a democract, or you want to run so you can keep your hands in the cookie jar with the rest of the crooks in Congress? Zinger you sure are not for this country you have no back bone to stand up against the democracts, like a few other Republicans don’t. You don’t deserve to be in that seat a true fighter does

  19. Adam Kinzinger is a pathetic joke. Not a funny joke but a joke nonetheless.

    He is the perfect example of a self-serving RINO! I hope the people of Illinois vote this phony out of office – THE SOONER THE BETTER.

  20. Stop calling this clown a Republican! At best he’s a RINO, but he presents himself as a shill for Deep State groups! As an independent, I assure you Kinzinger’s kind will kill the future for Republican politicians and true Conservatives will have to move to a third Party to get elect. Trump, regardless of his pedigree, is the first President since Reagan to ever follow through on his promises! That’s way he has a following – not because of his personality! Kinzinger is just another FLAKE !

  21. Kinzinger’s donations come from the anti-American Deep State, Baby Boomers could stop this whole destruction of American by simply withdrawing their money from the Stock Market! Watch those Fat Cat Deep Staters run for cover and stop their support of the Left! The Kinzinger’s of the World would dry up and blow away!

  22. Who is donating to Kinzinger’s PAC? Democrats? It didn’t hurt that Karl Rove held a virtual fundraiser for the jerk. Plus I read Mark Kirk will campaign for Kinzinger. “Birds of a feather….” Kinzinger has burned too many bridges behind him. He knows he has lost a huge majority of his Republican base. The RINO made a statement to the New York Times that he would know by the end of the summer if he would remain a Republican or if he would be motivated to switch parties. He’s known as CNN’s Favorite Republican for a reason. He goes on MSNBC, The View and was on Late Night with Cobert not long ago. He writes op-eds for the Washington Post and the New York Times demeaning President Trump and the Republican Party. I would put money on it he will not seek reelection as a U.S. Congressman, he’ll run for the Senate. Plus, he won’t run in the 16th Congressional District because the Democrats will remap that district so it will eliminate a Republican’s chance of winning. Kinzinger already knows what that map will look like. He’s a slug and an embarrassment to the GOP. I’d vote for a Democrat over that slimy politician.

  23. I get so tired of hearing from hi priced politicions. This dude owes a lot of favors. Irespective of his military status, it embarrasses me as an ex Navy man that he seee’s value in his brag. A politicion is a politicion period. Be it Dem or Rep.He’s forgotten what team work means and sits himself above his party. ‘de rather have Romney

  24. Do not mistake ” I hate Trump” money for “I love Kinsinger” money. Ultimately Trump is both king and kingmaker, while Adam Kinsinger is what we used to call a “pipsqueak”.


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