DOJ Requests More Time on Decision to Turn Over Trump Tax Returns

White House [Public Domain]

The Department of Justice has requested additional time to make its decision on fulfilling House Democrat’s request for former President Trump’s tax returns. House Democrats have been demanding Trump’s tax returns be made public since 2019.

The Hill reports:

CNN reported that lawyers for the department, along with attorneys representing the House Ways and Means Committee, said in a joint filing Wednesday that “they have had communications, and anticipate further communications, that may inform Defendants’ position in this case.”

The request is the latest move in the House’s lawsuit against the Treasury Department to enforce a subpoena for Trump’s taxes that the Treasury Department declined to comply with while Trump was in office.

DOJ lawyers said earlier this month that they would not object to a move by Trevor McFadden, a federal district judge in Washington, D.C., to extend his order through April 2 that requires the Treasury Department to give Trump’s personal lawyers 72 hours’ notice before providing the former president’s tax returns to the Ways and Means Committee.

However, lawyers for the House committee said that any additional time granted to the administration to make its decision on the tax returns “should be limited, given how long the Committee’s request has been stymied.”

Trump has fiercely fought against turning over his tax returns, breaking from precedent.

  1. House democrats should spend their time worrying bout our country and not their hatred of a past President who was and is well loved. He did more to help this country and I think they should take a lesson and they to do the same.

    1. Worry about the country? Democrats? Highly unlikely, since every indication is that they are trying to take the country down. Bankrupt it, make as many people as possible dependent on the government, kill jobs. You can bet that DOJ isn’t looking to protect Trump. The entire executive branch has been weaponized against Trump.

  2. I would far rather Biden be made to take a complete physical than to see President Trump’s tax returns!

      1. I’d bet the Delaware Dunce’s criminal profits are far outside the U.S. Income Tax Code. I’m thinking the Cayman Islands or Singapore.

      2. we already know he lied about how much he was getting from Burisa, just to avoid child support. Now they really need to look into all his finances/bank accounts world wide. Including China and any payments that included the BIG GUY.

      3. Why stop at the Biden’s, I’d like to see the Obama’s and the Clinton’s Maxine Waters Adam Schiff and so on, I mean these Spawns of Satan all became Mulit-Millionaire’s from a Government Salary???

        1. Not from a government salary, but from government connections. These humongous spending items are made to order for graft and corruption.

        2. Well, now that President Trump’s taxes have been forced into public view, even though there is NO law that requires it, I suggest WE THE PEOPLE demand to see the tax returns of every politician that ever runs for election, or re-election, from this day forward and should any of them refuse, then let’s NOT allow their name on any ballot. Two CAN play that game.

          1. You just sounded like me.
            Good for you.
            Let us ask for the 2020 Tax Returns of all elected officials, starting with the U.S. Attorney General. All the way down to the School Boards, Sherriffs and JPs.

    1. Maybe a few returns from The Biden Crime Family too.Also Clintons and Dr. “Tony Two Mask” Faucci

  3. just one question: Obama never produced a birth certificate so why should Trump produce tax returns??? birth certificate to prove place of birth per Constitution is far more important than any tax return… agree

  4. DOJ protecting DJT? I wouldn’t bet on it! They are probably doing a triple review to make sure they don’t miss a thing that might be incriminating or questionable!

  5. The DOJ don’t want to be put-in a position in future, where they have to turn in ‘tax-documents’ on each & every, demon(c)rat & Re-pubic-c#%+, evertime, some-other corrupt politician demands it…❓

    1. Seems like the corrupt politicians want the tax return. If the tables were turned they would shut up. Republicans need to turn the tables on them all in every sinario.

  6. All the Democrats on the House Committees demanding Trump’s Tax Returns should also submit their tax returns for the American People to examine! Then we will see the tax cheating Democrats at work to screw over everyone else!

  7. I have never seen this much HATE coming from a Political Party…ever! The demented Democrats are still out of control — even though P.T. is out of office. You’d think they would back off and give him some slack, but they are OBSESSED about trying to destroy our President. Why is that?

    My guess is because the Dems are worried that President Trump might just find his way back into the White House soon. They are going to do anything they can to destroy P.T.’s reputation so Americans won’t support him. Good luck with that. Most Trump supporters are in it for the long ride all the way back to the White House!

    1. You are right and that’s why they won’t let up. They are scared to death of his chances in 2024!

    2. Perhaps the Demoncrats should take a closer look at Biden’s records. Now there’s a real crook for you!!! They are still trying to kill a dead horse. They have tried everything else and nothing worked. Time to realize that this has nothing to do with Trump’s taxes. What a bunch of corrupt losers these Dems are!!!

  8. The democrats want to show how much money Donald Trump made so they can say that he only cares about himself. Donald Trump was successful in business long before becoming President Trump. He never took a paycheck while in office. His concern was putting America first. His ability to keep his promises to the American people through four years of continuous assaults built on lies was incredible. Trying to ruin him is what matters to those who hate him. These people have sold America out to domestic and foreign influence at the expense of the American people who they detest.

    1. The first President I can remember on either side, who cared about our country and the people and put us first — and I remember a few Presidents!!

    2. We don’t need to investigate a billionaires that became a elected officials. We need to investigate elected officials that become billion or millionaires.

  9. Leave that wonderful man alone…..he did more good for America than most Presidents ever have. You should be thankful he was our President for 4 years. And I am looking forward to his next 4 years.

  10. The House Democrats Should Send Them Selves On A one Way Trip To China Sins They Like Communist So Dam Much The dam traters from hell.

  11. Did CHEATER Joe Biden list his “bribes from the Chinese Communist and Ukraine for his income taxes because it is part of his personal income tax, isn’t it”??????? Maybe we should demand his taxes be released too!!!! Food for thought for the free American people!!!!!!!!

  12. The Biden Family has a bunch of skeletons in their closets and probably lots of incriminating documents. The fact that both Joe and Hunter had close relationships with people in the CCP would make us wonder “HOW LEGAL ANY OF THOSE DOCUMENTS/RELATIONSHIPS WERE”?

    If there is any digging into tax returns, etc., they need to start digging in Joe and Hunter’s paperwork files. I guarantee they would find so much incriminating documents they could cover the columns of the White House!

    Hey! Who still has Hunter’s Computer from that repair shop? Bet there is tons of incriminating evidence on there!

  13. I have heard NO lawful requirement for Trump to make his tax returns public for any reason – any more than my own personal tax returns are required to be made public. If I have been charged with a crime of some sort, then MAYBE those returns might be required by a prosecutor to help establish and prosecute a criminal charge that has been made public. Just what has Donald Trump been charged with, so that his tax returns MUST be made public?

    1. And the lawyers asking for his returns would violate the law to show his records to the media. He is a private citizen, and all they are trying to do is go on a fishing expedition, trying to find something to use against him.

  14. Why the fuss since obama’s taxes, information about his university studies or his private life before running for prez. were never shown to the public.

  15. Does the request for Trumps tax returns violate the 4th ammendment? Not sure how this applies to papers held by a government agency that a person has no choice but to supply Tax returns. I feel they should still be protected in this situation.

  16. 2022 cannot get here fast enough because we are going to clean the house of these fools and restore some sanity to our government.

    1. Do you think the democrats aren’t going to use the same process to steal more seats? They are trying to pass legislation to make it impossible to insure a fair and honest election.

      1. If those braying jackazzes can cheat why can’t conservatives? Want to play dirty so can we. Main point is how to use racism against them. It doesn’t mean much anymore so it is up for anyone.

  17. The DOJ must consist of mostly of Biden/Obuma/Clinton-Democrat lawyers b/c they certainly don’t investigate the treason crimes their own party commits.

  18. In the meantime, we demand to see Pelosi’s tax returns, and Schumer’s, and Joe Biden’s, and Hunter Biden’s, Harris’, all three Clintons’, AOC’s, and both Obamas’.

  19. IF Pres. Trump has to supply 10 years of back income tax paperwork, so should Biden and every member of Congress

  20. Instead of fooling around with Trumps tax return, why you dummies don’t go to the Border and stop these illegals from coming into our Country. For God sake, leave President Trump alone, he is gone, do you main to tell me he is still under your skin, now that’s what I call POWER. It is time you all earn your money by doing something for the Country.

  21. President Trump actually did his job and did it well. The Democrats don’t know how to do anything but slander, deceive, change laws, and steal elections.

  22. Why don’t they spend time worrying about their own back yard? What about their man Al Sharpton? These evil people had crucified Trump enough and lets see Obama’s and how he got rich so fast. Let us see his college records. He had everything about him locked up so we can’t see it. Enough of Pelosi and the Democrats. Worms! Go after your buddy Biden.

  23. “Trump has fiercely fought against turning over his tax returns, breaking from precedent.” You know who has broken from precedent? The Dems. They are breaking precedent every time Joe signs a socialist/communist executive order. This whole administration has broken precedent since they walked into this stolen election.

  24. Yeah! I like to see all tax return on all the democrats in the senate congress, and the WH. I would love to know what they are hiding.

  25. Where are BHO’S Sealed Records??? He gets a free pass on this and can you imagine what is in those records if they are sealed. Heck he might have his Presidency wiped out as illegit

  26. Pardon me? Trump was a rich man lon before he came into office. Old Hiden-Sliden-Biden got as rich as King Midas WHILE in office…doesn’t this say whose tax returns should be scrutinized?


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