Former Trump Communications Director Joining CNBC as Contributor

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Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has a new television gig.

Scaramucci, who was often referred to as “The Mooch”, lasted just 10 days in the Trump White House during July of 2017.

According to a report from The Wrap, Scaramucci appeared on CNBC Monday morning on “Squawk Box” to talk about cryptocurrency. The network labeled him a “CNBC CONTRIBUTOR” on the chyron.


CNBC didn’t respond to The Wrap’s request for comment.

Scaramucci, a financial adviser by trade, was terminated from the White House in 2017 after he went through a full-blown meltdown and launched attacks on fellow White House employees, including then-White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

According to the BBC:

Then just a week after being named, he launched a strongly worded attack on Mr Priebus, calling him a “paranoid schizophrenic” in a conversation with a reporter.

In the same phone call, he also directed profanity-laced insults at Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Mr Scaramucci later tweeted his regret at the “colourful language”, but the damage had already been done.

In the same week, reports also emerged that his wife, Deidre Ball, had filed for divorce. The New York Post said she was fed up with his “naked political ambition”.

After getting the ax, the Mooch pulled a 180-degree turn on his support for Trump.

He told MSNBC he “applauded” President Trump for unifying the country, but “it just happens to be against him.”

Scaramucci eventually joined the recently embattled group the Lincoln Project whose sole goal in 2020 was to deny Donald Trump a second term in the White House.

      1. So MSNBC is the perfect landing for him. He’s already an experienced loud-mouth liar with few functioning brain cells.

  1. Reminds me of the Bond film, ” … Golden Gun”. Too sure of himself to compete with an equal or better.


  3. We have always mhad loudmouths around who want to destroy whatev3er is ethical, good or moral. Fox’s business plan post Trump os to put such people on a pedestal.

  4. The Mooch was more likeable as a Trump supporter. Even Benedict Arnold had support. We found out the hard way it was from the wrong side. Joining the Fake News seems about right for the Mooch. If you don’t like liars, cheats or thieves…You can add moochers to the list.

  5. expect to watch him whine trying to rationalize bad Democrat policies destroying the economy.

  6. Scaramooch, Scaramooch,”can you do the Fandango? Check out the “operas”. This little weasel is a TOTAL LOSER! What a POOR “excuse” for a man. A TURNCOAT who has no PRIDE, ETHICS or morals. WHAT a “SNAKE”! He’s proved himself & what “he” stands for, by going to the “WONDERFUL” anti-Trump “network”.Since “Trump” is silenced, LETS “see” where these “talking heads ” are gonna go! DOWN THE SHUTES for “ratings”! WHO CARES ABOUT SLEEPY JOE? China, Iran, Russia & N. Korea DO!

  7. People like “The Mooch” are the kind that move up the ranks quickly in Federal Law Enforcement….
    1. Good Talker
    2. Good B.S.’er
    3. And most importantly… looks good in a Brooks Brother’s suit!!!
    (Being a good agent who puts bad people in jail is least important attribute.)

  8. I haven’t subscribed to globalist media, cable or direct tv or dish etc for 14 years, F globalists and F globalist media !

  9. How much a year will globalist puppet $oro$ pay globalist puppet moochele to suck his dick and preach globalist agendas, globalist puppet moochele better turn mormon because globalist puppet barry soetoro will be wanting moochele too as long as he has a dick . . . . .

  10. CNBC will do just about anything to attract even a few viewers. Oh well, that’s the American way.

  11. This guy is a JERK and a back stabbing one at that..He will be perfect over at cnbc..That is his level.. TRUMP IS COMING BACK!!!! COUNT ON IT!!!!!


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