SCOTUS Dismisses Suit Over Trump Blocking Critics on Twitter

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The Supreme Court voted to dismiss a lawsuit that claimed former President Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking some critics of his on the popular social media platform Twitter.

The Hill reports:

The lawsuit arose in 2017 after Trump’s social media account blocked seven people who had tweeted criticism of the president in comment threads linked to his @realDonaldTrump Twitter handle, which has since been banned on the platform.

Lower federal courts found that Trump’s Twitter account, where he often weighed in on official matters, constitutes a public forum and that blocking his detractors violated their constitutional free speech protections.

Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday wrote a 12-page opinion concurring with the court’s dismissal of the case.

        1. Brain cells for the still deranged obviously are in short supply. Shows that most, especially after a few months of the fake president showing his real agenda not the one he promised, to realize their mistake in supporting the dim wits who are liars, cheaters, and thieves.

          The dim wits know no other way to win with their horrible leftist platform other than lying, cheating, stealing. Their platform that definitely perpetuates the old KKK Plantation reformed to welfare, abortion, etc. in the 50-60’s per the Johnson revival for civil rights for blacks and their votes. The dim wits are still at heart the clansmen just now a bit more minorities for show in the mix.

          Even the BoweL Movement can support the KKK of today with some monetary incentives thrown in for their leaders and special members.Same applies to Antifa. I name them all the Soros’ Brownshits. And I did not misspell that last word. Taking after Hitler since Soros is a devout worshipper of Hitler since he was there stripping his own folks, the jews, of their wealth and seeing them off to the death camps. That was the beginning for Soros as a teen still old enough to know the criminal he worshipped. And I am still asking who let him in the door but then it is obvious it was dim wits. They have a very symbiotic relationship with Soros and his ilk. They profit greatly when dim wits are in charge!

          1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it. I know Trumpets are the least educated in the population but give it a try.

          2. You are a perfect disciple of the deranged and dishonorable left,
            accusing and calling other people, the same thing of what they are!

    1. You should be happy if that’s what you think it is. To us conservatives, it’s human waste but it’s brain matter for you liberals.

    2. PLEASE! How happy are you really with this fake government we are dealing with? Can’t believe because they bribe you with a little money, which in the end they get back with high gas prices, higher grocery prices, taking orders and being told what to do in what once was FREE COUNTRY. HOW HAPPY ARE YOU REALLY?

      1. Excellent question, but as we can see loony liberal socialists are never happy. They hate everything and everyone who loves America and hatred turns to bile in their bellies and rot in their bones.

        1. Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Do you hear any Democrat advocating we eliminate the stock market? Get a new dictionary, dude.

          1. Completely right, D. Richard. What we are seeing is not Marxian socialism but National Socialism, where the regime leaves the illusion of the institutions in place but intimidates the leaders into toeing the party line or else.

          2. Great explanation showing the distinction between Marxian Socialism and National Socialism. Thank you!!

    3. Trump garbage? You must really like the bumbling, stumbling POS we have now: open borders, higher taxes, cancelling the pipeline leading to higher energy costs, rejoining the Paris Accord, etc. Could you please explain why you like all those things? Maybe you can convince us

      1. GC is a typical libtard brainwashee, influenced to react minus facts or critical evaluation. When they cannot quote facts, they sling vile epithets and labels at perceived opponents. A prefrontal lobotomy might quiet his seizures.

          1. Hey I like that term too! Can I use it too? My wife keeps calling me a dirty bastard I need it to prove to her at least 1 part of me is clean. HaHa!

        1. yep, NOT enough grey cells up there and that’s why they are FRUSTRATED no matter “what” and ALL the time – would Frustrate me too…..!!!

        2. The libs have done a better job managing the economy than the Republicans over the last 100 years and you can actually research that fact.

      2. He blames ALL of America that he has LITTLE education and NO job or a job that pays PENNIES……NOTHING ever CHANGES for “STOOPID”, NO matter “who” is president, or HATES the one that did GOOD for all of us, and LOVES the one who does “SHEET” and wasn’t even “elected”…….

        1. Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Do you hear any Democrat advocating we eliminate the stock market? Get a new dictionary, dude.

    4. You think that because you are brain washed and that makes you brain dead. No offense but you are just plain stupid. Sorry.

    5. Ms or Mr Calhoun…what has Trump DONE or NOT done for you to say that about him? There is NO sarcasm in my question! I would just like you to EXPRESS your thoughts about this, OK? Thanks!

      1. So, you think that he can “THINK”, has “thoughts” on his own…..DOUBT that very much…..he has to CIRCLE BACK to his DEAR party members for HELP…..

    6. We don’t know, why are you getting this………is someone holding a gun to your head? Take your TDS and anger somewhere it will be appreciated………..we don’t!
      The real POS is the current idiot President in the Whitehouse! He has done so many destructive things since coming in office in January I don’t want to bore everyone by trying to list them all. You are an idiot and don’t understand or you surely would not be complaining about DJT! Get lost you pathetic creep!

    7. The question is really “why did you open the link to read the article”? Just asking”. You certainly have the right to choose what you care to read. I thought this knowledge would help you in the future.


    9. So glad that parrots like you can unashamedly support a puppet president devoid of any intellect and manipulated by his America hating handlers to do their bidding. Sounds like you just poked your head from under that rock of derangement. Now take a breath of that fresh air called freedom and self responsibility to remove the shackles from mother government running you life and beliefs.

    10. Why don’t you just get the HeII out of here and put your head back up your posterior where it spends all its time anyway.

    11. Why, thank you. That you are pissin’ your diddies tells the rest of us that Trump did everything right.

    12. Gerry Calhoun….the only GARBAGE that I can see on this site are your words. If you don’t agree…go someplace else. But if your side prevails…you will not have any place to go to be happy. The gov. will have your property, your wealth, your healthcare and all you deem near and dear. And you won’t live long enough to see it changed either. If you like Marxism and Communisim move to China or Russia but get out of our hair. You are making knots in it.

    13. Rub China Joes hairy legs Gerry , maybe you will stir his mashed potato brain , you piece of garbage

    14. I see you have totally lost your flippen mind if you are on board to what is being done by your BAFOON president….Gerry you need to get your HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS and wake the f–k up and look at what this BAFOON is doing to this country and everyone in it. If you think that this is BETTER than what a REAL PRESIDENT FOR THE PEOPLE has and can accomplish you need your head examined.

    15. TRUMP 2024 if your suffering from grave mental Health issues pray you get Help. Trump is a Real America best President in the History of the USA. They knew it in High School the Man is most impressive Man in America.

    16. Poor Gerry – must have a limited vocabulary. No surprising most Democrats do.Their leader often drifts off into la-la land!

  1. Too little – too late! The Roberts Supreme Court is a disgrace to the United States. Roberts should be impeached and discarded, along with all the other anti American social garbage of the 21st Century.

    1. What does Roberts have hanging over his head? Odd that he has been outed as a pedophile and has illegally adopted two children. He’s right in the middle of the human trafficking malady that has wrapped it’s tentacles around the criminal Left.

  2. Wow how big of the Supremes . A big joke like this is even of any importance , Perhaps the overseeing the fraud in the election would have been of a major concern U think?

    1. Maybe you should read what Chris Krebs and Attorney General Barr said about the election. Trump lied and you were the dope that got duped.

  3. The Supremes should now focus on VOTER FRAUD and give President Trump another WIN..!! The evidence is there….!!

  4. PRESIDENT Trump doesn’t have any “critics” – only SWORN ENEMIES! A critic has SOME merit to their criticism and perhaps suggestions on how to do something better. But the people continually ATTACK PRESIDENT Trump without any merit – they LIE CONSTANTLY against him which makes them more like sworn enemies! I would respect a critic more than I do these LIARS!

    1. It depends on “WHAT” so-called critics said…MAYBE a lot of BAD Language – NAME calling…well, then they should NOT have any chance of “winning” anything, especially NO lawsuits…..

  5. Sometimes when the Supreme Court makes a decision like this it’s because they really don’t want to have to deal with the case they could be coming down the pike and they see it. But they have set themselves up by this ruling. Do you notice how in the article it said that the judges in the lower courts ruled that Trump’s Twitter feed counted as “a public forum“. If that were the case, then Twitter itself would not be able to have cut off Trump’s Twitter account. Which would basically mean that even though something is privately owned like Twitter is, That the courts could exercise massive amounts of control over it. This Supreme Court does not want to create that future possibility. That’s why they ruled the way they did.

  6. Slowly the proof is coming out. Not soon enough to invalidate the rigged machines and the illegal ballots,I fear, but information is coming out.Will there be enough to overturn this tragedy” . I watched Mike Lindell’s expose’ on OAN yesterday. Very compelling. Catch it if you can, there is a lot of proof that the Algorithms were set up to change votes. For you naysayer liberals I dare you to seek out the expose’. It was on several times on Sunday. Not a word of denial from Dominion. The owner of Dominion is in hiding somewhere in The Dominion of Canada.

    1. The Military got the server that was in Germany. It shows exactly how Dominion switched the votes from Trump to Biden. Will be revealed when the time is right. Trump will be our President again. God is in control and God wins!

  7. Four years of democrats mental illness criticizing President Trump as he lifted all people from the narrative of hope and change. That hope crap meant nothing. Western communism raised its ugly head. Now the corrupted election has reinstated that socialist cabal hijacking the government. Weaponized speech containing fabricated evidence from the left deserves nothing constructive.

  8. The Supreme Court is that far behind about helping Trump? Shame on them! They should have been addressing the violation of state election laws and then Trump would still be President!

  9. Glad to read “Supreme Court win…”, but where is the opinion. I see you quoted the opposition plaintiff’s position, but where is the opinion?

  10. That SHOULD have been an EASY WIN!!! WHY did it take them 4 yrs to come up with what SHOULD have been decided LONG AGO!!!

  11. Facebook and You tube are also public forums And how many people have been booted off these two media outlets because they posted good arguments against the Left’s Agenda.You can rant and rave all you want on Facebook and YounTube but if you go against the Lefts Socialist direction with good well thought out facts and figures they will close you down.. They don’t want anyone posting things that might show their inept Agenda..

  12. This was a no-brainer…if they had found differently that would have been beyond all reason. However nothing scotus could do would surprise me.

  13. Trump has an atrocity as legate has stolen the welfare us by bipartisan act tax cut Dec 23, 2017 out 3/4 bicameral legislative to can impose on 50 state. And Trump has allowed Pence done installed 117th Congress with 435 Reps & 33 Sens from 100 integrated to them counted & certified the votes of those 538 electors appointed by ballot drop mail USPS federal felony is not elect them and appointed those 538 electors to them vote to elect US president Biden’s Obama for immunity to Stolen 3rd Terms & VP Kamala isn’t He Man US jurisdiction. USA republic representative to survive has to requires to US JCS Military & Militias to Call Update News General Election Day to preserve the inalienable rights of the optional secret vote will cast by the ID voters to fill out the ballot only inside precincts of polls for suffrage, which’s act & duty to protect the security to a free state it’s the guarantee to preserve our freedom & justice and to work of the democracy institutional life before the written constitution of founded USA republic representative, today was breached in Jan 6, 2021 and USA is dead already to dissolved.

  14. Who gives a crap about Twitter at this point? Our nation was stolen and the Supremes have set the record straight on social media mores. So what???!?

  15. Guess who funded the research that brought The sars virus to the covid virus in months instead of the standard animal to human jump that takes five years

  16. Alert: In Coral Gables beautiful city’s  collect the garbage & recycle it manually, now they’re in exotic reelection of candidates incumbent for themblooking to  they renew their employment now competing with insulting each other before vicious elective fraud in election Coral Gables by ballot drop mail scan at April 13, 2021 before platform subversive of the Syndicate bipartisan cartel conservative & liberal elite of American Federal Monarchy Reichstag made by ballot drop mail USPS federal felony to assaulter USAGov was in Jan 6, 2021. allowed by Trump to Pence installed apocrypha 117th Congress. USA republic representative now it’s cease, and trouble and to a free state to must requires to US JCS Military & Militias to call update general election day to the ID voters cast your optional secret vote will to fill out the ballot only inside poll for suffrage. Or USA republic is already to dissolved.

  17. Well, now it’s “safe” to rule in his favor because Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have banned him and he’s out of office and out of Washington. You can have your rights so long as you do not challenge the established order.

  18. Now they need to look at the Election Fraud cases which are extant and stop hiding behind their gavels.

  19. If the liberals will open their eyes and look at what the liberal media has projected they will see that, in his first hours of election he was signing blank papers and asking what he was signing. That’s just an example he does not answer questions from the media without them being screened first. He cannot think off the cuff do you research Gerry instead of being programmed . Look at all the facts. An educated person will look at different opinions and research the facts then make an educated statement . I would suggest to all people in social media to discontinue Twitter Facebook all of the censored social media outlets at once and cause them to crash .

  20. On one hand Trumps account constitutes a public forum.
    On the other hand Trumps account is banned.
    The socialists are brain damaged.

  21. There are smart constitutional judges on the Supreme Court. Glad they are looking at the people who are really offending those who speak out on the truth. The left can’t hide the truth and will try anything to suppress it.

  22. We will soon find in time, the 2020 election was stolen. At one point prior to November 3, 2020, Biden said “We got the best voter fraud organization!”. A slip of the tongue, I think not. Joe is very capable of letting the cat out of the bag. Voter integrity is the number one need of our Banana Republic and than term limits.

  23. “Lower federal courts found that Trump’s Twitter account, where he often weighed in on official matters, constitutes a public forum and that blocking his detractors violated their constitutional free speech protections.”

    This is precisely what hair brained Twitter owner and Facebook owner Berg of Zucker did to President Trump by de-platforming him. They both violated President Trump’s constitutional free speech protections.

    SCOTUS should have issued a ruling, since the case was of national importance, not just for the parties involved in the case, but other future parties. ROBERTS PASSING THE BUCK – KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE STREET.



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