These Democrats are the Least Effective Lawmakers in Congress

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The Center for Effective Lawmaking, a nonpartisan joint project of Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia, has revealed the most and least effective lawmakers in the 116th Congress. The project named Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Tom Cotton as the most effective lawmakers based on the number of bills they introduced that ultimately became laws. However, Democrats did not earn that same praise as many of its most notorious members were proven to be some of the least effective elected officials in Congress. It seems while Democrats may be good at making headlines and getting into heated Twitter feuds they aren’t so talented at their actual jobs.

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  1. List of least effective Dems, eh? The list was quite short and I can think of many more Dems who qualify for the list, can’t we all! Pukes are they, every single one of the Constitution hating hypocrites!

  2. Are there no decent Patriots to run for office in the whole United States to replace these rotting, diseased, old, dying carcasses???? This is an embarrassment to our country!!

    1. Once these people get into office they never want to leave. Yes, other people step up and run but most times the votes get split. This just happened in CA, I believe. Also, name recognition goes a long way, and the Republican party always backs the incumbent.
      People complain, then they go out and vote for the same person familiar to them.

      1. If being a “public servant” was truly hard work, these lifer bureaucrats wouldn’t still be doing it when they were 80+ years old.
        And you’re spot on (again 😉 that we complain and then turn right around and vote for them again.

        1. Parasites bleeding the country dry by any and all means while telling you what a good job they are doing for you.. Then how you should reelect them because they know the ropes and have your interest at heart. Laughing all the way to the bank with your and bribe money from China and many others. Amazing how many average people go there and come out millionaires. Screw them all.

          1. D.C. politics is a dirty situation with lobbyists ready to line pockets for favors rendered. It takes a strong person to say no because “money talks”! Many and maybe most idealist politicians lose their souls for dirty money! That’s one reason we should ALL be involved and stay involved!

      2. I am afraid it is a case of people not taking time and going to a little trouble to vet all the candidates to see “who” they are and “what” they represent. People who keep abreast of what is going on realize the seriousness of our responsibility in selecting the right people to represent us in local, state and national government! Sometimes, no matter how hard we try we “waste” our vote on a bad candidate. We just have to kick them out and move on! We must all be involved and stay involved! America’s future depends on it! Right?

    2. And the “young” prospects out there are even worse than the old, dying carcasses that spawned them!!!!!

      1. Correct! The young politicians are products of our far left education system and taught by commie professors!

    3. Very good question, Kelly! The Dems are a lost and hopeless cause and I am very concerned about Republicans!

    1. I certainly agree we need term limits. Now try to figure out how you will get legislators to put them into law when they all want to stay in power until they die. They have a sweet job package with great perks. Pelso is 80 , worth an estimated $100 million and feeds off the power she has. She is typical of the rest of them in many ways.

      1. We know Congress will never pass it. The only other way I know of would be through a convention of states.. They could write it and pass it so it would have to be added, as law, but it would take 34 states to make it law, and the last I heard there were only 19 so far,4 states have passed term limit applications specific to term limits, and 15 states have passed term limits as part of a multi subject application. In order to eliminate any legal uncertainty the COS is fighting to pass a single subject term limits application, in 34 states. The quickest and easiest way would be for it to be put on the ballot so the people could vote on it, but Congress will never allow that. We should all try to contact our state legislators, to propose a bill for single subject term limits application for the members of Congress to have term limits.

  3. Democrats do enough damage as it is….
    Maybe it’s a good thing they aren’t writing even more damaging legislation.

  4. I think you could add a few more…Romney, Murkowski, Blunt, Collins, Lee, Portman, Toomey, Wicker etc. Least effective as Republicans, most effective as Democrats.


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