Schumer Delivers Horrible News About the Filibuster

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats will be able to use reconciliation to pass President Biden’s massive multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. It’s a major win for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who will be able to pass the massive bill by revising the fiscal 2021 Budget Resolution.

Townhall reports:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday night that current Senate rules on reconciliation will allow Democrats to pass President Joe Biden’s $2.5 trillion infrastructure spending package without Republican support. In other words, Republicans can’t successfully filibuster the bill and Democrats only need 51 votes to get it passed.

“The Parliamentarian has advised that a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions. This confirms the Leader’s interpretation of the Budget Act and allows Democrats additional tools to improve the lives of Americans if Republican obstruction continues. While no decisions have been made on a legislative path forward using Section 304 and some parameters still need to be worked out, the Parliamentarian’s opinion is an important step forward that this key pathway is available to Democrats if needed,” a spokesman for Schumer released Monday.

While Republicans have opposed Biden’s “infrastructure” spending spree that reads like the Green New Deal, Democrats are also opposing the bill.

  1. Ah, the sun still shines :^( While figures never lie, there are PLENTY of liars who know how to FIGURE !!!

      1. god continues to bless; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. Yes, and 245 years ago we threw out another scum king. Let’s hope history repeats itself in next year’s midterms.

          1. You have NO hope of EVER again getting rid of the corrupt Democrats and their power grabbing globalist masters after they find a sure pathway to passing the HR1 Bill thru their fraudulent (election rigging) takeover of the Senate!

    1. If globalist puppet schumer wasn’t scum, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ wouldn’t and couldn’t have appointed globalist puppet schumer .

  2. You mean we just have another simple majority like the House so why have a Senate if they are the same.

    1. I learned if 4th grade civics that the Senate is composed of two representatives from each state, elected to six-year terms, as opposed to the House, where representation is roughly proportional to the population of each state and representatives are elected to two-year terms. They are NOT the same.

      The Senate didn’t always have a filibuster rule; when they did adopt one, it required a Senator to speak continuously to prevent passage of the bill (see “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”). Now all they have to do to “filibuster” is say the word. Isn’t government taught in school anymore?

      1. Nowadays, legislators bend rules to pay and play…
        They prefer to twist accounting rules to accomplish budget-buster agendas rather than fili-buster the bad agendas!

    1. I would say that it has no meaning now.
      Barry 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam =3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  3. IDIOT! you cannot reconcile the budget of a former president with a sitting president! the sitting president has to pass his own budget, before any reconciliation of his budget is even possible! right now we are operating under former president Trumps 2021 budget, until September 1, 2021. Thus he needs 60 votes!

    1. schumer is nothing but a overpaid underworked ( WE THE PEOPLE TAXPAYER LEECH) distraction, I’m sure mr.know it all, knows this but is hoping the distraction will make it happen.

  4. WTF? How can a democrat talk about obstruction?
    That’s all they do!
    They are only interested in fleecing the taxpayers for their scewed up policies,that are only designed to make them richer!
    Just like pelosi,invested in electric cars. Is anyone surprised that commifornia is trying to push for only electric vehicles to be sold in the state after 2035?
    BTW, the commifornia electric grid can’t support more electric vehicles.
    Not only that,but there’s a toxic disposal crisis down the road,when the batteries are no longer useable.
    Stupid is as stupid does, that’s the theiving, conniving demonrats!

    1. I disagree with you about the Mafia.
      At least the Mafia made sure there were jobs and with jobs came money for the people.
      Democrats are corrupt, money laundering bastards and doing it with American tax dollars.
      The mob kept these rotten dogs in line!!
      Pelosi’s family bought the Presidio in Cali.
      Research how much they paid and how you the taxpayer is going to clean it up
      so they can develope it and make tons and tons of money!!

      1. Everything the dim wits want is for them not the people. And if anyone besides them benefits it is of the Soros’ ilk. The donors are connected to all the supply lines now wide open to rape the American public. Don’t assume anything they do is beneficial to us, their constituents.

        And the week blight of rinos in the congress are WORTHLESS and accept their share of this bill passing nightmare. This bill will lead to massive lawsuits and the constitution protects the states’ rights. I just hope slimy Schmucky can’t push it through at all. Of course this means the rinos are his weak point that he needs to make deals with them to have them stab this country in the back again.

  5. So much for Biden’s “unity”. Once again, the Democrats strike deals for themselves and screw the American taxpayers. Had enough yet?

    1. Had enough after the first “sign fest” day Biden had in office. Doubt he’d read any of what he signed. Had he read it he wouldn’t have understood it.

      1. Obama had all those executive orders written and ready as soon as Biden got in. Joe is just a puppet who signs whatever Obuma and Pathetic Pelosi put in front of him. They all must go now somehow to save our country.

  6. It is now time to hang the lousy communist democrat bastard Schumer by his slimy neck in New York town square in front of the cuomo waps office

  7. if this dummy, would work as hard for the WE THE PEOPLE, and not so hard trying to GRANDSTAND SCREW OVER the WE THE PEOPLE,things would be much better, I think he is a VERY CORRUPT senator, and should be locked up for THREATENING the scotus, he is a TREASONOUS TRAITOR , a CCP/BIDEN virus.

  8. Typical bipartisan joking from dishonest Democrats. Their way or no way on anything. Can you imagine the screams had the GOP used these same tactics during 2017-2018 when they were in control? One hopes that Schumer, Pelosi, and all their comrades are digging their own political grave.

    1. I hope for that too, but somehow they always seem to survive. Like the yellow jackets you can never kill regardless of how many times you swat at them. Disgusting.

  9. his idea of improving peoples lives is to tax us and tax us and tax us. You know the money isn’t going to come from the multi-billionaires not a chance nor will it come from Schumer or any other politician. The demos will exempt themselves just as they always have they have full pensions no social security for them they get lifetime health care no medicare for them

  10. Isn’t the fraudulent use of accounting rules; to implement partisan agendas, an abuse of power?

      1. .. I know they don’t, but didn’t they all pretend to care, when they approved the CARES act?

        … Frivolous Impeachment in Somber chagrin!
        .. Smh, they should try to remain sober!

          1. A truer statement has never been told…
            Not-C Nancy, shakes her fist like Adolph…

            If we don’t humble ourselves and pray, they will get worse…

  11. But the fools (dems) haven’t figured out that although they tend to initiate the ‘dirty tricks’ and abuses, there is nothing to stop the Republicans from following their example. Each time the dims fare worse than the time before. IF the Republicans get the senate in ’22, this same stunt can be used, and watch the hypocritical dems scream bloody murder then, you’ll, think it was the first showing of Friday the 13th.

  12. People need to understand that what’s going on in our country now is strictly being run and guided by the DEVIL! There is no other explanation. For those who believe in the power of prayer, please pray and as our Lord to protect us and our country. This is just the beginning.

    1. That’s right!

      I don’t want to start preaching either , but to who has ears to hear.. let him hear a word to teach, to correct.

      ..Give Him thanks, in every circumstance and wait on Him to bring an end…

      It’s His battle, and we have to walk in love towards our enemy and speak the truth in love too.

      Fighting fire with fire, begets a wildfire..
      We can only overcome evil, with good..
      A gentle answer breaks the devils’ bones!

      It’s time to listen to, hear, and obey the Lord… and walk literally, in His word of Faith…
      True faith, not religion!

      Be careful not to follow the voice of a stranger, and believe not every spirit, so try the Spirits!
      I always ask, if it is Him…
      He is never deceived!

      1. Thank you Walter. I didn’t mean to come across “preachy” But, one only has to look how far we’ve gone off the cliff. Some of the things coming down the pike are not from the minds of humans.

        1. Thank you and you’re very welcome!
          Nope, you didn’t sound preachy, and I wanted to you to know I wasn’t preaching to the choir, just trying to help the other people reading it…

          By His grace, I’m at peace and resting in Him, but I also know, that many are not at peace…
          This is where the rubber meets the road and requires us to literally choose to trust and obey..

          I see signs, of the end times too!
          The Lord told me, I’ll see, when I asked Him, what was going on with America and the rest of the world, turning the corner… and darkness rising up!

          You have my respect…N.I.Girl!
          I apologize, if I failed to clearly communicate my intentions..

  13. Isn’t it interesting that the dems are always blaming the GOP for not letting them “get things done”? Perhaps the Left’s legislation ISN’T GOOD FOR OUR NATION NOR ITS PEOPLE?? DUH DEMONCRATS…do you ever research your actions before doing them? No? I’m not amazed!

    Those clueless Progressives are like small children in a candy shop whose Mother just gave them $20 to spend. What shall they get? How much? How can they get more candy for their buck? Why won’t Dad (GOP) give them more $$. How can the kids persuade Dad to give them more $$. What juicy tidbit can they use to intimidate Dad to fork over more $$?

    How about NOT screwing with our rules for passing bills, demonrats? Schumer is a schmuck. He’d sell his soul for a piece of candy!

  14. How about a senator and other elected persons HONORING THE OATH OF OFFICE by supporting and following the Constitution. If that was done this country would run like a top. WE THE PEOPLE means nothing to these people. They worry about kickbacks and furthering their net worth. I am elderly and I am in shock to find out how corrupt our elected officials have become. I know there are plenty who are great but I think they are warned and/or threatened to knuckle under. May God Bless and Heal our Country.

  15. Schummer is a disgusting, corrupt,anti American communist, who should have been removed from office years ago. They spent over 4 years opposing every bill President Trump wanted to pass, even while fabricating false stories to impeach him.The bills they are pushing are nothing more than pork , ways to line their own corrupt pockets and bleed taxpayers dry. Schumer, Pelosi, Schitf. along with the rest of the anti American, slime, in Congress are hell bent on destroying our Country and the American people. They must be brought to justice, ASAP

  16. None except tiny percentage is to help us 15% for the rebuilding of America the rest is port fat fir supporters at our expense. Democrats have money invested in electric cars they make a king like this with money in failing green energy bull shit. Thus is fast track to Globalist communism as planned. Out government a cancer against the very survival of the republic we are planning our total destruction as a once free people we are slaves to rigged election illegal governments now and forever. We live in a dictatorship forced upon us. They destroy our republic and we must lick their assholes instead of shoving a peace treaty branch up their communist asses .

  17. Chucky reeks like a State Fair outhouse. I would love to be a fly on the wall at his reckoning. A truly polished turd of a human.

  18. “Dirty” is a good description of more than just Schumer’s plan to get his horrendous bill passed. It’s also a perfect description for Schumer, himself.

  19. Schumer’s Ashkenazic ancestors would be appalled to find how this man in the abandonment of principle has fused with the ordure of swine. Wake up, Chuckie!

  20. Only GOD can save us from Satan’s minions and the evil they are doing to his country. However, I don’t believe God will until things get really bad. Remember what happened to the Jews in WWII. They weren’t rescued until millions had died. So I see things going from bad to worst until such time as God choses to intervene to save his believers from further punishment. We can only pray that day will come sooner rather than later. PRAY FOR THIS NATION.

    1. They play hopscotch with accounting rules, to take something off the floor and pass their agenda, but if GOP did it, there would be a war…

      Look how he publicly threatened two SC Justices and he’s still in office and not in prison!


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