Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden is reportedly creating a bipartisan commission to explore the possibility of expanding the number of Supreme Court justices on the bench or imposing term limits for justices. The move by Biden seeks to fulfill campaign promises he made to activists who were enraged when Trump nominated a third conservative justice to the Supreme Court. In October, Amy Coney Barrett was nominated and ultimately confirmed to the Supreme Court, giving the bench a conservative tilt. Barrett’s nomination reignited the age-old argument of court-packing which Biden never denied he would attempt to do if elected, not it seems liberals are getting their wish.

The White House  is set to release a statement that says the commission would examine “the genesis of the reform debate and the court’s role in the constitutional system; the length of service and turnover of justices on the court; the membership and size of the court; and the court’s case selection, rules, and practices.”

The New York Times reports:

In his executive order on Friday, the president will create a 36-member commission charged with examining the history of the court, past changes to the process of nominating justices, and the potential consequences to altering the size of the nation’s highest court.

The panel will be led by Bob Bauer, who served as White House counsel for former President Barack Obama, and Cristina Rodriguez, a Yale Law School professor who served as deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel under Mr. Obama.

People familiar with Mr. Biden’s selections for the commission said they expect some members to offer evidence promoting the benefits of making changes to the court, while others will emphasize the costs or consequences of altering the current method of selecting justices. Those discussions will be presented in the report, which is set to be finished in October.

In his order, Mr. Biden instructed the commission to hold public hearings on the issue and to accept testimony and submissions from other legal experts, organizations and members of the public who want to weigh in.

The New York Times reports that some of the conservative members of the commission will be: Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard Law School professor who was a top Justice Department official under former President George W. Bush; Adam White, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School; and Keith E. Whittington, a professor of politics at Princeton University who takes an “originalist” view of the Constitution.

    1. agree and why isnt obama charged for interfering with presidential duties by congress because freaking no brain joe will know anythg

  1. When are we going to realize that Biden is now a full fledged COMMUNIST, who never intended to unify anything? He’s a liar and a crook, and now suffering from dementia he’s also being manipulated by the worst of players from the Obama era. We must RESIST, lest we lose our beloved country.

  2. Biden is NOT the president nor is the Supreme Court that of the Republic nor does the demon-rats have the authority or abiity to change the court or anything else for that matter – except in a play but NOT in the governent of this nation. The former criminal cabal UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC corporation charter expired months ago and was not renewed. For several years the TRUE patriots of this nation were working on restoring the TRUE government, the Republic, which was successfully accomplished, is operating in the background and the military swore in Trump as the President of the restored Republic and John F Kennedy Jr as the VP. The demon-rats are delusional and will be arrested shortly, tried for treason and executed where warranted. Otherwise the remainder of their sorryass lives will be sitting in a prison. You are seeing and hearing the traitors to our nation so you will know and understand why they will be gone shortly.

    1. I have seen the same thing you have mentioned. I saw a list that was very long of arrests that have been made and sentences that have been carried out. This list was my wish list and I sure hope that it is correct. There are a lot of politicians who have gotten away with crimes that I would have been put under the jail for and have to had sunshine pumped in to me.

  3. Mr Biden, once again looking to FUCK AMERICA, yet again. His Administration looking to change everything to go their way……..and against the American way…….my opinion. with all due respect, of course…….

  4. I do not agree with packing the courts. I do believe in age limits. Age 35 – 70. Age 35 because it gives them time to be a lawyer in the real world. End time age 70 because after that you slow down a lot and it is time to give another person a chance at a nice standard of living during retirement.

    1. The Constitution would have e ot be changed, which would set a precedent for liberals to continue ot attempt to change, e.g., rescind the 2 Amendment, alter the 1 Amendment, etc.

    2. Please show me where it’s written in any of the founding documents that one must be a lawyer to be appointed to the Supreme Court!!

        1. My grandmother was born in Ireland. I used to smirk when she pronounced the English word for attorney as “LIAR”! lol

  5. Biden didn’t cave in to the progressives. He always was one. This need to be stopped ASAP. How does he think he can change the Constitution?

  6. Damn Demoncrats are the true enemy of this country. They could care less about our laws until it benefits them and if it doesn’t then they twist everything until they think they can get away with their crimes. I am totally fed up with the damn Demoncrats. That is the party that needs to be classified as a terror organization.

    1. They are a divisive racist party intent on keeping as much as the population as possible on the “plantation” while they march to their communist/marxist agenda.

    2. All have done treasonous acts against our former president and his ppl in which he truly still is, they of Satan will go down soon we are all praying to God and the sooner the better. Thee elites need to be one of the first to go along with all of Barry’s ppl then work on the rhinos. The virus was made to do its job of mail in votes and to keep their hand on our heads to tell us what and when.
      This my Freind’s has been the biggest deceit of a cabinet. It has killed innocent ppl ruined lives bestowed untrust and race baited the ppl in the world. To bad it all didn’t work ppl are closer now then ever. They understand the radical regime of a take over. These same ppl are not letting the regime use them again for the majority in part.Gitmo is not big enough for all of the deep state. Their are so many on the take it’s preposterous. The devil runs deep and continues to suck these weak leaders in. Is their not men to whom can stand up for the ppl and this country like our forefathers have done. Other countries folded because of leadership. Our leaders are leading us to the same demise. Ppl it’s time to stand up and let’s take back our country before they kill more ppl and ruin more family lives. Our nations are laughing at us. We are supposed to be the leader of nations but we now are the leader of poop. Cause that’s who’s running this country poop

  7. Time for an Article 5 Convention. We need to pull this nation back to the Founders’ Original Vision for the nation. We are at a tipping point. We either head off the Democrat Marxist Crime Organization and their tampering with and revision of the Bill of Rights or we see a dissolution of the Union. There are a number of states already talking secession.

  8. is this now written in the constitution that the court has nine seats? this smacks of fdr move in the lat 30’s! they know they have lost the court, they used to foist this garbage on all americans for 6 decades! America as a whole is being raped of our freedom by our own government we all read what happened during the 1860’s! It’s bad enough Biden is a tool of the chinese govt, but this is tantamount to a dictator party with a D!

  9. Biden didn’t CAVE to anybody… He is just a PUPPET Run by Obama, SOROS and some other Globalist Left wingnuts….Everything he does is orchestrated by someone else….

  10. The FINAL destruction of the Republic is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those who voted for the idiot-in-chief oughta be real proud and once again proved history correct – NO world power has ever existed as a power for more than 200 years.

  11. biden did not cave to anyone, she is just doing what obama tells him to do and this CRAP is to open the door for obama and clinton to become un-just scotus judges, just more LIES and SMOKE and MIRRORS from the WHITE HOUSE D.C. dog and pony show.

  12. This is just another step in the liberal communist agenda to destroy America and control all Americans, while keeping them in control forever. They are traitors.

  13. This is such crap….China Biden didn’t “cave” to the Progressives; That implies that he actually has some opposition to them. Biden is a corrupt Marxist, I.e. Progressive. It’s not “caving” it’s intentional.
    Most Republicans do nothing but talk about all the crimes that the Democrats commit, then raise money off of them for their next election. News flash…Free and fair elections are over! The Republicans did nothing! Lindsey forfeited every opportunity to make a difference. All he does is talk and stab us in our backs. Then there’s the Judas’ like Pence, Romney, Merkowski, Collins and the rest of the RINOS who actually participated in destroying the Republic.

  14. Why 36 members on commission? If the members are so dam smart, I think 12 would be adequate. When decisions, by the Supreme Court, don’d go the way of the liberals, all hell breaks loose and the liberal force will find a way to adjust the findings. Why do we need a Legislative branch of Govt if the Supreme ruler can make and enact any law he so wishes? Send the Leg. members home for 4 years, think of the $’s we can save in Congress. They could be recalled to session any time they need to name a new bridge or structure. Bidden should be impeached immediately, there is clear evidence that he has violated numerous laws along with the rest of his crime family and we can return to a productive Republic. Not brain science correction.

  15. Why do they need a commission to investigate this. The only purpose of packing the court is to fill it with liberal judges. Why does that take a commission to figure it out. Either you capitulate to the dems or you don’t. That should take about one minute to figure it out.

  16. The Communist Democrats are making their move before next years elections .The dopey Republicans talk about winning the house and senate next year but the Communist Democrats are making sure that never happens.The Democrats stole the 2018 election and the 2020 election and are well equipted to steal next years election .

  17. These so-called “Trump Conservative Justices” to date have not been very Conservative. You certainly cannot count on them to back Conservative decisions! We do not need more justices.

  18. This “idiot” is trained like a dog except he can’t learn not to bite or not deficate in the White House! Hopefully SOON, good “ole Nancy will declare him “unfit” & laughing “Cackling Kamala”will be the next “flunko” How “strange” that “we” KNOW NOTHING about anything EXCEPT “what” the “trainers” CHOOSE to feed us. NONE of these “spokespeople” speak in complete sentences like “WE” do! Words have no meaning except in Roget’s book of synonyms. Somebody in the White House is using this book BIG TIME! Look up the word for CRISIS & you’ll find what good “ole Psaki is “attempting” to “circle back on” in White House press “briefings”.”THEY” have no answers & REFUSE to GIVE any! HOW can Biden “black out” the “press” OR tell “us” what we should & should not know? “THINK” that Trump could get away with this stuff? FAT CHANCE!!!

  19. It didn’t work for Roosevelt & it won’t work now! America “likes” 3 branches of Gov’t. Problem IS the Dems want ALL of it & will do ANYTHING to get it! John Roberts is their “ace in the hole”. Congress CANNOT ALLOW this! Packing the Court” is a “takeover” of EVERYTHING that America stands for. THREE SEPARATE entities, each with a job to do. So far, Pelosi is running the “show” with money being dispersed. Schumer is supposed to agree with all of this by getting rid of the “filiabuster”, RULE by “reconciliation” & move “it” all on for Biden to “sign”.Problem “is” that the Dems need 60 votes in Senate & “that ain’t gonna happen”. 51 “ain’t” gonna do it, Thank God!.Until Biden has a “nuke” up his ass, he’ll NEVER have “a clue”!In the meantime, we can kiss our rear ends goodbye.

  20. Don’t worry,
    Our republican bureaucrats…. the ones we get mail from every day asking for MONEY so that they can keep FIGHTING for you and me….. they won’t let this happen!!!
    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


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