House Republicans Introduce ‘No Vaccine Passport Act’

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden’s vaccine passport has already been met with fierce opposition by Republican lawmakers across the country. A series of governors have already enacted legislation that prohibits businesses and organizations receiving state funds from requiring proof of vaccination but Republicans in Washington are taking it a step further. Eighteen House Republicans introduced the “No Vaccine Passport Act” which will ban the federal government from demanding such documentation.

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  1. There are some of us that can’t take it because of health problems and we are penalized because of it. If it was such a great deal then why does CDC not recommend any meds for people that it COVID and can’t go to hospital to get help unless admitted because of breathing lung problem and must be admitted before help. Why do they want people to get deathly sick with pneumonia until they are ready to help? With this vaccine it now inhibits people that can’t take it from going into government facilities, military senior citizen communities and many other even unless you can show your id.

    1. They want You to have an ID. to get Vaccinated, but not to Vote.?? By the 03/24-21. 3.964. had died from the Vaccine. And the No.1. side-effect is (( DEATH )) It is nothing more than a Population Control Device w/a 12 ~14, Months Fuse. So your health problem might have saved your life. This Pandemic Was fabricated, But about a year from now You will see the Real Pandemic.It is Civid in the Vaccine, and on the Cotton tip of the swab the are using to test you for Covid, If you are infected, it will be in your saliva, no need to stick it up your nose all the way to your brain.I’ recommend you to bring your own clean Swab, (Long stem Q-Tip.)

    1. Good to see that somebody Knows!! Bill Gates had the Covid Patent way back in 2003. Patent No:20120251502. Bill Gates was Bragging that he already had made 200.BILLION from this Covid Vaccine. And Guess Who holds the patent on the Aids, HIV Virus.? David Rockefeller, Same reason, Population Control. !!

    2. It’s completely experimental. That’s why it’s been approved only for “emergency use”. anyone agreeing to get the vaccine, is agreeing to be a test animal.

      There are treatments for covid. No “vaccines” are necessary when there is treatment available.

      there is a 99.8% recovery rate.

  2. All this is for is to control the people.
    No one has ever had to carry their vaccine records anywhere they travel. If this doesn’t scare people, not sure what will?

    1. You are Spot On, Nothing but a Hitler style Scare Tacktick by the Left DeomlnRat-Pack. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, If you wanted to enter the US, You had to have a Vaccination Certificate, A Doctor came aboard to swab your noodle if you ware a man, and if you ware a lady, you know what I’ mean. to see if you ware clean from any STD’s. If you ware clean, You got a shore pass, Than, the Europeans start to do the same to the Americans, that practice Stopped on an instant, After that no more need a for prof of Vaccination.

  3. Sure glad to see that The Republicans are so much smarter than the DemonRats. A BIG thanks to those Representatives that was in the Know how about this whole Corona Scham. The Masterminds Behind the Covid fabrication will face a World Cort, and Military Tribunal in Hag, and Nurenberg. It is already in the Works

  4. Another stupid freaking Biden/Fauci trick to control US citizens, where we go , what we do and it will never end. The demented old bastard is controled by a select few socialists in our White House. Our only hope now is we geet some good conservative electrd in the mid term, and that may be too late. What can people be thinking to vote for this nut case, oh I forgot about Dominion!

  5. I didn’t see Kevin McCarthy’s name on the list… Where is the Republican “leadership”? How long will it take before they’re willing to stick their toes in to test the “No Vaccine Passport” pool? Is this going to be another case of the “leaders” following the flow?

    When the People lead, the “leaders” follow!

  6. You can see how the Democrats impose greater and greater restrictions on freedoms, and based on what…..Faux science that go back and forth and contradict one another. This is all about controlling people, not keeping them safe. The best way to stay safe is to make sure that your immune system isn’t compromised and changed by some of the manmade things added to the Vaccines.


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