22 State Attorneys General Send Letter Stating DC Statehood is Unconstitutional

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

Republican attorneys general banded together to oppose D.C. Democrats push to turn the nation’s capital into the 51st state. The 22 attorneys general wrote a letter to President Biden and congressional leaders stating that the proposed legislation is unconstitutional.

In January, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced H.R. 51, also known as the Washington, D.C. Admission Act which seeks to shrink the independent district serving as the nation’s capital, while turning the surrounding area into a new state to be known as the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, after abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Fox News reports:

“If this Congress passes and President Biden signs this Act into law, we will use every legal tool at our disposal to defend the United States Constitution and the rights of our states from this unlawful effort to provide statehood to the District of Columbia,” read the letter, which was signed by 22 attorneys general and obtained by Fox News.

The attorneys general argued that because Washington, D.C.’s establishment is constitutionally based, any change to the district must come in the form of a constitutional amendment — not legislation from Congress.

“Accordingly, not only does Congress lack the authority to create an entirely new state out of the District, but it also does not have the authority to reduce the size of the District to the equivalent of a few federal buildings and surrounding parks,” the letter continued.

The letter goes on to argue that besides being unconstitutional, the bill is also “bad policy.” The attorneys general claimed it would create “an elite ruling class with unparalleled power and federal access compared to the existing fifty states in the Union” and “a super-state that would have primacy over all others.”

South Carolina AG Alan Wilson said, “We’re sworn to uphold the Constitution and it would be unconstitutional to make Washington, D.C. a state. The Founding Fathers opposed statehood for the nation’s seat of government.”

  1. It is hard to beat someone who has no shame. It is much tougher to beat 300+ people with not only NO SHAME, but who are extremely proud of having NO SHAME.

  2. These dumbocrap commies keep making up their own rules, next will be their own constitution,bill of rights.Time to fight back.

    1. That prohibition was established by the eighteenth amendment. It was abolished in the only legal way possible. It was repealed by Amendment XXI using proper procedures as proscribed by the Constitution itself.

  3. The remaining land of DC was formerly a part of the State of Maryland. The part that was in Virginia (city of Arlington and parts of Alexandria was returned to Virginia after it was determined it was not needed at the time. So, legally the land that is formerly a part of Maryland should go back to the state and THEN if it is still desired to be split from Maryland, then it should go through the constitutional process requiring approval of the State Government and 2/3rds of the voters as written in the constitution.

  4. DC was specifically set aside by the founders to NOT be a state so that there would be a neutral site for our government without any untoward influence on the other states. If the dimokraps ram this through and it would be able to withstand court challenges then precedence would be set for the next time Republicans gained control to add more Republican controlled cities as “states” and the cycles would continue each time a power change occurred.

    1. I think if they are successful, it’ll make it where Republicans NEVER gain control. It would add 2 more Dem. Senators, making it even harder on the Republicans. Biden wants to pack the Supreme Court in an effort to keep Libs in control. It;s all a power grab. Hopefully it can be stopped.

  5. Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution or rule of law. What make ten square mile a state. It’s insane and a power grab.

  6. The left is trying to destroy this country and we have two choices….we can sit back and let it happen or do whatever it takes to stop them. The ironic thing is they will succeed either way. I choose to stop them and rebuild from the ruble

  7. The area surrounding our capitol was extracted from two existing States to create a federal District was done for good and valid reasons. The situation has not changed. Representation and voting rights of citizens living in the District is covered by Amendment XXIII. Another amendment to the Constitution would be required to change the current status.

  8. Maryland ought to demand DC back. Not only that, and besides DC’s size (ludicrous for a state), it would be the only state with no manufacturing, no agriculture, and no rural area. This idea is STUPID.

    1. not if you are a democrat—it is illegal—it is sneaky-it is underhanded-
      it is unconstitutional–
      but no it is not stupid -it is a major power grab– link this to their proposed voting laws -and it gives the country to the democrats for ever more-

  9. It’s difficult to educate the uneducated, who have no clue as what is going on, nor do they understand what is being required.
    DC according to my observations. It s obvious that the White House
    Represents our capital and beacon for all USA citizens. Thus it should or was declared the Heart Beat of our nation.
    That is as simple as I can explain.

  10. HR1 is also a bill that runs roughshod over the Constitution. The Constitution is what gives the States the right to run their own elections and to create their own election laws. A bill passed by Congress does not have the authority to take away Constitutionally given rights! Including those awarded by the 2nd Amendment. When are the Democrats going to learn their Civics???

  11. These swamp swine slithering reptiles of the Lunatic Left are The Enemy Within, and this fact is not anything new. They have ALWAYS been the enemy of equality, morality, truth and common sense. Anything that allows the masses freedom and choices is anathema to them and the U.N. and it’s scurrilous Agenda 21, The Clinton NAFTA agreement and the current idiotic access given to CHINA, our most obvious and currently dangerous ENEMY, was GIVEN free access to OUR internet capacity to it who created the Covid Virus and are RESPONSIBLE for every world wide death from it by Biden proves the contention. I am a disabled 76 year old Vietnam vet with a 54 year old degree in Government and was born 3 days PRIOR to the invasion of Iwo Jima in 1945, watched the end of prayer in the schools, the destruction of the public educational system BY DESIGN, the legalized killing of 62 million innocents as a result of Roe V Wade and a host of other anti-Citizen, anti-God
    Anti–AMERICAN policies the accruing of our $28 TRILLION debt to which Biden and company would add at least a hundred trillion more and ALL dedicated to their DESIRED implementation in my opinion, of U.N. Agenda 21 in this country! Why? Because as goes the U.S, “SO WILL GO THE REST OF THE FREE WORLD! Question: Who will rescue the rest IF we go? Without the U.S. and its once unmatched manufacturing capacity, the two World Wars and the Cold War would likely have been lost and the world a VERY different place! THAT IS, what these Commiecrat frauds and filth WANT! We cannot let them attain it. period.


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