Fox News Welcomes Former Democrat House Rep as Contributor

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Fox News has signed former Tennessee Democrat House Rep. Harold Ford Jr. as a contributor.

The Hill reports:

“Harold has been a valuable guest on FOX News and I am pleased that our millions of viewers will continue to benefit from his insights derived from a highly accomplished career in both the business and government sectors,” CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement.

Fox said in the announcement of Ford’s hiring that he was known in Congress for a style “marked by pragmatism” and praised his reputation for “working across the political aisle.”

“I am excited to join the FOX News Media family and am grateful for the network’s commitment to showcasing a diversity of voices and viewpoints,” Ford said in a statement. “I look forward to sharing my unique perspective directly with the viewers.”

Ford represented Memphis in Congress from 1997 to 2007 before moving to New York City and taking a job in the financial sector. He is currently as a vice chairman at PNC Financial Services. Ford was fired from Morgan Stanley in 2017 for what the company described at the time as “conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies.”

Ford previously ran for Senate but was ultimately defeated by Republican Bob Corker.

  1. this is a bad idea, I am all for hearing both sides of the controversy but when you hear the same thing over and over a lot you become brain washed so I been told. that is what the Dem’s are doing to our country. if you hear it enough you start to believe it.

  2. Harold Ford went from Rep to lobbyist and was as corrupt as all of these radicals and heavily competed the corruption challenge with form Mayor of Memphis, W Herenton. I lived there for 38 years, so I know the truth. Both Father and Son in the Ford family, were far from honest.

  3. See ya later fox, your getting as bad as CNN and MSNBC, that’s why your ratings are in the toilet, like them. OAN/NEWSMAX are great.

    1. I stopped watching FOX a year or so ago. They went in the liberal shitter as soon as the son took over the reins.

      Juan Williams is a socialist Negro and Gerlado is just as bad. If FOX wants to showcase these two idiots, they need to go down the tubes. I’m doing my part to see that happens.

      Everyone who reads this site should do the same.

  4. Just what we need — another loud non-sensical Democrat’s voice! Aren’t Juan, Donna, and Geraldo and a couple of other liberals whose names excape me, enough?? Good grief! 🙁

      1. You should have watched Tucker Carlson tonight. Veritas got a CNN director ON TAPE telling what they did (lied) AGAINST Trump and it wasn’t nice. You CANNOT defame a person without proof. Trump should contact Carlson and get a copy of the tape and sue CNN. Bet that director is fired.

  5. I watch Fox News and Fox Business on my DVR. Why the DVR.——So I can fast forward when I see Juan, Donna, Geraldo, Mary, Mike, and what ever Liberal AH that tries to BS the views. Fox is wasting their money on these BS Artists. Thank God they are only about 20% of the speakers otherwise I would never watch Fox again. I really miss Lou Dobbs. He was great so now I don’t watch that hour any more. What a shame.

  6. I can tell you that Ford is not interested in the Communist narrative of Bernie, the Squad, Lizzie Warren, et al.

  7. Not good. Another dyed in the wool Dimocrat. He slyly couches his comments in an attempt to be bipartisan and fair but in the end analysis, he’s always left. Another Donna Brazile. Why did Fox hire him, you already have Chris Wallace.

  8. I don’t even watch Fox any longer due to their stupidity, they did make a good move with President Trumps house speaker Kaylee but they have to make a choice, crooked Left or people who represents the people’s conservatives voice, ratings are tanked thanks to people like Chris Wallace and Juan, Chris Wallace is a traitor to the American people!

    1. MY final straws for FOX? Hannity for siding with dems against Judge Moore. Sandra Smith for arguing “But we called” the election for Biden. Shannon Bream loaded up with libturd “contributors” and moved to LATE night. Laura Ingraham using her entire hour telling us to suck-it-up and be happy we had Trump for four years but it was now time to support the Biden administration. Dismissal of Lou Dobbs. There is absolutely nothing for me to watch on FOX. Even the “beautiful people” are lookinh “tired”. Now, I have the dependable conservative news stations of OANN and and NewsMax. Often, I even flip back and forth between those two.

  9. OMG, not another DemoCrap ‘winner’. I knew there was a reason I do not watch FOX, just anothrer of the ‘fake news’ media tryng to find someone else to ‘twist’ the report.

  10. If this is Fox’s idea of “fair and balanced”, they better start doing some better programming and guest research. Find that I’m watching less and less very quickly for obvious reasons. But if the intent is to lose viewership, they’re doing a stellar job. What a shame!

  11. fox news made another big mistake all democratic are evil they are not to be trusted good bye fox news

  12. Any question why people DON’T watch Faux News any more? Thanks to the Murdoch brats and Paul Ryno, Faux News is steadily leaning LEFT. Haven’t watched since late spring 2020 and now have ZERO reason to watch…

  13. If he was fired by Morgan Stanley, that is a bad sign. If he is a Democrat, that is another bad sign. Since he was out of Congress in 2007, that may erase some of the bad sign. But the worst bad sign is being selected to contribute leftist propaganda on Fox, which is working to demolish the good reputation earned by the previous management under Murdock the elder.
    Now we have to rely on NewsMax, which has changed greatly for the better.

  14. Fox doesn’t usually hire ratbags. The network let down its conservative viewers in the presidential election. It is already on dangerous ground with many previously devoted viewers and hiring a professional Democrat is an indication that it is willing to further risk that audience. We shall see…… and so will Fox.

    1. WRONG!!!!! I first became aware of FOX’ move to liberalism while watching The Five. Then the little queer. Then other such! Then Hannity siding with dems against Judge Moore. Then Carlson’s self-aggrandizement. Then Sandra Smith. Then Laura Ingraham. (See my comments above). Then the way FOX degraded Shannon Bream. Then canceling Lou Dobbs. In-between all these there was a whole slew of libturds spewing their liberal agenda. Why, hecky-darn, even the “beautiful people” are looking tired.

  15. This is one more of many reasons I no longer watch Fox, except Tucker and Hannity.Fox also needs to get rid of Chris Wallace and Dr. Kavuto.

    1. OK, JR – let’s see how intelligent you are. I originally felt as you do about Hannity – a super conservative news man. THEN, he sided with dimmies against very conservative Judge Moore. Hannity kept shouting he believed the womens’ accusations and Moore should drop out of the senatorial race. That is, he dropped the subject completely one it was proved the women were recruited, trained, and paid by demos. Then Hannity had nothing to say, BUT he had already done the damage and was instrumental in giving a guaranteed conservative senate seat to an ultra-liberal demoncrap. Late las fall, evidence was made public that it was Soros money that paid for the women. Hannity remained silent. FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU. FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME.

      Tucker engages in marginal yellow journalism. It is NEVER just the news – he has to make it sensational. The more sensational he can make it, the more Tucker likes it. You see, just announcing the news can be sorta boring. But by PERFORMING the news and making it sensational, Tucker makes himself more interesting. Watch him if you must, but watch with an “open eye” and you can understand what I am talking about. I just cannot trust anyone who is so determined for self-aggrandizing.

  16. Yep! Ford has been a valuable contributor on FOX. Ford always used FOX as a bully pulpit for expounding his liberal agenda. Just a not-so-subtle expose’ on which political direction is speeding. Anyone surprised by this?

  17. Hmmm, when was the last time there was a republican “contributor” on cnn, msnbc, Cbs, abc, nbc, npr, etc??????
    Amazing how that works here in the country of freedom & liberty!!!!!!!!!


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