House Reps Introduce Amendment to Set SCOTUS to 9 Justices

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

A group of six House Republicans led by Rep. Mike Gallagher plan to introduce an amendment that would finally put an end to the Democrat’s court-packing scheme. The amendment seeks to set the number of Supreme Court justices on the bench to nine after President Biden announced a commission to explore the topic of court-packing.

Fox News reports:

The constitutional amendment proposed by Gallagher would simply require that “The Supreme Court shall be composed of not more than nine justices.”

“We don’t need a commission to know court packing is a radical idea that would undermine confidence in one of our country’s most important — and trusted — institutions,” Gallagher said of the amendment. “The Supreme Court has been comprised of nine justices for more than 150 years, and it’s time we amend the Constitution to make this longstanding precedent permanent before it’s too late.”

“It seems like a proposal which was once considered the fringiest of fringy proposals on the radical left is now increasingly mainstream,” Gallagher added in an interview with Fox News. “It’s a very dangerous idea, in my opinion. I think it would further tear the country apart.”

He continued: “A constitutional amendment that just sets the number at nine, I think would bring stability to the country by taking this extreme and dangerous proposal off the table.”

Read the proposed amendment HERE.



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