Biden Scores Win Towards Border Wall Expansion

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The Biden administration has scored a win for border wall expansion. It is reported that they have won “immediate possession” of private land to expand the southern border wall.

According to The Daily Wire:

The federal government won the right to take immediate possession of private land along the United States-Mexico border in order to continue construction of the border wall — and it does not appear the Biden administration is giving it back to landowners.

“The federal government can take ‘immediate possession’ of a Texas family’s land along the US-Mexico border after a years-long court battle, a federal judge has ruled — a move at odds with President Joe Biden’s pledge to halt wall construction,” CNN reported Wednesday. “Tuesday’s ruling from Judge Micaela Alvarez of the Texas Southern District Court was a blow to the Cavazos family, who for years have been fighting to keep the land that’s been passed down for generations.”

The federal government, the outlet noted, “filed the motion for possession in 2020, sought ‘to construct, install, operate, and maintain roads, fencing, vehicle barriers, security lighting, cameras, sensors, and related structures designed to help secure the United States/Mexico border within the State of Texas.’”

Previously, most of the border wall had been constructed on land owned by the federal government, but during the Trump administration, the government sought to take control of swaths of private land so that it could build in missing segments of the border wall; eventually, then-President Donald Trump wanted a wall across the full southern border.

Joe Biden halted construction with an executive order but the federal government did not drop the lawsuit and the landowners, who voted for Biden, paid.

    1. How can anyone in good conscience say that Biden scored a win on this, one of his first of many executive orders that he signed was to halt the wall…. look where that got him… he is the eptiome of the 3 blind monkeys…see no evil…and ignore

    1. Amen!!’ Then Impeach Biden and the Democratic Party for attempting a
      coup, treason, bribery and their illegal election fraud and power grab of the 2020 November election. I also believe Pelosi and her minions also plotted a plan against Trump and his supporters ie Jan 6 so called riot. She is the most deplorable POS in congress and more investigating needs to be preformed as she and the democrats as I see it are guilty of an insurrection. Sound familiar Nancy?

    1. Part of the wall was paid for in President Trump’s administration. It was to be built until joe stopped it. We should NOT be paying for anything. joe is a skunk, nancy is a snake.

  1. Siezing land from private citizens isn’t a “win”. It is using the might of the government against private citizens.

    1. Land taken for the security of USA, and just compensation paid to the good Citizens? YES, it is a win.

    2. Under the Homeland Security Act, yes it can be taken. Please, don’t take my word for it. Look it up. And you will also see by what administration it was enacted. My wind/noise break tree’s were cut down, on my property, without compensation, during the Obama/Biden administration because they sat under a main grid power line. No notice, no asking, just showed up, and they cut them down. We were allowed to keep the wood. (Which was stolen anyway. )

    3. Yea Dominion Energy is taking our front yard. Yes our front yard for a high pressure gas line. Won’t benefit us. Paying very little. Got lawyer but Aiken SC will not help us. You know it’s the all mighty dollar. Have ask for alternate route but SC Republicans will not even help. It’s called Eminent Domain and they don’t care about your Constitutional right to protect your property.

  2. Hmmm wasn’t that what Trump was doing in the first place? But Biden reversed it with a executive orders? Biden should never blocked the building of the border wall. He also made the same deal Trump made with Mexico to keep migrants on Mexico’s side? He had to learn the hard way!

  3. Yes thanks to Trump. But Biden )(or should I say Obama and clan plus deep state will do not construction. S

  4. Big deal. This family was forced to sell at market value, seven acres of its 150 acre land holding. Unless they’re in cahoots with human traffickers, they’re better off without that land.

  5. Those that lost the battle and lost their land are not pleased with Biden. He promised he would stop the lawsuit and taking of property since he would not be building the wall. Now, he is NOT building the wall but STILL took the land. Why is anyone surprised Biden lied? He has lied about major things for years – his wife was killed by a drunk driver, he graduated in the top of his class, he had nothing to do with Hunter’s business, he will pull the country together. I believe part of the reason the dem elites picked him is because he lies so easily without remorse, even when he is called out.

  6. If their private property was the only place where a fence won’t be built then all the illegals would pour through there and i’m wondering how much the Cavozo’s would enjoy that.

  7. He had nothing to do with that land he was gonna keep it open but the backlash he got made him follow in trumps foot steps. Tomorrow he won’t remember any of it anyway.


  9. This is a wild misrepresentation of the politics of this case. The Biden administration has ceased all construction of the wall and will not recommence. But it is using the monies to continue forcibly acquiring land from the private landowners. In other words, there is no cognizable public use for the land acquired through eminent domain. That is a violation of the constitution. Moreover, it is removing the land to prevent the private landowner from building any barriers on it. And it is created abutting federal land ownership to create claims against the landowner who does build a barrier.


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