Top Biden Ambassador Attacks US With Chinese Propaganda

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Who needs the CCP to take down America when our very own ambassadors will do it for them? President Biden’s United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield was slammed for her recent comments during a UN meeting where she described America’s “greatest imperfections” and how “slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.” While America is still the freest and fairest nation in the land you would have no idea based on Thomas-Greenfield’s perception of the country.

The Daily Wire reports:

“I tried to do this recently in the UN General Assembly when I spoke on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “That day and commemoration was personal for me. So I told the UN some personal stories. I told them how my great-grandmother, Mary Thomas, born in 1865, was the child of a slave, just three generations back from me. I grew up in the segregated South; I was bused to a segregated school. On weekends, the Klan burned crosses on lawns in our neighborhood. I shared these stories and others to acknowledge, on the international stage, that I have personally experienced one of America’s greatest imperfections. I’ve seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

Critics slammed Thomas-Greenfield for her preposterous remarks at the General Assembly likening it to “CCP propaganda.”

Christopher Rufo, expert on critical race theory: “Yikes, it’s like CCP propaganda, straight out of the American ambassador’s mouth!”

Rachel Bovard, policy analyst: “She’s offering a straight faced apology for America – still the freest country in the world – to UN Human Rights Council member countries who execute people for being gay.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): “Perhaps our ambassadors should defend America. And not kiss up to the brutal tyrants (including Cuba, Venezuela, Russia & China) on the UN Human Rights Council.”

Watching Thomas-Greenfield’s shockingly un-American remarks HERE.

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      1. she is because, they figure if they are a communist, someone else will have to do the work and they can collect the rewards of someone else’s hard work. It is call LAZY.

        1. RIGHT ON Roger! It is the great strategy of the left, appealing to the laziness side of human condition, and envy for others’ success!

      2. Democrat — communist — pretty much synonomous these past few years. We knew that this woman wasn’t qualified for this role nor did it matter. Because MISTER Biden’s picks don’t need to be qualified, only to be a minority. That way he gets to check off another box on his list!! In his current mental condition, probably checking off a list is just a game to him. I cannot imagine that the entire world thinks that America is a nothing but a great big joke right now. May God help and save our country — please, God!

    1. VERY MUCH SO, but like the rest of those under the wing of the biden/harris MIS-ADMINISTRATION , say what the tell you to say. Just to stay relevant. What a FAKE and a FHONEY and a TRAITOR

    2. The UN has slavery under a different name It is an organization who doesnt regard the individual freedoms it is a governing enity that has to sit down and stifull the rights of the governed to “make them behave” They santion and deprive the individal citizens causing them to starve while letting the govering partys live like kings and tyrants running over the citizens. No where there has been santions it has been of perment benifet, The UN is supported by DEMOCRACY which is another money pit, by which the goverment can extort from the ones trying to keep the ones who occupy and try to just get by under the governed, UN has done more evil than good it has countries and citizens as slaves. I believe it is the GREAT WHORE mentioned in REVELATION.

      1. My opinion is the “Whore of Babylon” is our Vice President. She has quite a reputation in California. The Dragon is Satan. Strange but China has always been big on the dragon.

  1. Thats what is called history, the whole world operated that way.The important thing is how they operate today and the US is the freest country in the world. Everyone has a chance to make something of themselves all they have to do is work for it, and not look for handouts.

    1. I agree. Look at all the energy they are expanding running around burning, looting and spray painting in these big cities. They could be using that energy and all the funding allotted to minorities who want to go to school, to get an education and make something of themselves. Instead they would rather find a lame reason to riot and steal what they want instead of working for it. That may sound like racism, but I just talk about what I see.

      1. That woman is a Narcissist like her counterparts the Obamas.. Her complaints were all about her from her child hood. She was born in 1952 and things were pretty darned good for Blacks.. I was born during the Great Depression and never needed a government job to make my way. in life. She even was sent to Diplomacy School–What in the HELL did they teach her there? Critical Racial theory??? She needs to retire– maybe she has early senility. She is a WHINER and a disgrace for someone representing the USA.. FIRE HER.

  2. All of his Cabinet picks or Ambassadors hate America. Pay attention. Most of them were also Obama cronies so seems as if Obama got his third term since I figure he is pulling the strings for Pedo Joe

    1. I have been saying it all along! Yesterday there was a quote from bo that he was HELPING the joe and hoe show, cuz they needed help! who the H is he kidding! WE are NOT stupid and saw this BS all along! He wanted his 3 try and helping the fraud was the ONLY WAY HE COULD GET BACK IN! He had no use for joe while in office, and now great buddies? Taking advantage of a sick, unfit man to TRY to RUIN US AGAIN! WE did not want you before and you and I’d bet nasty nancy worked this all out! The hoe is useless!

    1. Five hundred thousand Union soldiers died during the Civil War to make sure the USA promise of freedoms was meant for all citizens of the USA. Abe Lincoln emancipated the Negroes and all of their current and future children. That war went on for years –it was the bloodiest war in the History of the world. Maybe she never knew that or cared to learn of the history of the USA .She disgusts me. Even Blacks from the north fought and died along side their White Brother soldiers in the UNION ARMY so she could be born free and live free as all U.S. Citizens do today.

  3. At each she should go to live in China for a while, and then reflect on the three generations of change and how fortunate that she is to live in freedom.if not, she can stay there and live happily ever after!

  4. Someone tell her that there are other races in the U.S and if she hates white people she can leave. She does not represent our country well, so why aren’t republicans investigating her for removal.

    1. Doesn’t she realize that those clan members who where burning crosses in their yards where Democrats? As were most of the slave owners. And the first slave owner in this country was black. She needs to study history.

      1. John Casor was the first slave sold in America. He was sold in Virginia in1654. Anthony Johnson was the buyer. According to the court Johnson was a black man from Gibralter who came to America as an indentured servant.

  5. Fire her , un-American beast of a woman !! She still doesn’t understand how lucky she is being in America! Another spoilt pinko brat !

  6. Another ignoramus tearing at the Constitution that guaranteed freedom and equality for her personally and everyone else in the U.S. It should be a crime for democrats to vote for coprolitic imbeciles like the Delaware Dunce, especially when they appoint political hacks to ambassadorships.

  7. Another American bashing America. Didn’t we have enough of that bashing from obama and michele. Absolutely disgusting democrats.

  8. Do you really think the UN Assembly really gave a big whoopi-do about her families history. They should have ran her off the committee for wasting their time. This is the same kind of nonsense you heard from Obama, always putting the US down and apologizing for our great country to anyone who would listen, and those that really didn’t want to listen. Obama as well as this lady love any platform to pontificate on about how awful our country is, how unfair & how racist we are. I’ll tell you what’s fair, take away all the free stuff given to those who would rather sit around and do nothing but complain and then see what happens. They learn to work or go looking for another country to free load off of……..they will be disappointed to find there is no other country as stupid as we are when it comes to paying all the entitlements the US does.

  9. How did slavery hold her back? ANYONE can rise above their circumstances. It takes sheer will and determination. She should be ashamed of herself!

    1. Indeed! On top, laws were created to punish people if discrimination occurs. Individual actions shouldn’t be perceived as general discrimination…

    2. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that SHE is a product of slavery and yet here she is in an Ambassador position.!!! Can’t she see that SHE has risen above the past??? What and imbecile.

  10. Oh dear, here comes a reparations soldier. I knew she was black when I heard her complaints. The only solution for a black racist is to move where there are only blacks. And where that is true, the racist blacks discriminate against the lower class of blacks. It is a rampant process in Kenya where Bozo was raised and taught.

    It always amazes me when our own citizens with this problem become the “Enemy Within”. I blame Bozo for all this fake racist stirring. He started it and people like this unaware self serving moron voice this crap.

  11. As a postscript, this ambassador probably doesn’t know if the democrats had won the Civil War, she’d be a slave today.

    BIDEN !!!!!

  13. And yet she is a Dimocrat. She slams everything the dimocrats have done in our history and blames the US in general. If you ask me she’s not that bright.

  14. We need to get rid of these un-
    American leftys make sure we get rid of as many as we can including that disgusting fraud biden!

  15. The minute I clicked on the video and saw her skin color, I immediately passed. Should of known it was someone with a chip on their shoulder and more than likely unqualified for the job!

  16. this woman is a disgrace—is there anyone in this administration who is white
    or non-hispanic and who actually loves this country? Joe is the only old white
    guy—how ironic! How did we get into this mess–oh =yeah stolen election!!

    1. joe’s intentions was to check boxes, and not put people in positions based on skill or experience.
      She’s a jewel in his box, because she hates America and can obviously speak to that fact.

    1. Neither will happen. That’s why she’s there representing this awful administration.
      How did this POS get confirmed??

  17. It was very unprofessional of Linda Thomas-Greenfield but everything that she said read much more really happened in the deep South.You need to read the history on this before making judgement like I am seeing here. Most Slave owners were brutal task masters.Many women were raped and yes the slave owners were Democrats. The Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings. Southern Democrats insisted on protecting slavery in all the territories while many Northern Democrats resisted. The party split over the slavery issue in 1860 at its Presidential convention in Charleston, South Carolina. Northern Democrats nominated Stephen Douglas as their candidate, and Southern Democrats adopted a pro-slavery platform and nominated John C. Breckinridge in an election campaign that would be won by Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party. After the Civil War, most white Southerners opposed Radical Reconstruction and the Republican Party’s support of black civil and political rights..The South remained a one-party region until the Civil Rights movement began in the 1960s. Northern Democrats, most of whom had prejudicial attitudes towards blacks, offered no challenge to the discriminatory policies of the Southern Democrats.One of the consequences of the Democratic victories in the South was that many Southern Congressmen and Senators were almost automatically re-elected every election. Due to the importance of seniority in the U.S. Congress, Southerners were able to control most of the committees in both houses of Congress and kill any civil rights legislation. Even though Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Democrat, and a relatively liberal president during the 1930s and ’40s, he rarely challenged the powerfully entrenched Southern bloc. When the House passed a federal anti-lynching bill several times in the 1930s, Southern senators filibustered it to death. 

    I was born and brought up in New England. In the early 70’s I moved to the South West.
    I was totally appalled at the way the black people were still being treated.. They were breading hate into there children. I hope this little history lesson urges you to read the real history of slavery in this country. That being said We need to learn from our history and make sure that it never happens again. We need o heal as a united people in this country and then move on.

  18. You’re welcome Biden voters. We are seeing a total government, Supreme Court and country takeover by the democrats right in front of our own eyes while independents and Republicans sit on their hands doing nothing. Wake up motherf—-rs.

    1. They are not Democrats.. This is Marxism. When a Government becomes a one party only–that is Marxism. Do you not understand Joe PINO owes the Communist Chinese because his son Snort works for the CCP and is on their payroll. He has invested that billion and a half dollars into Sensitive Hi Tech U.S. Owned companies and is paid to manage the CCP Fund. and Joe Sniff is the BIG GUY found in the hard drive of SNORT’s computer.. .

  19. Every policy, executive order, legislative goal, personnel appointment, etc. from the Biden administration / the actual people behind the curtain (Obama, et al) is designed to intentionally take down, insult, destroy, diminish, erase the United States as it was founded, as it progressed, and everything it stands for. Unquestionably.

  20. She’s making a fool out of herself, and it’s world wide. Every other country knows the United States is the land of honey, and freedom to choose to do whatever you want, except insult it.
    What a poor excuse for a human being.

    1. That Southern Wall that Joe wants TORN down is not to keep Americans in the USA–It is to keep the rest of the World out.

  21. Amazing how Biden finds Idiots from all walks of life to represent his administration.
    They sure don’t represent America

  22. I saw this the other day and that woman is a disgrace to our nation and should have been fired on the spot. That post she occupies represents our country, not her or her warped opinions. If she cannot represent us in a good light she needs replaced. Like yesterday.

  23. She is a stupid, hate-filled person. America has done more to help “minorities” than any other nation on earth. This endless race-baiting “poor me. Feel sorry for me and give me money, job, housing, ad nauseum ‘cuz I be black” nonsense has got to STOP.

  24. The least we can do for her is “repatriate” Greenfield to her homeland. Instead of reparations, each candidate, after proving their family’s history, each person desiring reparations would have to sign agreements to repatriate to their homeland and receive taxpayers dollars as a onetime payment when they arrive at their accepted new Country they wish live in. They must sign away their citizenship and any ties to the United States.

    1. This reparations deal isn’t going to be easy. There were black slave owners so there must be proof that your ancestor was here before the Civil War ended. A test to prove your ancestor was not a slave owner. Then reparations out of the funds for the years hard working Americans paid for the mass amounts for welfare for them. And, of course, reparations for the BILLIONS of dollars worth of cities they destroyed. Everyone involved, including attorneys, will lose their American citizenship. Maybe we can fit Antifa in for the destroyed cities.

  25. These type of people just amaze me. She rants on about the DEMOCRAT KKK running around her neighborhood burning crosses on the lawns, being bussed by the DEMOCRATS to segregated schools, yadi-yah-yah. Yet, what is she – a DEMOCRAT – OBVIOUSLY she did not learn a whole lot about what caused her poor, poor plight (sarc)…………
    God help us with these type of people running this once-great country!

    1. She lied about Berkeley schools. I was born and raised in Berkeley, California. I can show you school pictures from 1st to 12th grade. Those pictures look like the U.N. We even had a young man from India which was a rarity at that time. California has never had segregation. My parents moved as soon as I graduated from high school They didn’t like Bezerkley when the weirdos took over.

    1. Joe has already sold the USA to China Snort is the bag man and the money launderer.. Both Sniff and Snort are under criminal investigation by the Internal Revenue Service,

  26. I will have to disagree with this woman I am white and only 2 years younger than her and was born and raised in Fl and still live there I have lived next door almost to blacks and never had a problem with them also A lot of blacks were unhappy about being bussed to white schools heck the town I lived in the black school was a lot newer than the white school was they even had a pool there that was filled in after it was integrated and as far as the KKK I only learned them in history class so no I do not believe her because the only problems we ever had was blacks attacking whites and I know that from working in movie theaters starting at age 15 and also working in public service I just wish people would back off on the race card and thing would get better

  27. THIS is what we have representing the USA….perhaps she would be better serving Kenya!
    She needs to be removed as soon as possible!

  28. Linda Thomas-Greenfield is a disgrace. When is the “black” community going to step up and condemn her. Blacks lose a ton of credibility when the don’t speak up when a black does something like this.

  29. America is. a “melting pot” of ALL Americans, EXCEPT Afro-Americans. “IF” your skin is tanned, brown, black or blue black, YOU are “considered” “AFRO” “whatever. You “could ” be Haitian, Bahamian, Mexican,OR “white people” with a good “tan”. THIS IS INSANE! Come to America & reap it’s benefits & hopefully you will do well.America is so “biased” that “we” hate “anybody” who arrives here & works hard to achieve their “Dream”? Don’t we “love” Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Southern foods? I’m not into goat & some “middle Eastern” stuff, BUT does “that” make it bad?”WE” in AMERICA are ALL ONE PEOPLE regardless of “where” we came from! THAT’S WHAT AMERICA IS! STOP DIVIDING “US” & “LIVE & LET LIVE”!

  30. The whole damn Biden Corrupt Regime is a disgusting circus and a disgrace to our country! This is what happens when Democrats have a crooked cheating election!!

  31. She should be fired there is no place in our government for people like her. I know if someone n that level of government were to say that the overwhelming amount of blacks in jail are there because the were breaking laws these people would scream for their blood. BIDEN FIRE HER NOW and we won’t stand for any additions to our Supreme Court!!!!!!!!

  32. “WHEN” are AMERICANS gonna “wake up”! China “owns” us , & Biden & the Dems just keep saying, “Russia, Russia, Russia”. I “hope” that Trump & Putin meet, just to say “hello”. THIS would “BLOW” the Dems minds ! I “hope” that Trump “invites” Putin to Mar-a-Largo for a round of golf, dinner & a “press conference”, “saying” we are just “good buddy friends”.NOTHING more! Trump’s a private citizen, so he can invite anyone to his home! I “HOPE” that Trump does this! While he’s @ it, the Pres. of Mexico would be nice too!

  33. They’re all marching in locked step and we’ve all seen that dance before, may GOD help us to rid society of these vermin Dems, and in all fairness rid us of all unrighteous vermin regardless of which banner they fly and march under.

  34. House Bill HR 40 Reperbations for slavery. General William T. Sherman ( a Republicon ) Issued a Military order #15 in early 1865 to give every freed head of household a Mule & 40 acres – – But it was recended by President Johnson ( a Democrat ) shortly after the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

  35. I used to be a dedicated Democrat, reared in a Democrat family, in a strong Democrat area of Texas. Now, it is far beyond my comprehension (HS diploma, BSEd from Texas Tech, MSED from USC, MA Eng from TSU)) how any decent or honorable person can continue to be a demoncrap.

  36. Biden administration is the Obama administration on steroids except Biden is too frail to do the apology tour himself, his minions will be touring the world, bowing to our enemies and insulting our allies.

  37. First Marie Yvanovich and now Thomas-Greenfield at the Unite Nations.
    How many more traitorous devils are hiding in the State Department and the Democrat Party waiting for favors from an imbecile President.
    Ron Klain will be better off keeping in pre-occupied in the basement with a bowl of porridge.


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