Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene to Introduce Legislation to Expel Maxine Waters From Congress

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Trump Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is giving the Democrats a taste of their own medicine. After being stripped of committee assignments and facing calls to be expelled from Congress over calling for political violence Rep. Greene is introducing legislation to have Rep Maxine Waters expelled from Congress for attempting to incite political violence.

In a tweet, Rep. Greene asked if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would hold the radical Democrat to the same standard as former President Trump when she claimed he attempted to incite violence on Jan. 6th.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Very soon I’ll be introducing a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress for her continual incitement of violence on innocent American people. Rep Waters is a danger to our society,” wrote Greene. “After traveling across state lines to incite riots, her orders recorded on video last night at the Brooklyn Center, directly led to more violence and a drive by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota early this morning.”

The Republican lawmaker, a longtime supporter of former President Donald Trump, took aim at Waters for urging protesters at a demonstration in Brooklyn Center, Minn., on Saturday to be “more confrontational.” Two National Guardsman were injured early Sunday morning, the Minnesota National Guard said.

Greene also targeted Waters over her comments on the George Floyd trial.

“As a sitting United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened a jury demanding a guilty verdict and threatened violence if Chauvin is found not guilty,” wrote Greene. “This is also an abuse of power.”

Republicans have harshly criticized Waters for her past incendiary comments though he has received no backlash from her own party for her actions. Waters latest comment for protestors to get “more confrontational” after the country has faced violent riots over the past year has raised eyebrows with multiple Republican leaders.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a statement, “Maxine Waters is inciting violence in Minneapolis — just as she has incited it in the past. “If Speaker Pelosi doesn’t act against this dangerous rhetoric, I will bring action this week.”

  1. it’s time to get rid of her….she’s the biggest enemy to this great nation…I wish our FBI can arrest her NOW.

  2. Well gee….sort of open and shut case here against Super Mouth Waters.
    Now the American Public can witness just exactly how two faced the Famed Nancy Pelosi is when she is presented with a quite obvious and terrible case of inciting to violence as caused by “One of hers.”

    1. C’mon! Seriously! Haven’t y’all learned yet that the rules and laws don’t apply if you are a Democrat! Will never happen!

    2. Not being a Lyer oops Lawyer, my understanding is that;

      1. congress can impeach her
      2. The FBI can arrest her after due investigation
      3. The US Attorney can prosciutto her in court.
      4. The court can throw her in the clink/slammer after the jury declares her “GUILTY”

      Be interesting to see how loud Mad Max screams after all of that action is completed.
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

    3. This lawlessness has went on for too long, its ingrained in our society and our young people have been taught that its ok to act this way without any conscience.

  3. I appreciate the gesture from Rep Greene, but rest assured the house will keep her on.
    They’re all as thick as thieves.
    Nothing will come of it. Unfortunately.

    1. I agree I just wish the republicans stuck like glue also… the demturds always get away with everything. Why ? Cuz no one will stick up to them. Duh!!’

  4. Surely there MUST be SOMETHING done to get rid of Mad Max! How’s about the “House” bring her up on ethics violations? How’s about the store owners in Minneapolis bring a civil suit against her for monetary damages ? How’s about the National Guard file sedition charges against her? OR “maybe” the 2 National Guardsmen injured File a complaint for bodily harm? Some LAWYER “somewhere” can figure this all out. I just HOPE that he’s not “too chicken” to step up & “fight for what’s right!”

    1. She’s been brought up on “ethics” violations so many times it is a badge of honor for that VERMIN!

  5. incitement along with possible aiding and abetting. there is a very thin line here on committing a wrongful act as did the v.p. during all the summer in helping to amass bail money for rioting criminals to get back on the burning buildings and streets and to return to wrong doing once again.

  6. It is time to get rid of this sorry excuse of a Congresswoman. It just may seem frivolous to some, but the woman is simply too outstandingly “ugly” to be in the American congress. A face like her’s has been known to break plate glass mirrors. Get rid of the pig!

  7. Good for Marjorie Greene. But I don’t think you need new legislation to boot her. The battleaxe is guilty of inciting riots, insurrection. They used this “”Inciting riots, insurrection” language to issue bogus charges against President Trump who did nothing of the kind. So the law is there already. Use their language, follow their lead, and impeach the the battleaxe.

  8. Bravo Marjorie, Waters has caused violence toward Republicans since at least 2016. Nothing ever came of it nor of the Hollywood Snowflakes that said they wanted to bomb the White House, take President out back & beat the poo out of him and carry around a bloody severed head representative of President Trump. God forbid anyone would get away with that with Biden. It’s time Democrats clean up their own house and leave Our House (the Peoples House) alone.

  9. Rep Maxine Waters is threatening all the jury members to follow her order OR ELSE there will be violence against them.
    If I were the judge this is conclusion: CASE DISMISSED.

  10. If charged for inciting violence, Maxine has an air tight defense. NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY! Those marbles were lost a long time ago.

  11. Well I wish you the best of luck…..BUT just a reminder that the palozi did not remove a male who slep with a spy from a important position on a committee. So do you really think she?/it would do any thing to this mental case. Sorry but my bet is she./it will not.

    • this crazy woman, and just think what they did to Trump for just making a presidential speech, and this crazy woman incites violence, make no mistake about her words. Mark my words, nothing gonna happen to her, we know that and we know why.
    1. Instead of always threatening action, it’s about time some Reps with chutzpah do something about it! Need to rip a page out of the Dems Playbook: Demand and Don’t Apologize!
  12. Big Mouth Max has crossed the line she holds conservatives to many times with no challenge to her so horrible actions. I really hope there are enough real Americans in that house that will step up and kick her out of office. What she does is incite and that is the very definition of insurrection and she does it as a sitting congress representative which is even worse. She needs the punishment she wanted for Trump who did not do what she has done. Take her down and to jail!

  13. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN !!!! The Dems never receive any kind of punishment for their crimes or their bad behavior….

  14. Maxine Waters has done something very serious. She is actually inciting violence to try and affect and influence the outcome of the Chauvin case in the court.

  15. Bravo, Rep. Taylor-Greene! Heard you on Sebastian Gorka yesterday! I wish my district had a representative like you. Unfortunately my crimson-red metro district just turned blue and we hate it. We now have the fraudulent mulatto witch from Hell. The fox is now in charge of the hen house.

  16. Waters is one of several who Need To Go! It is rightful to demand her departure from congress … …at the very least.


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