Biden’s Education Dept. Wants to Prioritize Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project in Schools Curriculum

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President Biden’s Department of Education just proposed a rule which seeks to prioritize grant applications to school districts that have implemented so-called anti-racism training such as critical race theory or the 1619 project. The move seems to target an executive order implemented by former President Trump which said entities implementing these “anti-racism” training will not be eligible to receive federal funding.

The Daily Wire reports:

Legal Insurrection noted that the proposed rule wouldn’t strengthen “the knowledge among students of our form of government, how it functions, and the intent of the Founders” but would instead focus on progressive policies regarding race.

The proposed rule also cites the 1619 Project, which has been widely criticized and condemned by historians for its numerous inaccuracies in favor of a particular narrative, and Ibrahim X. Kendi’s book, which has launched the anti-racism movement that insists white people acknowledge their racism.

The first priority of the proposed rule is to prioritize grants that incorporate “racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives into teaching and learning,” As Legal Insurrection reported, “Applicants would be encouraged to note systemic marginalization, biases, inequities, and discriminatory policy and practice in American history; and create inclusive, supportive, and identity-safe learning environments.”

The second priority purportedly promotes information literacy skills, teaching students to “learn how to gather and evaluate sources of information, and then use evidence from that information to develop and support their ideas and advocacy positions.” Legal Insurrection noted that this could lead to teaching students to attack a source rather than the information contained therein while also promoting activism – which would most likely be directed toward leftist causes.

The proposed rule also attempts to tie Covid-19 into discussions regarding race, claiming the virus has had a “disproportionate impact of communities of color” and therefore emboldens the urgency to improve racial equity across the country.

      1. When you read that your third grader is being taught sex Ed but lacking in reading and math and the seventh and eighth graders are being taught oral sex with the next story about a new mama being 12 years old and daddy being 10, how are you to respond?? Disgraceful and child abuse to my mind!

      2. Do something about it? The problem is that liberals support this kind of nonsense. They want to push the socialist agenda through our schools. They, like Hitler, understand the value of our children’s minds.

        1. They like globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media understand the value of our childrens minds .

      3. There is always hope. Look at the improvements President Trump made. I cannot believe his success rate.
        What a brilliant man. He truly is a patriot too.

    1. This is all their Marxist dialog, divide by race, color, nationality, sex etc. Don’t fall for
      their B.S. fight it all the way. I would home school my child if I had one. No way would these losers get this stuff into my world! Creeps.

  1. Predictable. Democrats and public schools teach every other piece of anti-American garbage that comes along. Forget the fact that 1619 preceded the existence of the U.S. by more than a century and a half. Forget that slavery was a common worldwide practice at that time and had been since pre-history.  

    Forget about the fact that the Declaration of U.S. Independence stated clearly “…all men are created equal…” and “…Governments… [derive] their just powers from the consent of the governed…” Forget about the fact that in 1619 such governments were inconceivable anywhere on earth. Seems poppycock is the democrat platform.

      1. Gary, I would like to know about how your country is so perfect! No self serving politicians, no excessive taxes, no crime, etc. ???

      2. you illegal criminal invader voters flee your mid east schitt hole and invade the usa instead of doing NOTHING to improve your mid east schitt hole were globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE transported you from .

        1. Yes, but they are encouraged and praised by the Socialist/communist party, which use to be the Democratic Party.

        2. globalists and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party that created the kkk terrorist organisation created and fund blm terrorist organisation and antifa terrorist organisation etc .

      1. The only racists in the usa are globalist racists and globalist puppet $oro$ racist and globalist puppet democrat criminal party racists and globalist puppet rino criminal party racists and globalist media racists and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep racists .


    1. That may be a decent idea, but what do you do when your child is ready for college and you can no longer educate them yourself. Our colleges are filled with liberal fanatic college professors who brainwash the students with Socialist and Communist ideas, as though they were etched in stone. It is working in most colleges.

      1. Christian colleges, Hillsdale College, they are conservative value intuitions of learning still here. Just takes research to find them. Worth looking into.

    1. Of course NOT. The crazy/crappy people who voted for this were convinced that dementia joe was a uniter. What and who has he united?
      NOTHING and NO ONE!!!

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media knew that there were not enough globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep to elect globalist puppet, chester the molester bide and so they used every form of voter fraud they could to appoint globalist puppet, chester the molester biden to preach all the globalist agendas .

    2. They have been working towards this for 40 years I have found out. We need to fight back
      our America is worth saving from Evil.

    1. I’ve been saying that forever. Those who voted for him, not once but twice are in denial.
      How’s his 3rd term working out so far?

    2. Obama, the epitome of the you whites liberal agendas of the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all, Just when you think it could not get any worse now a corrupt ,lying career senile politician as president , Kind of takes away A once America’s worldly respect and might and deservedly so! Says a lot about you Americans also just for allowing it!

      1. You illegal criminal invader voters helped to appoint globalist puppet, chester the molester biden, you illegal criminal invader voters finally come out of your closet and now you can’t return to your mid east schitt hole because they will behead you for coming out of your closet .

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    3. This is globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ legacy with help from globalist puppet, barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .


  4. I don’t think America can take anymore abuse from these leftist whacks… We patriots are swirling in the toilet bowl. It’s very frustrating to see our great country being shredded little by little. I am truly heart broken for her future.

      1. Cival War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  5. Glad I am old will be off the planet before these newly brainwashed kids take over…..people take over. Remember all of you that vote for this crap, you will reap the rewards of communism sooner than later.

      1. lord is to busy having mercy on; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

    1. When the politicians chased “Faith”
      Out of the Public Square,they can do anything with impunity! Many of the Super Rich(IE, Rothschild,Rockefeller’s, Gates, Soros, )to name a few filled the chasm that was created! The Political Class are Cowards for they would not fight against Democrats and their Evil Plans for OUR COUNTRY! The Democrats are experts at sowing hatred and class envy,all the while serving Satan!
      Most Republicans still won’t Fight the GOOD FIGHT!And the Supreme Court is made up of A Pedophile(John Roberts) Progressives and again more COWARDS

      1. Forgetting the politicians, why do you think the average Republican voter won’t fight back and harder? The excuse I always hear is:
        “We’re to busy working to provide for our families ” this is exactly what it’s gotten them.

        1. 90% of the people I know are republicans. They were brought up being taught to be nice to each other, take turns, don’t interrupt, share, negotiate in good faith, be sure everyone gets a chance, always be polite. Those aren’t qualities admired or practiced by almost all democrats I know. Some of them are relatives.
          If Maxine Waters says something rude, crude or mean she’s given a pass. If a Republican questions someone in the same manner Maxine does, she goes ballistic.
          Republicans have to renounce good upbringing, manners and civil discourse and fight like democrats.
          Hard if you were taught from childhood to be fair, try to understand both sides of a problem and what the decisions you make will mean in 10 to 20 years.

          1. Linda, I completely understand what you posted. However, 10 or 20 years ago when these “nice and fair people” were contemplating what was ahead, just look where we are today. Right?
            I see the Sunday shows with sometimes RINOS as guests, they practically disjoint themselves trying to impress the host.
            Sometimes, you just to fight fire with fire.

      2. Wake up Americans! Lock and load! Be ready to become the Government of We The People, until we expedite inauguration of President Trump as POTUS when all the evidence of massive fraud is in our hands from JOVAN’s forensic audits to eliminate fraudulent ballots. VERY SOON ! ARREST Obama, Biden/Harris, Soros, Pelosi, to start.

          1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    2. There is still time to turn this evil globalist, Marxist BS around, you must work hard. Join your state/county Precinct Chairman positions. Take back the party on the local level. It’s working in many areas.

  6. Stalin, Marx, Lenin–Give me your children and I will change the world. If parents don’t put a stop to this nonsense now they will lose their children to a Marxist ideology and we will lose America. The left and Communist Joe Biden are intent on destroying the Republic. BLM/Antifa, which has become very powerful has vowed publicly that they will burn our system down and replace it with one they like and want’s to destroy the nuclear family which is composed of father, mother and children. Considering so many babies are born without fathers the destruction of the nuclear family is well on the way

    1. globalist puppet stalin and globalist puppet marx and globalist puppet lenin and globalist puppet barry soetoro and globalist puppet chester the molester biden etc etc etc are/were only globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ puppets .

  7. I could care less!!!
    What is wrong with parents today???
    Pull your kids out of public schools. Have the guts to organize and go against these School districts, school boards and challenge your kid’s teachers. Parents have stopped parenting and this is part of the problem.
    If you don’t want this for your children, then fight.

    1. When my kids were in public schools and one teacher was calling the kids by numbers instead of by name, by the time I raked her over the coals verbally she was in tears. That was something I felt the Nazi’s would do.

    2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media demand our southern border open so globalist puppet, illegal criminal invader voters continue to supply globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep puppet parents will illegal mexico drugs to keep them addicted and stupid and refuse to leave the globalists and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party plantation .

    3. Yes fight back take control at the local level. These are your children not wards of the
      school district.
      Find your state/county Precinct Committee and join up to be a chairman, you can control what happens in the conventions to help in the elections.

    1. communist Trash must not be allowed in USA! Deport them to Siberia, banish them from USA forever.

  8. What the hell is going on…none of this stuff was going on. In trumps term! I don’t remember all this crap about burning cities and shooting kids in the head…yes of course this always will be crime but none since Biden took office! I never even though of race problems….ya know I had a picture of myself as a brownie must have been 10 11. Not sure…but I’m standing with two black girls with my arms over each ones shoulder and they were my friends,….that says a million things in those days that did not cross my mind as what these poor kids have to face today! Get trump back in dear GOD!

    1. god gave us globalist puppet bush and globalist puppet cliton and globalist puppet lil bush and globalist puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE and god became angry that Americans elected Trump and god gave us globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  9. Stirring race hatred of whites while brainwashing generations of children to hate anything that is white.

      1. globalist puppet barry soetoro is only a globalist puppet like globalist puppet, chester the molester and all they do is preach globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ globalist agendas .

  10. You Americans , especially whites are your own races and countries worse enemy and easy targets for corrupt governments manipulation and control, especially blacks by the anti-American democrats, Rinos and their tools for hate and division of America the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and now fraudulent means of all election from here on out, thanks blind patriotism to their corruption. What idiots!

    1. Stop collecting welfare all your life and start charging your husbands boyfriends for you to swallow them .

    1. Nah, there were a few others – namely Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and then finally the ones pictured. I go back a long way to remember Truman and Kennedy – NEITHER of which could ever belong to the libtard party nowadays…………….

  11. WHAT a crock of crap. Teach how countries become countries….good and bad…stop the racial bullshit as being JUST this country

    1. globalist racists and globalist puppet $oro$ racist and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party racists and globalist puppet, rino criminal party racists and globalist media racists and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep racists make America one of the most racist countries .

    1. At the hands of globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party and globalist puppet, rino criminal party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  12. All they are doing is causing the problems with the race. Stop bringing up race. Everyone is equal. We all bleed the same, hurt the same, cry the same, etc. Biden is just causing all the problems.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media need to use race to divide Americans and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  13. According to as recently as twenty years ago the U.S. ranked number 1 in education. Now American students rank 18th out of 36 overall in industrialized nations and have fallen to 38th in the world in math. We keep throwing money at our K-12 schools without demanding or getting better results. Now we have politicians claiming that subjects like math need to be made racially equitable. NO-numbers are numbers and when the truth of that is ignored it is nothing more than a diversion to excuse the failure of teachers, schools and parents in communities. Look at the story about a Baltimore City high school where a mother who thought her son would graduate high school found out he had only earned enough credits to RETURN to ninth grade. His transcripts showed that he ranked 62 out of 120 students with a GPA of 0.13, had only passed three courses in four years but had been moved from classes like Algebra I, Spanish I and English II to the next higher level despite having failed the lower level. A school administrator (unidentified) admitted that the school had failed him but said nothing about their failure to educate the rest of the students in his class.
    In my county rural districts spend half of what their city counterparts do per student but have significantly higher GPA’s, graduation rates and students who go on to college. Community attitudes on education have a direct affect on schools, administrations, teachers and parents.

  14. So with these rules they will be teaching that Covid 19 is a racist virus, Because it affected more African Americans than European Americans. Going by this train of thought Sicklecell Anemia is very racist. But I am ok because I identify as a European white albino African American with Asian/Chinese and a smidgen of Scandinavian but also as a straight heterosexual. What Government benefits do I qualify for as a minority?

  15. It is time for parents to take back their responsibility for the education of their children from Kindergarten through higher education since most schools are basically indoctrination centers for Socialist training.

    1. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep parents are just happy to smoke crack all night and send their kids to school so the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep parents can sleep all day and collect welfare all their life .


  17. As Mr. Biden isn’t overly bright it might be a good idea for him to keep away from school curriculum.
    Bring back the strong PTAs and there might be a different story. The overreach with America’s children is appalling. I call it child abuse!

    1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden is all about child abuse; molesting all the libby snow flake female children and allowing coyotes to rape and molest illegal criminal invader children .

  18. I am currently attempting to start a movement to abolish the destructive Biden administration. This is our RIGHT under the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution which if necessary, allows us, under the Second Amendment to use the force of arms. The above action being taken by the Biden Administration is gone from absurd to dangerous and distractive.

    I have heard repeatedly from innumerable sources about how two years conservatives will take back the House and Senate. Considering how the last election was rigged in the Democrats are reinforcing the process to read the next election what makes any person with a modicum of intelligence think that there will be a fair election and that no matter what the boat the Democrats will remain in power. There is no question with the actions currently being taken by the Biden Administration that unless they are abolished as a destructive government, they will remain in power.

    The Constitution does not allow for the replacement of our government with some other type of government such as Socialist, Communist communist or their branches referred to as Liberalism or Progressivism. One must keep in mind that the Supreme Court is part of that government and we have seen our highest court makes social decisions rather than protecting the Constitution. We have very little time to abolish the Biden Administration before the next rigged election.

    I am calling on all those patriotic groups and organizations to band together now as one voice to abolish the Biden Administration – all of us must understand that this action is not an insurrection or revolution it is our right under the Declaration of Independence which reads,

     “… We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just power from the consent of the government, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these in it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form, as to them shall seem likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    Those of you who are reading this need to share it and call on every resource to move this action forward as the “Abolish The Biden Administration Campaign” as editor of The Republic Standard News I urge this campaign to save our countries endemic ethos as directed by our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

  19. Democrats are always pitting people against one another.
    Makes more money for lawyers. They are all lawyers.
    They have used this tactic as long as time.

  20. This kind of thing is only one of the reason there should be no Dept. of Education. Education is a local matter and the Federal government should have nothing to do with it. Its involvement is just a way to politicize the education of our children and waste money prolifically.

    1. The only reason that schools are mandatory is so that globalists and globalist puppet politicians can start to control our mind at an early age, they teach you the lie that government loves you and is here to protect you .

  21. The communist bastards that illegally took over this country need to shove critical race theory up the Global communist lying asses. Honestly, screw you and your critical race theory shove it up your communist asses.

  22. It seems more to me that teachings would only make someone racist. That is the way that this screwed up administration is driving us further apart. O K a war is probably coming so be ready. My thoughts only

    1. Civil War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

  23. Another anti American, racist push to force the Socialist/Communist agenda against, white Americans. These people have been promoting division of citizens and racism since the beginning of the Obama administration. The 1619 bill is an attempt to fix elections permanently, by assuring minorities vote democratic/Socialist/Communist permanently, for all time. The aim is to erase our history. They want to introduce a whole new fabricated history for our children and grandchildren, showing white Americans as villains’. It is all based on bias and lies, It’s long past time the majority of the liberals be removed from office and tried for treason. The same tactics, Obama used to promote, anti police rhetoric to minorities, when in fact those minorities have killed more police officers, than police officers have killed minorities, and those same minorities have killed 44 of their own to every one killed by a police officer. This same group of liberal Congressional members, praise and encourage Antifa and BLM to continue with the rioting, looting, burning down buildings, assaulting, maiming and murdering those that disagree with their agenda. This is all being done with no justice or repercussions for the offenders, unless they are white.

  24. As far as I am concerned, the department of education is a massive failure. The only way our young people can advance like the rest of the world is if the individual states take over again. We must also have strong PTAs to keep a close eye on what is being taught.
    Go back to stranger danger again instead of sex Ed to third graders.. Amazing that I even have to bring this form of child abuse up don’t you think?
    Get rid of bussing and go back to neighborhood schools but move the teachers to a different school every two years. That just might work out to equal education for all.
    No pushing a student to the next grade until they have accomplished the grade that they are in.
    It is appalling to me that a child has to have remedial reading before they can take a college course or is unable to do even simple math to balance their checkbook.
    Cursive should be taught. Without that knowledge they cannot ever sign a legal document and are wide open for someone to cheat them.
    I am sure that there are many other ideas that will come to me but these are the ones that have been bothering me.

    1. They should be deported to….??….take their pick Cuba, No. Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela?? Test the real world of socialism and Marxism!!!

  25. Biden seems to be going from bad to worse! His recent desire — to prioritize Critical Race Theory in schools — is only one of a host of either ridiculous, nonsensical or just plain stupid issues.
    It will be a pleasure to see the end of the Biden administration!!!

  26. We need to dismantle the U.S. Dept. of Education, (which educates no one). and end teachers unions. Return schools back to the States and localities. The crimes and foolishness we are seeing with BLM and Antifa are the result of the sad state of education today.

  27. History may not always have the correct facts, but the left cannot re-write the history of the USA and expect anybody to believe it. The next step will be to say that the Mayflower arrived from Africa loaded with slaves who then established the 13 Colonies. And that the framers of our Constitution were all racists. Give me a break!

  28. THis is the type of Marxist Garbage that resulted in my Wife and I sending our son to a private Christian Academy. The Marxist controlled public school system is too busy indoctrinating our youth into good little Marxist drones rather than properly educating them. Where my son went to school the instructors taught math, the sciences, classical music, reading, proper penmanship and phonetics. When he graduated he had a better quality education than most of these Marxist drones marching in the streets have after 4 or 6 years in the higher education facilities that are now Marxist Education centers. He tried college and found it too political and immature for his tastes and went on into the business world. He is now in management with a major wheel and tire corporation and no college degree. How many of the young skulls full of mush after 6 years in a college or university are asking if you want fries with your burger and living in Mommy and Daddy’s basement??? For all our living wages which have been extorted from us through a punitive tax system our public education system is an abysmal failure.

    1. Another great option to public schooling. The Home Schooled kids continually beat the public schooled kids in the national spelling and math contests. The benefits of educating over indoctrinating.

  29. The best thing we as Americans can do is pull our kids out of the public school system and either send them to private schools or find a good home schooling program. Perhaps this is the opportunity for teachers who have no use for unionism or government intervention in the classroom, to open their own schools and get back to teaching basic principles and tenets.


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