Joe Biden Issues Questionable Statement on Controversial Trial

Kuhlmann/ MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden recently made comments that could be seen as influential to the outcome of the Chauvin trial.

According to The Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden said he was “praying” for the jury to reach the “right verdict” in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin Tuesday after consoling the family of George Floyd.

Biden’s comments come as the jury in Chauvin’s trial sits in deliberation on the verdict for the second day. The trial wrapped up on Monday with closing arguments by the prosecution and defense before the jury was sent to deliberate on a verdict. The jury is also now sequestered, meaning they are staying in a hotel without access to news media for the deliberations process, according to CNBC News.

“I can only imagine the pressure and anxiety they are feeling, and so I waited until the jury is sequestered and I called,” Biden said, referring to a phone call he shared with Floyd’s family Monday. “I wasn’t going to say anything about it … it was a private conversation.”

“They’re a good family and they are calling for peace and tranquility no matter what that verdict is. I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which is, I think it’s overwhelming, in my view. I wouldn’t say that unless the jury is sequestered,” he continued.

Biden also called the Floyd family and gave them his well-wishes that everything “will come out ok.”

      1. Crazy Maxine knows she can get away with it because Pelosi has her back. Well put in another way, Pelosi doesn’t want to upset the People of Color caucus.

    1. Every time Biden lets his mouth overload his “arse” he scores points for us, Republicans! Let Dementia Jo-Jo talk crazy stuff and speak out of turn to his heart’s desire!

    2. What gropy dementia grandpa said is a form of INTIMIDATION towards jurors
      Dems are nothing but lowlife mafias

      1. He’s FAR WORSE then just being an ignorant ass, he’s a Constitutional shredding , American hating, child groping pedophile that’s ruining the greatest nation on earth that everyone runs to and not from. Once America has truly fallen the WORLD will be lost

    3. We should thank Joe for his service as a juror in this case. In order to make his statements, I would assume he knew all of the facts BEFORE opening his mouth.

  1. The Democrat Marxist Idiots are going to get Chauvin’s conviction overturned on appeal due to Prosecutorial Misconduct and the Demented Sock Puppet in Chief and Mad Maxine’s behavior.

    1. And Pelosi’s little hypocritical speech on the steps of Congress after the verdict. She makes me nauseous saying her empty words of faith, Pelosi is going to burn in hell because she has lied so much she thinks she can lie to almighty God and He will believe her! She is a evil demonic heathen!
      BLM/antifa fully realize they have the support of the entire Democrat leadership and it will be interesting to see if they are so emboldened they will riot, loot and burn the city tonight just as they would have if Chauvin had been found innocent! They love looting and have said on camera they don’t call it looting and stealing…they call it reparations due them and it is their right!

      1. Well their reparations will have to pay back America (Asian, Hispanic Heinz 57, Semitic and Whites) for all of the cities they destroyed plus the trillions paid out over the last 70 years in welfare. Think how much it would cost you to have Medicaid insurance if you had to pay for it. They want reparations then they will give up their U.S. citizenship.

        1. “They want reparations then they will give up their U.S. citizenship.” NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL! We could export the whole lot back to the Dark Continent.

    OF LAW
    GUILTY !!!
    I N N O C E N T !!!

  3. MISTER Biden never fails to disappoint!! I can’t remember any President ever supporting and speaking out in support of a criminal. This man was no hero! And I doubt his family cared or thought about him at all, until they realized they could get that pot of gold at the end of the lawsuite rainbow! I am disgusted and sickened by MISTER Biden and the outcome of this faux trial! Shame on the Judge who made some very opinionated decisions, and should have moved it to another venue. And shame on the jurors who, regardless of what they may have really thought, wouldn’t have dared not to find him guilty, out of fear for their lives, given the atmosphere and thuggery happening there! Just another blight on our country and systems. 🙁

      1. It is not a lawsuit…it is a criminal trial. And the family benefited before the trial started to the tune of millions of dollars given by the moronic city officials.

        1. Thanks, Arnie, but I do fully understand it’s a criminal trial. But the family had to file a lawsuit against the city and others to get the millions of dollars they were awarded, right? That’s what I was referencing with the “at the end of the lawsuit rainbow” comment. 🙂

          1. Quite sure I know what their choice would be — how about you? I could certainly be wrong, but sadly, I believe a lot of these people who file lawsuits are getting wealthy over the dead bodies of people they likely had nothing or very little to do with. 🙁

      1. No but Biden lied about the accident. His wife, Neili(?), had the two boys and her daughter (a baby) in the car apparently she wasn’t paying attention and ran a stop sign. She pulled out in front of a truck. The truck driver tried to avoid her. Her and the baby died. Biden lied and told everyone the driver was drunk. His daughter said it hurt their family but they were afraid to doing anything because he was a Senator. (Later the daughter finally came out and told the world her father did not drink.) This is when Jill started taking care of the boys. You can read about the Biden romance in Jill’s ex-husbands new book.


  5. This is just like OBUMMER getting involved in that case with the professor. Turned into the beer summit. joe has no clue. Her just being told what to do. But, imagine if it was President Trump? The media would of gone bonkers.

    1. the cambridge cops acted stupidly…….. bathhouse barry invited BLM to the white house after ‘hands up dont shoot” was debunked and mchael brown proven to be a criminal trying to seize a cops gun….

  6. Biden comes out of his basement for this? What? What about the thousands of people at our border? What about the children being raped in his border compounds? What about the parents of those children who never hear back from their child. Were they swept away into the pedophile system? How many have died on their journey? Did he call any families for those children? He’s the one who invited them. Oh, never mind, I heard on the news he only does one event per day.

    1. That’s one event per day unless he’s screwing Americans over, then he signs 150 executive orders, which is more than how many days he’s had in the ‘creep in Chief’ office.. or is it basement…

  7. Senile old criminal just need a to learn to STFU. Would he have said the same if the jury had been deciding Hunter’s fate?
    Waiting for THAT trial (but not holding my breath).

  8. Joe Biden is a total IDIOT as well as his entire administration who have no clue what they are doing and no solutions to solve the problems they have created in America! I will bet that the riots and looting will continue regardless of the verdict! Lets see what these stupid Democrats will think of next when that happens and who they will try to blame because of their ineptitude!!!

  9. That’s the Democrats for you. Crooked all the way to the top. The modern Democrat Party has no place in the United States. They are crooked beyond belief, and hard-over socialist when they act. The do-nothing Republicans will now be required to do something – which is hard for Republicans, since they simply wish to enjoy the great benefits of being politically powerful, and sitting on their fat a**e*. I wonder, America. What will it take for the American political system to regain its honor and efficacy? Will it take a large and destructive war? I hope not.

  10. I’m just wondering who creepy/gropey Joe prays to. I doubt seriously that the one true God cares much about him, and probably isn’t listening to him.

    1. Catholic priests will not allow Pelosi or Biden to have some rites. Both are being told by priests their abortion stance is not acceptable in church.

  11. Biden has a lot in common with the Floyd family. Both sons were drug addicts. As for Biden sticking his mouth in the trial before the jury gave their verdict, its clear what Crazy Maxine said and then Bidens BS about praying for the right verdict, both should have been used by the judge as reason for a mistrial.

    One final note, How many families of cops that were killed in traffic stops has Biden called? We know that answer.

  12. Joe Biden is so totally and completely unfit to be the leader of anything it is shocking. How anyone could choose Joe Biden to be the leader of anything is a dereliction of their duty as a human being.

  13. MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Prosecutor Steve Schleicher delivered powerful closing arguments today in the Derek Chauvin trial. In one especially touching moment, he made sure to individually address every member of the jury by name, phone number, and street address. 

    “I call on you, [redacted] whose phone number is [redacted] and who lives at [redacted],” he said through tears. “Do the right thing and pronounce the defendant guilty. And you [redacted], who can be reached at [redacted] and usually comes home each night at 6pm, I implore you to do what’s best for you and your adorable 2-year-old boy. It would be a shame if Antifa found out where he goes to school.”
    Media reports indicated the jury appeared very moved by the closing arguments, as they were all shaking and crying by the end of them.
    In yet another touching gesture, Antifa has already shown up at all the addresses with bricks and Molotov cocktails to help protect them in case any fascists show up.

  14. This verdict seems to be gotten through intimidation and fear of further riots. We have lost the entire soul of this country we all knew and loved. Not literally ,but it is time we all started fighting fire with fire.

    1. It’s all a part of end times prophecy, “In the last days lawlessness will abound.” Biden is good at lawlessness

    1. It truly seems that United States are becoming the UNTIED States, blue vs. red, republic of laws vs. democratic mob rule.

  15. Police are not getting fair trials because Democrat leaders and criminal backing mob is threatening violence if they are found innocent. Mob rule.

  16. Truly amazing! The elected president of the United States making such statements and and an elected US Congressperson in the clearest language possible words possible inciting citizens to riot and take violence to the streets. Maxine Waters should be impeached. The Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for language not one tenth as deplorable as Maxine Waters. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is overwhelming. Far from uniting and healing these hateful people are more divisive than ever. And the media is just as bad.

  17. Joe Biden did what he does best. Opened his mouth an shit came out. Just like that ugly old skank Waters. An then we might as well throw that old wrinkled Nancy into the mix.

  18. We have a fool for a POTUS and a giggling Marxist for a VEEP. The 4 years of this adminisration cannot move along fast enough. America, you are in big trouble!! Let us pray!!

  19. In a perfect world black cops would respond to calls involving other blacks and woke white people,
    While White cops would deal with all other whites.


  21. This bigot is a moron. He, Pelosi, Waters & the squad will not be happy until a race war breaks out. Maybe the W.H. & the Capitol will be the next to burn…..

  22. It’s time to remove Joe the Shmoe. He is everything a real American President isn’t. To think that he would attempt to influence a trial, is a travesty to our justice system. Impeach this Azz.

  23. Slo Joe Biden has NEVER made a correct decision in whole life,or at least for the last 180 years, when he first went to Congress.


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