MURDOCK: ‘Systemic Racism’ is no Match for Black Power

'Systemic racism" stopped neither Condoleezza Rice nor Colin Powell from counseling Vice President Dick Cheney (left) in the White House Situation Room on September 11, 2001. Then-National Security Advisor Rice succeeded Powell as Secretary of State on January 26, 2005. (Official White House photo via Wikimedia Commons.)

NEW YORK — President Joe Biden and top Democrats lately sound like a scratched album on the record player. They sing the same lyric, over and over again. And it grates more deeply with repetition.

After Tuesday’s all-counts conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd, Biden decried “the systemic racism that is a stain on our nation’s soul.” Vice President Kamala Harris added that evening: “America has a long history of systemic racism.”

On Wednesday, the record kept skipping. “Our focus is on working to address systemic racism and implicit bias head-on,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told journalists. United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on April 14 that “slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

Democrats are trapped in the 1950s and early ’60s. They insinuate that electoral literacy tests, segregated water fountains, and firemen fighting blacks with hoses are just around the corner. Never mind that Democrats perpetrated these evils.

Most amazing: Democrats are totally self-unaware that “systemic racism” is less a sleek Tesla than a stalled Model T. Racists still exist here and always will. But “systemic racism” utterly has failed to keep blacks from scaling the commanding heights of American power.

“Systemic racism” did not stop AmeriKKKa from electing and then re-electing a black president of the United States. Obama unleashed landslides on two white men. He beat Republican John McCain 52.9 percent to 45.65 percent in 2008 and Mitt Romney 51.0 percent to 47.2 percent in 2012. Had “systemic racism” prevailed, Biden would not have been Obama’s vice-president. Instead, he would be stuck in the Senate or trapped in his Delaware bunker, with his dogs.

Systemic racism” did not stop Obama from serving as President of the United States for eight years nor the Justice Department from being led by attorneys general Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, also for eight years. (Photo: – November 8, 2015.)

Just last November, Kamala Harris, a half-black/half-east Indian woman scored 81.2 million ballots and, thus, the Vice Presidency. Some 43.5 million of those who voted for her and Biden were white. Does that sound like “systemic racism?”

Under Obama, two black people — Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch — ran the Justice Department. Under G.W. Bush, two black people — Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — headed the State Department. How did “systemic racism” let blacks capture those key posts?

Blacks heading Housing and Urban Development? “Systemic racism” might toss blacks such a bone. But handing blacks Justice and State — the fonts of federal law enforcement and diplomacy — for eight years, each?

And now, Lloyd Austin, a black former Army general, controls the Pentagon. How on Earth did “systemic racism” allow this?

Quick: Call Pep Boys. This machine needs an oil change.

“Racism is the problem of the racist,” U.N. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said. “And it is the problem of the society that produces the racist.”

If this society produces racists, why is Thomas-Greenfield not only not America’s first black U.N. ambassador? She is not even our first black female U.N. envoy. Thomas-Greenfield is America’s fifth such diplomat and our second black female U.N. representative. This quintet was appointed by presidents of both parties, from 1977 through 2021:

Andrew Young (D – Appointed by Carter)

Donald McHenry (D – Carter)

Edward J. Perkins (R – G.H.W. Bush)

Susan Rice (D – Obama)

Linda Thomas-Greenfield (D – Biden)

Wow! What “systemic racism.”

The U.S. population is 13.4 percent black, and yet the Executive Branch was 18.2 percent black in September 2017, according to the Office of Personnel Management’s latest data. Thus, the federal bureaucracy is 35.8 percent blacker than America. “Systemic racism” fails again.

The all-Democrat Congressional Black Caucus boasts 52 sitting U.S. House members, and three vacancies. These include the House’s No. 3 leader, James Clyburn of South Carolina, and the chairmen of six committees, including Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Financial Services, and Homeland Security. “Systemic racism” derailed neither them nor black Republicans Byron Donalds of Florida, Utah’s Burgess Owens, or South Carolina’s Senator Tim Scott.

According to the Federal Judicial Center, America has had 225 black federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices. Sitting black jurists total 140. Why didn’t “systemic racism” sandbag them?

According to Critical Race Theory, blacks are incapable of racism because only whites have power. Given the tremendous federal power that so many blacks wield today, this condescending idea is its own “systemic racism.”

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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. All these proclamations of “racism ” in my opinion will NOT end well for the black community. People are just sick and tired of all the BS by this sect of people. This all started when Barack was elected. If the blacks were listening closely, they would remember and understand that the so called current VP called joe a RACIST. what does that say about both of them?

    1. The democrats are racist or they would help blacks get better education but they do not want to educate blacks plus democrats are in bed with teachers union—-democrats will not mention school choice for the big cities——blacks are been used by democrats and the only thing they get is welfare——-now Biden has let tons of narcotics across Mexico border and going straight to black neiborhoods and the illegals will take jobs from blacks—democrats are the racist

      1. I love everything that you posted, and it’s all true. The question begs, why don’t BLACKS see all this? And why don’t they fight for school choice for their children????
        As for UNIONS, they are thugs and in today’s society NOT needed. Can’t imagine who still supports these criminals???

        1. globalist puppet, black libby snow flake sheep and globalist puppet, white libby snow flake sheep don’t see this because globalists and globalist puppet democrat criminal party keep globalist puppet, black libby snow flake sheep and globalist puppet, white libby snow flake sheep addicted to illegal mexico drugs .

      2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media know that when blacks get better educated, they leave the globalists and democrat criminal party plantation .

    2. I agree , the last great democrat I can Reiner was Truman , the party fell apart in the Kennedy administration and has went to near the bottom since . A bad conservative is better than a good liberal these days .

    3. Intelligent white and intelligent black people are just sick and tired of all the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist media and globalist puppet democrat criminal party sect of people. but they keep our border open so illegal criminal invader voters continue to supply the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep with illegal mexico drugs to keep them addicted and too stupid to flee the globalists and democrat criminal party plantation .

  2. So much for the left’s ” Systemic Racism” theory. To me personally this flushes it where it belongs down the toilet.

    1. I have to agree , a mindless indoctrinated fool is a liberal that’s why the Dem don’t want to change anything in the education front .

  3. This is the best laid out facts I have seen to put this topic to rest. This country and all countries have some racism. But this country is very fair to most all people and working to get better all the time.
    This is the Democrats trying to create an issue that they can use to control the country. Not really about trying to make things better.

  4. I remember growing up in rural America, there were no such thing as racism in the country or the city, we were respected by the black people, and we respected them also. I don’t really know the cause of this racism as it is seen today. I know that we respected law enforcement and we knew to do what they said. I see on t v that the respect for law enforcement is down the toilet. What do you do now, do we just sit on the sideline and let the people that is out there, giving there all to protect us, just turn our backs on them and let them die in the street to make a few people happy. I hope not. Just saying we worked in the hayfields, cornfields, and everyone drank from the same jug. They were paid the same as all were paid. This killing people and looting needs to stop. Why do we allow the few people who are doing it get by with it? We are sitting back and watch it as the government will not respond in a positive way to end this. Just my thoughts.

  5. There is growing disdain for those who continue to talk about Systemic Racism. It it c0ontinues on it will be a problem for the entire country

  6. what do you call BLM but a racist org? to not be considered one to should be ALM because to me all lives matter expressly all those babies being aborted of all races

  7. The problem is that color or black or Africa Americans are racist. Just like whites had KKK, they have ANTIFA, BLM or a mother that wanted wanted there kids to grow up hating everyone which includes there own people. Churches that are all one color is racist. To some it up if they stopped call themselves names and putting those name in there songs and movies than we as a country can correct what is broken but that want happen because apparently the Democrats which 90% of blacks druther promote criminals above righteousness and morality sound people.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party created the kkk criminal organisation and the blm criminal organisation and antifa criminal organisation and the fbi CRIMINAL organisation and irs CRIMINAL organisation and doj CRIMINAL organisation and cia CRIMINAL organisation etc .

  8. Any body that can say the liberals aren’t racist is a liberal them selves . Because they are the only party the sees color in the population . Republicans don’t use the racial statistics for a weapon or a political tool . Republicans treat almost everybody equal.

  9. Good, Mr. Murdock. Yet as stated once before, there IS systemic racism and it is against the Caucasians, in particular the WHITE MALE, who is the bottom of the totem pole and has been for long. Just try applying for work and get beaten to the punch by a Black or a female and in particular the black female is the double whammy. Don’t believe me? Now airline pilots will be chosen preferentially not for their skillset or competence, but for their skin color or their gender. Before it was more subtle but NOW it is stated policy. Thus saith the news. Must white male pilots now become dogcatchers?

  10. It has little to do with skin color and more to do with control. Greedy and power hungry people come in more than one color. The Democrats want to divide us.

  11. Democrats use the big disguise that they care, when in fact, they are using everything to pit people against one another- BS STIRRERS. AND THEY WANT UNITY, BS.

  12. There is no such thing as system racism in our country. It is a proofless experiment in propaganda being exploited by Black Looters Matter and their cronies in the democrat party. Don’t fall for it folks. They’re looking for any way possible to make us feel we’re on the ropes. Ain’t gonna happen.


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