California’s Redistricting May Help the GOP Retake the House

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

After the 2020 census, California’s redistricting may help deliver new House seats to the Republican Party in next year’s mid-term elections. The move has the potential to cripple progressives in California and help Republicans reclaim the House of Representatives.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The southern portion of Porter’s 45th district also could go to Democratic Rep. Mike Levin’s narrowly blue 49th District, which includes southern Orange County and northern San Diego County. If that happens, it would favor Republicans Brian Maryott, a former San Juan Capistrano council member who is challenging Levin for a third time in 2022, or Oceanside City Councilman Christopher Rodriguez, who is rumored to be considering a CA-49 run,” The Orange County Register reports.

Porter could also lose constituents to the 46th District currently represented by Democratic Rep. Lou Correa. The area that the Porter is likely to lose from, Tustin, would aid Correa but cut into Porter’s Democratic base, giving the GOP an opportunity to unseat her in 2022, according to the Register.

Flipping the House red in 2022 would be a significant victory for the GOP and effectively stifle the Democrats and President Joe Biden’s progressive agenda. The Democrats currently control the House, Senate, and White House, leaving Republicans with only the Senate filibuster, which requires 60 votes to overcome, to stop Democratic legislation.

A number of high-profile Democrats have reversed their stance on the filibuster since Biden’s election. A dozen Democratic lawmakers who defended the filibuster in a letter to then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have argued in favor of abolishing the filibuster now that the White House is in Democratic hands.

Republicans have sharply rebuked the left’s push to change the filibuster, and a number of Democrats have noted they don’t necessarily support ending the filibuster in its current form.

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