Polls Reveal Biden is Failing as President After Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Border Security

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According to a recently released Fox News Poll, 51% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s response to border security. Within his first 100 days as president, Biden has managed to create a major immigration crisis that has quickly overwhelmed border agents. Border officials have spoken out saying under Biden they have seen more illegal crossings than years before. The Biden administration has asked for more volunteers to help at the border as resources were quickly depleted.

  1. OMG! Biddyboy biden cannot ever compare to President Donald Trump…ever!
    First of all, biddy is in office illegally and has NO BUSINESS BEING IN THE WHITE HOUSE!
    SECONDLY, there is no comparison between an intelligent, quick thinking Trump and a slow witted, confused minded biden.
    Thirdly, biddy has no idea what he is doing and is being directed by someone behind the scenes.
    Fourthly, President Trump knew exactly what he needed to do to protect America and her people.

    Joe Biden’s fraudulent actions in our presidency have been a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE AND A TOTAL EMBARASSMENT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD! If we Americans could walk into the White House and remove that poor excuse of a President, we definitely would do that. But since we are unable to do that, perhaps some Divine Authority will remove him for us. One can hope and pray!

    1. OBUMMERS 3rd term. All you have to do is look at the COMMUNISTS in senile joe’s cabinet.
      ALL of them were in OBUMMERS.
      Our country is in so much trouble. Without Devine Intervention I’m afraid not much we can do about it.

      1. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE next time and get these commies out of our country. If they want to have a socialist government, send them to Cuba, Venezuela. and beyond!!!

      2. Strange that the FOUNDING FATHERS knew what to do….AND “helped” themselves to make sure that they establish a FREE country with FREE people in it…..They were BRILLIANT and we are just LAME by letting THEM take ALL of THAT away……!!!

  2. All Obumden does is spend money trying to bankrupt us and let illegals in for the vote next time around if there isn’t nuclear war . He is Obumturd on steroids. Oh I’m sorry Obumturd is acting 3rd term. Gee isn’t there something unethical or against the law about that???
    If it’s bad it means good and Vice versa

  3. Do you feel more comfortable spending your own money?
    Do You feel we get tax breaks?.
    Do you believe he created jobs?
    And do you feel safer than you did 100 days ago?
    If you answer yes to one those questions you need your head examined!

    1. Every single turd that voted for this corrupt, senile, old fart full of dementia, needs to be asked the questions you posted.

      1. Prices for everything have gone sky high. All my household expenses have almost doubled and I’m on SS . Biden ‘s administration is destroying our once beautiful Country. He wants it to be called Amerchina. A communist Country with the majority of we the ppl in concentration camps . They’re teaching Muslims to denounce their Religion. Change their names and bow down to China all while they starve them in their camps. How sad. Ppl PRAY FOR THE WORLD, WE’RE LOSING IT. AMEN 🙏

    2. Here is proof of the last sentence: “Study young white female liberals more likely to have mental health problems.” It is not a joke. I read it in two sources.

  4. I don’t like this article comparing the great President Trump to biden. We are only paying attention to this biden freak, because it’s forced on us. If biden left tomorrow we would not miss the toad.

    I MISS TRUMP, and biden needs to retire
    and get out of the United States.

  5. It’s a blatant INSULT to compare biden to President TRUMP…..And President TRUMP “WON” last years’ election, NOTHING, NOBODY compares to him, so, they had to find a way to get him out, so they chose voter FRAUD = DEFRAUDED the whole country and we are too lame to set the record straight…..We DON’T have to put up with this country-wide CRIME…..!!!!

  6. We went from the best President in my lifetime – Donald Trump, to the worst President in my lifetime – Dementia Joe Biden. AND I’M OLD!

  7. the stupid brain dead liberal idiots voted this moron in,liberal do not have any brains at all and should not be allowed to vote


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