Republicans Hit Biden With Massive Lawsuits During His First 100 Days

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Keystone XL

Kuhlmann/ MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE <>, via Wikimedia Commons

As one of his first acts as president, Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The moved effectively ended thousands of good American jobs with the stroke of a pen. The administration claimed it would replace those jobs with new ones focused on clean energy yet has made no move to do so. The move prompted Montana and Texas, along with 19 other states to file a lawsuit against Biden and some of his top advisers.

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    1. SAME HERE!! I have contacted them and told them if it continues, I would unsubscribe from them. It is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY for them to have a different page for one paragraph each!! Which is MOSTLY ALL they post for each one, and a BIG WASTE of my time!!!

  2. once again it’s all just theater… all talk and no balls… nothing will come from this and we all know it…deep state wins as always….

    1. Truth here
      No one is gonna do anything about anything it’s going to be up to the ppl a civil war I foresee in the near future. Americans are not gonna be left in the dark they will give their life for the future of their kids and grandchildren

  3. With any luck, Biden’s repealing of common sense measures will put him into jail! His stupidity is remarkable and its hard to believe that this man was actually voted in as President by the Dems!

  4. I very much doubt that there has ever been a President as ignorant as Joe Biden! If somebody can show me someone more ignorant I will be very surprised!

  5. One can only hope that the massive lawsuits with which Biden will be hit will remove him permenantly from Congress!

  6. Last night I heard the dumbest, most boring speech of my life time. It was really stupid and ignored all the important things that are going on now like crime, riots, iligal imigration, etc. Then nasty Nancy jumped up and aplauded every two minutes every time stupid Joe said another cliche. It was truly the dumbest, most boring speech ever given in the history of congress.

    On the other side Senator Tim Scott’s speech was clear, to the point and said everything that was needed to be said. He said that the USA IS NOT A RACIST NATION!


  7. This is only the first 10 lawsuits. You can rest assured, more are coming. This many executive orders, I believe now 70 plus, makes Biden more of a dictator and tyrant than an honest elected official with the countries best interests at heart.


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