Democrat Launches Campaign Challenge to Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Once again, Democrat Charlie Crist is running for Florida Governor. It will be Crist’s third run for governor since 2006 and his seventh bid for statewide office in a political career that has spanned more than three decades.

The Hill reports:

But Crist almost certainly won’t be the only Democrat to enter the race. An announcement by state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is believed to be imminent.

Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) is also weighing a bid for governor. Her congressional campaign released a video hours before Crist’s announcement on Tuesday touting her experience in an apparent tease at a run for higher office.

Crist’s gubernatorial run is just the latest development in a long and tumultuous political career. A longtime Republican, Crist won the governor’s mansion in 2006. He mounted a bid for Senate in 2010 instead of seeking a second term as governor, eventually running as an Independent after losing the Republican primary.

He lost that race to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) before running for governor again in 2014 as a Democrat and eventually losing to former Gov. Rick Scott (R).

Crist is the first Democrat to enter the gubernatorial race to challenge the popular Ron DeSantis who has also been floated as a possible presidential contender in 2024.

    1. We had him once before, that is why he can’t get re-elected statewide ever again. He was our governor around the time Obama took office, he was a Republican then, now he is a Dem, he will become whatever you want him to be!

  1. Chris you have ZERO chance! We the People havee eyes and see whats going on with Marxist biden and the caatastrophic policies he keeps implementing for the left. In short, he is iving our COUNTRY away and you are in this country. DStop being a traito and just because you want power you are running against De Santis. He is AWESOMe and is REALISTIC! <hes a RED WARRIOR: youre not. sorry to say.

    1. Looking deep into my crystal ball…….OMG, I see untold millions of Demo-rats voting Republican in every foreseeable future election, thank you Biden/Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.!

      1. That is true but we don’t have honest elections anymore and the Republicans are to scared to stand up and fight back so I hope things change before the next election or you might as well flush the ball down the crapper

  2. Charlie Crist is a LOSER. He is a phony and a disloyal hack. He can not be trusted. I guess that makes him a perfect Democrat.

  3. Greetings……
    I told you… that midget (pygmy) trying to destroy our State Florida!
    unbelievable! bring liberalism, progressives, exactly (reds) Socialism…
    Yes! one more time..Governor (The Man) RON DESANTIS! Ole! Ole!

  4. I find it hard to believe that the smart people of Florida would vote for a scuzzy Demon Rat to bring all of the misery from blue states to a great state like Florida. Many of the new residents of Florida left scuzzy blue states seeking freedom and a better way of life in Florida. Do you really want to throw all of that away? For any loser in Florida who wants a Demon Rat in charge, just pick up and move to a blue state. Governor Ron DeSantis has been one of the best governors Florida has every had, and he deserves re-election.

  5. DeSantis will take it hands down with President Trumps support. Dems & rhinos need not apply

  6. DeSantis is a great candidate for President but not for Vice President. We need him in the trenches and as Vice President he would be, essentially, taken out of action.

    1. Don’t think so. He is a man of action and most likely would follow Trump with two-terms as president. There are several persons in Congress who are LEGALLY fighting against the Democrats and they are being pelted with crappo. Devin Nunes Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley and several women too. Greene one from Colorado and one from New York. They would make god Veeps.

  7. Thank the Lord Charlie Crist is a Demo-Rat as he would be a disgrace as a Republican–even as a RINO Republican. No way can he beat our great Ron DeSantis.

  8. That lightweight is going to challenge DeSantis? He must crave the limelight of a governor race, but he risk humiliation.

  9. 2nd and 3rd generation Cubans better listen to their parents and grandparents about communism. Vote R not D. Most Cubans on my street here in PA vote R. The Puerto Ricans vote D since MOST of them want handouts.

  10. Funny how these weak politicians think they can win when over 99% of Americans have never heard of them!

  11. This fool has tried every political avenue that hinted at wealth and power. All proved dead ends for him. Perhaps he should try shoveling scat in Louisiana. (apologies to Georgie)

  12. Florida has an incredible governor already.
    Only a democrat idiot would vote against Ron DeSantis.

  13. If you are thinking of running against Our Governor DeSantis, HOLD IT right there, go back from whence you came, we don’t want anyone one BUT Ron DeSantis. SO THERE.

  14. Crispy charlie should run for the swamp and get lost in the everglades. I doubt anyone would ever go looking for him. He is a turncoat snake that should do very in the swamp as he has been dwelling in the one in DC.

  15. Now Florida just might have a problem here. If Ron DeSantis should decide to run as Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024, that will leave Florida wide open for the dims. Unless of course there’s a good Floridian conservative ready to ante up.

  16. if Crist becomes governor again, the state of FL will become another state sanctuary for all the illegals coming across our southern borders….just like CLownafornia, Illinois, New York, Minnesota….


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