GOP Officals Sound the Alarm on Possible Bribe of Top Mattis Adviser by Amazon

David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

GOP Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Representative Ken Buck (R-Colo.) are asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate further a possible bribe of a top adviser to James Mattis by Amazon.

The top adviser to Mattis, in question, is Sally Donnelly

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Lee and Buck, citing an April 2020 inspector general report, say Donnelly received more than $1 million in undisclosed payments from an Amazon consultant during her time at the Defense Department. While the payments were officially for the 2017 sale of her consulting company, Donnelly reported only $390,000 from that sale. Lee and Buck allege the payment came in exchange for her willingness to promote Amazon in her official capacity at the Defense Department. Donnelly had done consulting work for Amazon’s cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services (AWS). She is now a member of the isolationist Quincy Institute’s board of directors.

Amazon’s alleged misbehavior came to light in a 2018 dossier released by a private investigative firm, Rosetti Star, which publicized the accusations. The Defense Department’s inspector general found no evidence of wrongdoing by either Donnelly or Mattis, but Lee and Buck suggested that finding was inadequate.

The accusations have received attention as a growing segment of the GOP looks for new tools, including Justice Department investigations, to rein in big tech companies. Lee and Buck said Amazon’s behavior was “anticompetitive,” suggesting “Amazon may have attempted to monopolize one or more markets” with the contract.

The contract in question, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure program, or JEDI, was designed to pull all military data onto one platform. It is reportedly worth up to $10 billion and was ultimately awarded to Microsoft.

The two Republicans also claim that Donnelly helped arrange dinners that included Bezos, Mattis, and Amazon-funded consultants.

While receiving these payments Donnelly also wrote e-mail correspondence to other senior Department of Defense officials recommending Amazon’s services.

  1. Just more deep state crooks showing their true colors. This is another reason Big Tech needs to be broken up. Buying influence is something left leaning democrats have done forever. Time to root out corruption!

  2. But here is the key: INVESTIGATE EVERY Democrat. Every single Democrat receives millions of dollars for favors. There is not one single Democrat that has any morals.

    1. If any of them did have any morals, they would be shunned by the democrat party, the American media and democrat voters as well!!!

  3. Where ever you find money floating around, you will find those who want it. In government circles that usually means a LOT of money, and that usually means (but not always) crooked Democrats looking to get rich quick! Politicians or political advisors are usually the guilty parties, but the upper military brass are NOT immune to this moral failure. Investigate !!! But do it fairly, which means without the FBI, who are too crooked to investigate ANYTHING fairly.

    1. The FBI should be terminated, every single one of them! Clean house, start over! We need that investigative branch but, policies and standards must be rewritten, THE FBI MUST BE MADE TO BE BIPARTISAN! When found to be partisan in favor of either party the agent(s) will be immediately dismissed and prosecuted, if needed!

      1. Used to be that the hard working street agents who themselves were leery of other agents who Brown-nosed and would stab their own mother in the back to get that next promotion, could be trusted.
        The “new” agent corps is not like the old school agent corps.

        1. All of the FBI is corrupt—-not one agent has stepped up to tell on another agent. No patriots in FBI

  4. It might have been a payment by Bezos to Donnelly for personal services behind closed doors.

  5. Merrick Garland Help? Those three words are antithetical to Merrick Garland looking into corruption. He’s working for the most corrupt administration in US History. Burisma. Ukraine. China. anyone?

  6. Corruption must not only be “rooted out”, it must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law! Then and only then will it be a deterrent to further corruption! When are the people investigating going to realize……criminals are insensitive to being discovered if they know they are not going to have to pay for their crimes! When they are left alone, they close their office door and laugh their fool head off secure in the knowledge they got away with it, AGAIN!
    AND YES, 99.999% of the time they are a marxist Dem because if it is a Republican, the punishment is severe!

  7. What a joke. Having Attorney General Merrick Garland investigate anything is like having “Al Capone” investigate “Frank Nitti! Garland is a bought and paid for whore. Another Biden lackey.

  8. What a joke. Merrick Garland hates Republicans and wants revenge against them for not nominating him to the Supreme Court. Since finding out how liberal he is I don’t blame them. He has completely ignored the Hunter Biden crimes, and there are many, and you can bet he will turn a blind eye to any requests made by Republicans for justice.

    1. It is his advisor who is being investigated for possibly taking a bribe, not Mattis. If he chose her it shows poor judgement, if she was assigned to him she sounds like a plant.

  9. Needless today NOTHING surprises me. AND of course, NOTHING is gonna be done about it! You would “think” that SOMEBODY would have the guts to open their mouths.Maybe it’s because the Feds can listen in on all phone calls? The Feds are the equivalent of the Stasi & KGB.

    1. Such a sad, sickening “State of Affairs” which have been and continue to be happening to our once great country!!! It’s time to put a time and oust the culprits!!!! Would be emptying almost the entire congress and senate!!

  10. Would you trust Amazon to handle our sensitive military data? Bezos is a communist from the CCP.

  11. I have just discovered why the US MAIL is always late. And its not because they don’t have enough carriers. It’s because it takes them so long to read OUR mail and Internet postings. 4th ammendment violation anyone?


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