Kamala Slammed for Insane Border Crisis Claim

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore flickr.

Kamala Harris thinks that the climate is causing the border crisis. The claim drew the attention of many Republicans who pointed out the insanity in her claim.

According to Town Hall:

In a speech to the Washington Conference on the Americas, Harris named some of the “acute causes,” such as food insecurity, hurricanes, and COVID-19.

As for the root causes, “I’m thinking of corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance,” she said.

Fox News reported:

While she didn’t immediately go into details, she later spoke of delivering food, shelter and water to the people of Honduras, and, in Guatemala, working with farmers to plant drought-resistant crops and help women farmers increase their crops.

Harris has cited weather and climate issues before when talking of “root causes.” Recently, in a Northern Triangle roundtable in April, she spoke extensively of the list of issues she believes are root causes. […]

“When you look at the root causes, we’re also looking at issues of corruption. Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity.”


The administration has decided that giving money to central America will hopefully alleviate the crisis. Harris has announced that over $300 million of taxpayer money will go to Central America.

  1. Harris named some of the “acute causes,” such as food insecurity, hurricanes, and COVID-19. As for the root causes, “I’m thinking of corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance,” You know all the things we Democrats have caused here in the US she said!

    1. Harris is the worse VP you could ever imagine. She doesn’t belong in the highest form of governing. The only reason why she won as a Senator because she’s in California and most Californians are Leftwings! And they are crooks! Just like the 2020 election , that’s how they won!

    2. Harrris doesn’t belong as the Vice President of the United States of America! She’s not capable to make America better. She’ and Biden are the puppets of Obama and Soros and the Clinton and who knows who else. Her speeches are like Biden , she reads from the big board so she doesn’t have to think! She’s not very smart. She sold her way to where she is today. She’s a fraud and cannot be trusted! They stole the election. How they did it , we the people will never know! Impeach her, impeach Biden! No more another year for them, please! Thank you!

  2. Someone explain to this idiot that if that is the case, migrants can go down to South America for the same weather. Seems to me it’s only coming to America and nowhere else.

  3. I’m wondering if her reasons are the same as when the climate changed thousands of years ago… Lets see, how ’bout when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the other times it changed – even before there were cars and Washington D.C. – just wonderin’

    1. Well, Patricia, it’s like this. You do know dimones claim cows are a big part of the problem. Cows eat grass then produce huge amounts of ordourifus gas which clings to auto emissions and THAT is causing the CURRENT weather crisis. Thosands of years ago, the biggest – size – dinosaurs were vegetarian – grass and plant eaters. A few dozen such produced at least the same amount of animal “farts” as several hundred thousand cows do today. Other dinosaurs like Dino Rex, Santa Taurus, etc, were meat eaters that ate the ceggie dinos. They then produced secondary gasses. Add the odors of dead fish, which equaled fossil fueled vehicle emissions, and that is what caused climate change thousands of years ago. Then – – –

      I gotta stop this. I am starting to sound like a demoncrap candidate for POTUS.

      1. Hey, I know quite a few people who produce some pretty large amounts of “ordourifus gas” after a good meal — guess they will be next for elimination??? 🙂 To quote my buddy, Bugs Bunny, “What a bunch of maroons” these Democrats are!

        1. Dried beans are a cheap source of protein and are delicious when cooked properly, but they do cause the humans who eat them to produce gas. So ban all beans. Anyone found with a bag of pinto beans, red beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, etc., will be fined $100 for possible contributions to climate change.

          1. Great comment, L.C. — beans were one of my Mom’s favorite things to cook with when we were growing up — every possible type you could name! Thanks for the smile today — we need more smiles!! 🙂

    2. Earth goes through cycles the poles shift more sun here less there. The polar ice caps were formed the same way. Yes the climate is changing but it has not much to do with us as it does with the poles shifting. And that can not be stopped. It will happen all through out time as long as this planet rotates . it can’t be stopped from going threw these pole shifts . all new green deal is just another crock. You can make automobile’ s run on the air you exhale and it still would not stop this so called climate change. It’s a big FARSE nothing we can do will stop it unless you explode the planet.

  4. Climate change is responsible for everything wrong in the human trajectory, and nothing else, like offering free everything if they vote Democrat, etc.

  5. Shes as dumb as a box of rocks. Does she actually believe what she is saying? The American people aint buying it. She needs to go to the basement with Joe

    1. You don’t want to put “Spread Eagle” in the basement with China Joe. You know from past performance what would happen.

      1. Just like commie joe only would make a good paper weight. One awful decoration yuk. Guess we could paint it !!! What color would be good for him 🤔🤔🤔🤢👤🐖🌐here it is I found his perfect color 💩

  6. Heels up Harris neglected to say that Honduras is infested with political corruption,bribes and state sponsored drug trafficking. The brother of the President and congressman Tony Hernandez was convicted of drug trafficking and received a 30 yr sentence here in the U.S.

  7. Once again funneling money. From one corrupt government to another corrupt government and then back to the original corrupt government and accidently winding up in Kamalas back pocket.

  8. First things first. Every photo consists primarily of adult males. Even in Obama’s cages, they’re mostly adults. The primary problem is these people don’t have the guts to replace their respective governments and demolish the cartels. A conservative view is they’re needed to keep democrat socialists in office.

    And clearly, the leftists offer far more free stuff than conservatives who believe one should earn one’s keep. It’s a major but unpublished plank in the democrat platform. I’m hopeful that we’ll soon see courageous conservatives toss the democrats and illegal aliens soon after.

  9. Hey, Y’all! At least get her name correct. One of her complaints is that people keep mispronouncing her name. It is CAMEL EYE HAWRACE

  10. I can not stand this administration, everything is about science, climate, etc. These people want things given to them FREE–and since when did the WH become “The Parliament” and Biden become the Impearilist?? This administration is off its rocker but then look what it is.

  11. They were saying dinosaur flatulence caused their extinction. Now DEMOCRAP flatulence is causing the extinction of the UNITED STATES. Every time her or any other DEMOASS opens their mouths more ozone is destroyed.

  12. The problem with migration is Joe Biden and Kamal Harris and their regime…..Bottom Line!!!!!! There is no way around it. They should be impeached and prosecuted for causing great harm to the American people!!!!!

  13. KAMALA how about giving them your democrats money instead of tax payers money??? We do don’t need them here for you democrats to lie to them.

  14. New Stand-Up Comedy act?? The weather has nothing, at all, to do with
    …the present chaos at the Border.
    *President Biden advertised his INVITATION on the MSM!!!

  15. Not only impeached inprisoned for no less the 10 life sentence’s other stars are now looking into election ballots. And so far they are seeing FRAUDULENT BALLOTS 🤔🤔🤔 IMADGINE that. Hmmm. I do believe that was said from day 1. But they act like they could beleive a troll could area s election.

  16. She must let joe smell her hair,and touch her all over – – – To have gotten her posission !


    1. AND buy more guns and ammo. And be ready !!! Do not give them up this is America when they go taking rights away and ignore the constitution this stops being USA. AND BECOMES ANOTHER VENEZUELA OR COMMUNIST CHINA.

  18. And Obama told us for years it was George Bush’s fault for everything. Your toilet is backed up. Must be Trump’s fault. You got herpes…yeah..Trump’s fault..you have acne..Trump’s fault…you have a bad hair day..yup. Trump’s fault. Now climate change causes everything. Gosh, I wish I was that smart.

  19. Harris is too stupid to be a good liar. Fortunately for her, the people who support Democrats are too dumb to figure out what a liar she is.

  20. If climate change is the cause of the turmoil at the southern border it’s got to be related to all the illegal methane being given off by our latest illegal citizens. I notice Camella is not interested in going down to the border, is it all that climactic flatulence?

  21. This woman is pathetic! BUT, with the “new logo” just what ” is “IT”!” She ain’t a “she” or a” he”. Matters not because she’s an idiot who can do nothing but “cackle” & laugh @ everything. When Pelosi / Schumer “decide” that “SLOW JOE” is gonzo, THIS laughing IDIOT is “what” we get to run this country? She’s as “useless” as “Sleepy Joe”& neither one of them will go to “the Border”! The Dems do NOTHING but “throw” $$ @ PROBLEMS! “WE” are in DEEP TROUBLE! It’s TIME or AMERICA to “SPEAK UP”!

  22. So its simple, close the border and climate change ends, Trump was saving the climate after all and Biden is destroying it, according to the logic of Kamala Harris!

  23. OK, something to ponder…The USA supports the WHO & the NIH sends millions to the lab in Wuhan, China … during the “election” of 2018, the GOP lost seats in the House & Senate … The first “Impeachment” was a media smoke screen to hide what Biden’s kid was doing overseas.(in China) …the 2018 election was the “test” (2020 would be the real thing) … How to collapse the USA economy, use the Covid … The year before before the 2020 election, China can shut down the world & the USA economy with the deadly virus… media can make it worse than it is… and both media, RINOs, and Deep State continue to make Trump a “helpless fool” … Enter Dominion computer “online vote tally” (same system tested in 2018…) Ponder … theory??? In my 80 years – Bengazi – Monica – Agenda 21 – $150 Billion to Iran – Immigration – Media taking sides? … Lots of Slime in DC … Not the same country I grew up in…

  24. She is out of her mine if this is who the Democrats are claiming is their lead in 2024 that’s great for us. All she does is laugh. She’s not good for the USA

  25. The more I see of this Democratic leadership the more I believe that there is acute mental problems to find in such leadership.

  26. Did she really say “…the lack of good governance”….? What does she know about good governance? She did get the “corruption” thing right though. She knows about corruption.

  27. Taking our hard earned money and giving it away to Central American countries to help border crisis. WHAT A FOOL SHE IS. She would definitely know about corruption since that what her whole political career has been laden with. Vote Republican in 2022 and hope we can get our Country back on the right track and out of the hand of these communist pigs.

  28. We have a crisis at the border because in California they get free healthcare and our pretend president wants free healthcare for the Country. Thanks a lot demonrats.


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