Republican Newsom Challenger Supports Building Trump’s Border Wall

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California Governor nominee Caitlyn Jenner says she supports building Trump’s border wall to help curb the massive influx of immigrants flooding the border. During a wide-ranging interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, the Republican challenger noted that the country can’t be secure without a border wall.

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According to Townhall:

When asked about immigration policy, the former reality tv star said “I am all for the wall, I would secure the wall.”

“We can’t have a state, we can’t have a country without a secure wall. You have two questions here. One is stopping people from coming in illegally into the state. And then the second question is, what do we do with the people that are here? We are a compassionate country,” Jenner said. “I would keep it a sanctuary state for small businesses,” Jenner added.

On the topic of the current governor’s handling of coronavirus, Jenner remarked that “Gavin Newsom on this issue has been absolutely horrible. He’s used it as a political tool in this state to shut it down, to control people.” Jenner slammed Newsom’s “total mismanagement of this process” of reopening California. When asked whether California should be reopened tomorrow, Jenner replied “absolutely, open it right up.”

Echoing some of the sentiment from the Olympic champion’s first campaign ad, Jenner told Hannity “I want to take that same fight, that same spirit, go to Sacramento, surround myself with some of the smartest people out there… because now I’m in a race for solutions.” Jenner continued: “I need to find solutions to be able to turn this state around. I absolutely love this state. I’m a fighter, always have been.”

Jenner has completely disrupted the narrative the left claims any transgender person should automatically subscribe to. The former Olympic gold medalist noted she supports keeping biological males from competing in girls’ sports simply saying, “It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

The Republican “disrupter” also voiced opposition to the Defund the Police movement which has run rampant in the Golden State. Jenner tweeted support for Ron DeSantis’ pledge to give all Florida first responders and polices bonuses, tweeting, “This is what leadership looks like. #LoveOurHeroes”

    1. I never thought that I would like that guy, but he impressed me last night on the Hannity Show.

  1. “If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it. Go over it. Go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.”

    –         Donald J. Trump (Wagner College Commencement Address)
    Welcome to the Republican Hypocrites Club

      1. Democrats have a “no tresspassing” sign in one hànd while waving a list of freebies to illegals in the other hand.

    1. There’s an obvious difference between a speech to encourage learning to advance obstacles in your career path and Committing a felony to advance a physical wall or legal barrier!!! I guess you can find a way to try to instill TDS in any comment made if you really want to feel superior… 🙁

    2. I suppose you think President Trump was speaking about a literal concrete wall? Ever stop to consider he was using an analogy to tell people not to give up, regardless of what “barriers” they face and need to overcome? Inspirational and public speakers do it all the time, of course. But I’m guessing you’d rather hate on our good President Trump and his supporters and play dumb! 🙁

    3. While my first comment is “awaiting for approval” :-(, let me soften it up a bit and try again to please the TTN censors. I’m guessing you’re really not too naive to know, that our good President Trump is using an analogy, and isn’t speaking of a “literal” concrete wall, right? That he’s saying regardless of the barriers you may face — whatever they may be, never give up? Something motivational speakers do all the time? But like most Democrats/liberals, you just can’t resist any opportunity to denigrate President Trump, best President our country has seen for years, and his supporters. Doesn’t work, of course, but feel free to keep trying! 🙂 And to other readers, if both comments are approved and show, forgive the repetition! 🙂

    4. That’s a METAPHOR braindead! It also shows how intelligent you are. Oh please, do not get up. You belong with the rest of the dem deadheads, dumber than dirt.

      Here’s a suggestion for you and your dem COMRADS: Go sit in front of a mirror and ask yourself this: Do I really care about anyone but myself? When you answer “No!” Then you will have discovered how deeply tragic the democrat party is…and yourself. IF THERE IS ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH THAT IS 100% HYPOCRITES, IT IS THE DEMONRAT PARTY — WHICH HAS BEEN INVADED BY PURE EVIL AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING GOOD! You people have no idea of what you do…or why!

      So Tonge, do not pretend you are all knowing, because you have made yourself into a fool 🤡, a clown, an idiot. Step out of that Fantasyland where ALL DEMS EXIST and experience “REALITY”, join the living, discard the manipulative Left, and do something GOOD for a change – like kicking the worthless, idiot dems to the curb…forever. That, Senor Tonge, would be the smartest action you have made in years!

    5. Sounds like a hypocrite calling others hypocrites! Trump encouraged people to strive for greatness and walls were barriers you will face in life, not really a wall!

      1. It’s also interesting to note that a US border wall, if ever completed, would be far from impassible through legal means.

  2. Tonge, you are a brain-dead moron. Were you born stupid, or did you get that way in
    your gubmint education? With idiots like you touting the Communist message of Vladimir
    Lenin, we conservatives are sure to win the battle to save the USA! Tonge, you just keep thinking that way and hoping that Biden and The Whore can seize all the weapons. You are indeed a bonehead.

  3. Upon first glance Jenner would seem to be perfect for voicing the agendas
    of the left. But it is not so. Now we will see how many Californians will come
    to their senses as the liberals marshal their forces to defeat Jenner.

  4. Someone needs to pass a bill that all immigrants must endure a background test and a physical. Even the children. No criminals can enter the US and no one with any communicable disease can enter.

  5. I’m sorry but I watchedthe interview and I just cannot look at this person seriously and think it’s a woman. It’s just too masculine… But any Republican that can win I am all for it!

  6. Don’t care “what” you are. All I can “say” is that you “make sense”! California is so “screwed up”! .In Washington, D.C. with Pelosi, Schiff. Waters, Feinstine & SO MANY Reps. who “make no sense”! You guys ARE “liberal”, but you have no right to impose your “Liberal views”on the “rest” of America!.Your state is “too big” & needs to be halved.I’m from N.j. & have “NO” say” & I’m sick & tired of California ruling the roost”! I’m SICK of California with “homeless”,swamp -smelling people” & Gavin Newsome “saying” “DO as I say” OR “I’ll shut you down”, while “I” can do “what I please”.I REALLY “hope” that you WIN!


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