CNN Analyst to Join Biden’s Justice Department

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

CNN analyst Susan Hennessy is joining President Biden’s Justice Department as senior counsel for the department’s national security division. This is only the latest person from the liberal network to make the transition to Biden’s administration. Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken once served as a global affairs analyst for CNN and White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki was a CNN commentator.

Fox News reports:

Hennessey has been an enthusiastic proponent of Russia collusion theories, such as bolstering the discredited Christopher Steele dossier that was ultimately dismissed as a pile of falsehoods, rumor and innuendo by an Inspector General investigation. Prior to her CNN stint, she served in the Obama administration as an attorney in the National Security Agency.

Online observers noted thousands of tweets had been deleted ahead of the announcement of her new position. Fellow Brookings Institution member Benjamin Wittes said Hennessey merely had her tweets set to auto-delete and wasn’t trying to hide her record.

Among her memory-holed tweets include a widely panned one blaming the United States in part for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane in 2020. Also gone are comments on the sprawling Russia probe, including a dismissal of the 2018 Republican memo casting aspersions on surveillance warrant abuses by the Justice Department and one from 2017 asserting a “concrete allegation of Trump team collusion.”

Hennessey devoted a podcast to the Robert Mueller Russia investigation report, which ultimately found no evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to fix the 2016 election, but she was uninterested in similar coverage of the Inspector General report that found significant FISA abuses by officials at the department she is now joining.

  1. So NOW “we” know who’s REALLY running the Whitehouse. It’s the CRAZY people from CNN! NOBODY “believes” any of them on cable & turns “them” off. which is WHY their ratings are tanking.Biden’s ratings are tanking too. Small wonder “why”. LIE to the people any way that you can,NEVER answer for anything & blindly lead the people “down the yellow brick road”!This road is paved with “pot” & “fentanyl”. Keep the whacko’s happy on drugs, PAY them to stay home & become brainwashed by watching T.V.& enforcing masks, social distancing , & ISOLATION! Straight out of Saul Alanski’s Mao book!

  2. From the liar’s club to to the liars in charge. I guess the corrupt FBI, DOJ and Supreme Court Were not enough, Bid en had to have one from cnn.

  3. Wow! The Biden Administration looks like “LIARS ANONYMOUS”! None of them speak the truth. There isn’t an honest bone in the bodies of any of the Biden lackeys – especially Biden himself.

  4. Swamp-critters need to be rewarded…otherwise, they might not remain loyal to Kum’all’ovah & O’bidet

  5. Right. Let’s just install a PRAVDA apparatchik in the DOJ. Soon it will be concentration camps for Trumpers and Truthers and Christians with Antifa blackshirts as the kapos…

  6. As they say, when things go bad, they REALLY go bad. Just when you think the Democrat Party and Joe Biden couldn’t do anything worse, they prove you wrong, and something like this happens. Since I know that Biden is not this dumb (when his brain was working, that is) he does something still more stupid than the last, puts his own political party is a worse position, and places the United States at more risk. The Democrat Party is simply “no damn good”.

  7. China, Iran, and perhaps even Russia are laughing themselves silly at the stupidity coming out of the White House. A non-existent President who has to have his statements spelled out for him is now hiring idiots from CNN. Joe, CNN has very poor ratings, do you really want to be placed in the same category.

  8. This INSANE !!..Somebody do something before we all get killed….Stupid is, Stupid does…

  9. I think Biden is a freakin train wreck and CNN has lied so much to cover up all the corruption it’s insane so the BS continues

  10. It is important for me to connect the dots, determining which ‘comrades’ hold appointed positions. They tell the story of the ‘soft revolution’.


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