Detroit Police Chief Expected to Announce Challenge to Gov. Whitmer [Public Domain]

Detroit’s top police officer, James Craig, is expected to announce his retirement today to launch his gubernatorial challenge against Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The Democrat has been under fire for her controversial Covid policies especially after news broke she used a private jet to fly to Florida while constituents were suffering.

Craig has been praised by Republicans for defending the Second Amendment and his major efforts to maintain peace in Detroit as many Democrat-led cities have seen major spikes in violent crime.

Fox News reports:

Detroit Police Sgt. Nicole Kirkwood confirmed to Fox News that Craig will announce his retirement Monday, but referred questions about a possible statewide race to Craig himself.

Ralph Godbee, the former chief of the Detroit police, told Fox 2 Detroit that Craig’s public safety leadership would transition well to politics.

“For a chief of police, just by the nature of what chiefs deal with,” he said. “The fact that in a major city, you are on television quite frequently making announcements good bad or indifferent. (He would have) the name recognition, the comfortability and also the credibility.”

Craig, during his interview on Fox News, was critical of individuals he says are influential — namely LeBron James and Rep. Maxine Waters — for their “toxic words that do nothing but undermine” the work that most police officers do. He made it clear that he is not a police apologist, and holds each individual officer to a high standard.

Craig has been a fierce defender of good policing after a rise in the “Defund the Police” movement. “The vast majority of our men and women do it right, he said.

    1. Republicans and independents start calling for Biden impeachment—he is in bed with China—-do what they did to Trump—he really is in bed with China—bumper stickers etc

      1. Too bad your’re ‘window on the world’ is liberal propaganda. It is beyond me as to how so many people have been programmed into thinking they are the ‘ultimate purveyors of truth’ by shallow, mindless propaganda. Well, that is what propaganda was designed to do – the people who succumb to it actually think their opinions are rooted in the absolute truth. The real reason it is so effective is because of the limited education of the people it affects so profoundly. It’s pretty impossible to change mind of a narcissist!

        1. Just like the Nazi party, those people thought they were doing the right thing by Killing Jews and trying to takeover the world so we have history repeating

      2. Good luck we just had a government takeover from the Democrats and not a freaking peep from the Republicans

  1. Anyone but the “Munster” Whitmer.
    The people of Michigan must vote her out.
    Aren’t you all tired of “good for me but not for thee”?

  2. God I hope he does it. Michigan voters should be sick to death of corrupt unions promoting Democrats who kills jobs & the economy disproportionately harming African Americans, by the way. The corruption in the 2020 election staggers the mind. The testimony at public hearings was brutal. But the unions shrugged it off because stuffing ballots is ritual for them. This time when they did it, they knocked out a great Senate candidate John James, an exciting young African American & job creator, as well as President Trump who lifted Michigan’s economy out of Hell itself, until Whitmer destroyed the economy with her radical Covid lockdown.
    Time for new blood. ,

  3. Good luck to Godbee. But the real question is, can Whitmer continue to resist the overwhelming desire to commit suicide because of self-hatred? She certainly is one of the most evil people in the United States, and it takes unbelievable effort to maintain any self esteem, at all, in the face of knowing that about herself. Maybe someone with a little pity will help her along.

  4. Does anyone know if he’s running as a Democrat or Republican? I’ve seen a couple of clip interviews. He sounds logical and for the people. But, in the end Democrats always cave to the pressure from the henchmen of the party, not to mention the corrupt unions.

  5. I’m not a Detroit Police Officer, but Chief Craig seems to be a cop’s cop who will back his officers.
    That’s a real rarity in most law enforcement agencies across America….
    And he shows real common sense…. a trademark of anyone who is republican.

  6. Top Cop James Craig is a great one to challenge the Old Ice Queen. People love law and order in these crazy times the left governs with. She is the epitome of evil, her policies are upside down!

  7. Chief Craig has been a great Police Chief. This is sad news for Detroiters. With Sheriff Benny Napoleon gone, what will happen to law enforcement. Actually Chief Craig has been one of the best police chiefs we have had in a long time. Detroit police department and citizens need him.

    He would make a good Governor, but he will be running up against the swamp, just like Schuette. GOP did little for Schuette’s campaign and left us to the clutches of Witchmer.

  8. I pray to God Almighty that Whitmer is thrown the curb, or in the rubbish heap and Cheif Craig wins the nomination and election as Governor of the State of Michigan. Whitmer is undoubtedly in the top three (3) of the worst Governors in the United States and has blood on her hands over her disastrous handling of COVID-19 and city riots. She ranks with Cuomo and Newsom as the all-time worst ever! Sanity must return to Michigan along with law and order!

  9. I would vote for a dog turd before I would vote for Whitmer. She is a lying – stealing – cheat.

  10. Whitmer is a MONSTER! She has looked like a demon in so many pressers where she was talking about the rationality of her Michigan lockdown measures. She is intoxicated to the point of death, by power – and she is ONLY a Governor of a state that the Democrats have already destroyed!

  11. Craig if ANYONE knows best what the Demoncrats have done to undermine the police, and all in the interest of domination and seizure of government. They are grooming their list of black-clad psychopaths to take over the role of Secret Police, to knock the skulls and skeletons of all those who dare resist. That’s how Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini and Chairman Mao did it.

  12. I watched Mr. Craig on Fox the other evening, he came off as an intelligent man who backed his men on the police force, and saw through the democrat foolishness advocated by the likes of Gretchen Whitmer. Good luck to a good man.

  13. Come on Trump Train News….you show a picture of “The Wicked Witch of Michigan” and not a picture of the potential NEW governor of Michigan. In the immoral (or is that imortal?) words of Joe, “Come on man!” I will send $ to his campaign!!! Who will join me???


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