‘Woke Inc’ Author Says Trump Should Take Facebook Ban Decision to Supreme Court

On Monday, Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech businessman and author of “Woke Inc” told Fox News that Trump has potentially “groundbreaking legal theory” over Facebook’s ban. During the interview, Ramaswamy said that instead of going to Facebook’s oversight board Trump should take the decision all the way to the Supreme Court.

Fox News reports:

I think that this self-criticism was just a veneer, it’s a smokescreen designed to create this air of legitimacy around their decision when in fact they did exactly what Mark Zuckerberg wanted to. They reinforced the decision that Facebook made. 

President Trump should take this case—not to Facebook’s sham corporate Supreme Court—he should take it to the real U.S. Supreme Court. And I actually think he has a potentially groundbreaking legal theory. Facts are on his side, where these companies aren’t like normal private companies. They’re effectively doing the bidding of Democrats in Congress who have threatened them with regulation and reprisal if they don’t go out and censor content that they as Democrats don’t want to see and they give them Section 230 immunity and go out and do it.

So, that’s a combination of a stick and a carrot that turns this private action into really state-like action that’s governed by the First Amendment. Clarence Thomas threw down the gauntlet and said that he was interested in hearing the case in an opinion he wrote recently. I think Trump should take it all the way to the real U.S. Supreme Court.

Watch it here.

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      1. …and blm and antifa! plus roberts the wimp,is afraid of his own shadow and fearful of being uncovered in pedo island with the eipstein perverts.!

        1. I don’t understand how Roberts would be a show stopper. There are eight other Supreme Court justices. Can someone explain all the comments on Roberts?

  1. Why in hell would one submit oneself to a pro-Facebook review board that is designed to curtail Constitutional free speech? This is absolutely a SCOTUS issue.

    1. TO ge them on record proving INTENT. That creates a clear victory when Trump uses the federal court system. It also may prove that MORE THAN ONE COMPANY WAS ALIGNED INTO an ad-hoc group. If that group violated ANY ELECTION LAWs then they are a RICO ACT violation as well.
      How about getting them on record so that he can cause the complete destruction of those companies!!!

    2. It has been some 50-60 years ago – and I don’t remember the details – but something similar was brought against Bell Telephone. The final review by
      SCOTUS was Bell was practicing MONOPOLY and had to be broken up. Result – hundreds or even thousands of telephone companies have been created. No doubt the BIG public info entities are guilty of Directional or Targeted Monopoly by giving voice to liberals while denying the SAME voice to conservatives. As many have said, this is a blatant violation of the Constitution.

    DJT does not have to use Facebook but, this is about “the principle”! His first amendment right of free speech as provided/guaranteed in the Constitution is being infringed upon as is happening to conservatives everywhere! Take it to SCOTUS if necessary!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that Pres. Trump should take his case to the REAL Supreme Court! He deserves to be properly heard and the American Supreme Court is the best place to do this!!
    Frances Weingarten

    1. but here is the problem, John Roberts is a dirty A_hole and the enemy to all American people, he’s afraid of Chuck Schumer.

      1. they both should be afraid of Real American adults, NOT scum bag swamp rats, democrat KKK azzholes, the twaters in the media, clowns in hollow woody, or social media gestapo humps …

  4. The only problem with taking it to the Supreme Court as you don’t have a clue at how John Robert’s would vote. The Supreme Court failed to hear any cases on Election fraud simply because they were afraid of what the woke crowd would do. The best scenario is a real conservative network to replace these fool tech giants that are doing the bidding to turn us to socialism. They got rich and now they don’t want anyone else to do what they were able to do. Next best alternative is for us to take back the country and break them up.

    1. You’re correct , partially . Scotus is afraid of the BLACKMAIL from the Oligarchical Swamp
      Creatures .

    2. That would mean electing CONSERVATIVES to control the retirement investments of most of the USA. They are the ones controlling it all now, along with big investors. The trick is to take over the Chairmanship and the CEO,CFO of every corporation involved by corporate share voting.
      Fire each of those replaced with prejudice for illicit use of shareholder funds. No golden parachutes. Send them on their way and no one will hire them again.

    3. Break them up first, and if SCOTUS pulls their trick with roberts the pedo, then I would demonstrate on the streets all the way to the SCOTUS STEPS!

  5. These Tech companies went too far. They should be held accountable and not get away with destroying free speech for everyone. Time for their power to get crunched!

  6. The last few decisions by the Supreme Court seems, as if, they are bowing to the mob instead of upholding the Constitution.

  7. Actually any “friend of the court” in any related action can bring up the issue of political financial support. In essence the company used ALL of its resources for over a year to support the liberals and democrats and specifically attempt to harm the election of conservatives.
    THis means that all operating expenses were “donations in kind” duding that period and under federal law should have been declared and limited. I know several programmers who can quantify and qualify the donations and they are HUGE.
    It would mean that those corporations involved violated election laws and exceeded donations.
    The IRS should be looking into this on its own. Even if the monetary values were undeclared to the IRS and to election committees, they were an illegal use of shareholders assets. A criminal act in itself.
    Yes, there is PLENTY to go after in this last election. All of it is liberals and democrats violating the law to create POWER.
    I am unsure if elections could be negated over this however, it would seem the logical and rational conclusion. The Supreme Court has been anything but logical or rational of late.

  8. Of course, this is an excellent idea. The question is, why hasn’t it been done before now? It IS true that Trump is still learning the political ropes in Washington, but there are LOTS of knowlegable people around him who could have given this advice earlier.

  9. KGB of social media denied me and “facebook” jail because it felt my comments were offensive to some, NOT that is wasn’t true. This is a direct violation of free speech, but then the judicial department won’t uphold our freedoms – they can’t even uphold the integrity of our elections


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