These Lawmakers Are Standing Up for Liz Cheney

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

House Republicans are set to vote on Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s future as GOP Hosue Conference Chair tomorrow. Cheney’s repeated attacks on former President Trump have caused many GOP heavy hitters to call into question Cheney’s commitment to winning back the House next year, the top priority for Republicans. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Whip Steve Scalise have already backed New York’s Elise Stefanik to fill Cheney’s role if the vote passes but other Republicans and even some Democrats are standing by Cheney.

Keep Reading to see the Republicans Trying to keep Cheney in charge:

  1. Hahaha, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.
    ALL LOSERS, supporting a major loser!
    Nuff said. Vote her out! The others should be right behind. My biggest surprise was the Iowa woman Jonie. I don’t trust her.

    1. That was my reaction about Joni Ernst, but maybe a REAL conservative will challenge her sorry ass in ’22 or ’24; at least, let’s hope so!!

  2. Get rid of this fifth-column, set-up by the demon(c)rats & supported by the globalists, in the DC-swamp…then, and only then, can you talk about taking back the GOP. That’s at least a more than 70+million base of legit voters, and counting, if not, then just STFU, and get used to losing!

  3. Liz is an anti American who deserves to be outed! Our party already has Mitt Romney to try to destroy it! We don’t need anymore!

    1. She certainly didn’t get many GOP votes!! More Dems than GOP (obviously) support her staying in! Maybe she should switch parties? Say goodnight, Liz!

    2. She has the right to do that but that does not make her a team player at least not with the Republican party, time to hit the highway lez.

  4. Liz Cheney is already yesterday’s news! She challenged the WRONG POTUS!! Go home to daddy, little girl. Dick Cheney can help console this total loser!!

  5. Cheney is an echo of her old man and the Bush administration failure, she is the last thing this Party needs as it try’s to save our Country. She looking for comfortable place to be important and she sees it the Democrat Party, Wyoming doesn’t want her and she knows it, don’t let her help Biden’s Cabal hide the biggest fraud in the World, the stealing of democracy from America.

  6. What a bunch of “mariposas”! We do not need weak, sniveling, self centered politicians that don’t give a rat’s azz about their constituents. Shame on these dirt bags…..we can do better than this.

  7. The people supporting Cheney are interesting. Of course, Pelosi, Biden, and Sanders, being democrats, will support Cheney just to go against Republicans. As far as the Republicans supporting Cheney, it figures that they would support Cheney, because they felt the same as Cheney against Trump. Don’t know about Ernst. Too bad the Republicans cannot stick together as a party the way the dems do!

  8. Bernie….Biden…….Pelosi…..when people like this stand up for you there is something wrong with you !

  9. Every Democrat who supports Liz Cheney will stab her in the back if she succeeds in keeping her leadership position. Remember Juan MexaCain? When running for the 2008 nomination the Democrats and the main stream media which is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, all of them had nothing but praise for him but after he won the nomination they attacked him vehemently.

    1. Kick her to the curb,then in 2022 KICK HER OUT! Replace her with Marjorie Taylor Greene,someone who has GUTS.

  10. No surprise as Ernst cannot be trusted for sure!! She also voted to confirm that GOON Merrick Garland for A.G of the U.S. along with her counterpart Grassley! They have also been noted as being for those UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG FIASCO GUN LAWS also, and they say they are supporters of our Second Amendment! They cannot be if they support those Damn things that trample 3 Amendments to our Constitution!!!!!!! Watching to see if they support that leftist anti Second-Amendment GOON to head the A.T.F.and E.!!

  11. The BIG LIE Biden is no surprise! He does NOT even know where he is most of the time! He is probably is helping Pelosi eat her $80.00 a pint ice cream! The rest of them are all leftist rino’s that act just like Cheney the clown!!


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