Richard Grenell Calls Susan Rice ‘Shadow President’

New America via ( Wikipedia Commons

Former National Intelligence director Richard Grenell says that Susan Rice is the one pulling the strings, not President Biden or even Vice President Harris. Rice first served as national security adviser under President Obama and was recently tapped by President Biden to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council. In an interview with CPAC, Grenell says that Rice is fully taking advantage of the role and entering her influence.

Fox News reports:

Rice is one of the many officials from the Obama administration that landed jobs in the Biden White House. There was speculation that she would be his running mate and when that never materialized, secretary of state.

He said that it is apparent that Biden’s effort to placate the far-left in his party while dealing with significant foreign policy concerns is leading to more headaches.

He said Rice’s expertise is in foreign policy, not domestic policy. He called her appointment a signal that “all of our foreign policy will be treated like domestic policy.”

“The foreign policy mess that they are creating is a mess because they are placating the far-left domestically,” he said. (Grenell predicted in January that he believed Rice would be calling the shots.)

Watch the interview here:

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    1. EXACTLY!! She gets her orders from obama!!! Since he could not put obama into that position, because biden wants to put obama into the Supreme Court!!Which I DON’T think he is eligible to go there. He LOST his license to practice law!!

      1. I agree with your sentiments, but it is NOT necessary to be a lawyer in order to be a Supreme Court Justice. One of the better justices (nominated by FDR) had no law school license.

        1. at first didn’t believe you but did some research for quals to be SCOTUS and you’re correct….from the website of the SCOTUS: “a Justice does not have to be a lawyer or a law school graduate, but all Justices have been trained in the law”

      2. IDK about that! Obama is as ignorant as Senile Joe. Rice might be running BO instead of the other way around! Or “god” Soros might be running all of them.

      3. There us bi requirement that justices be attorneys. But a non-attorney Supreme Court Justice would fit right in with the rest of Creepy Joe’s policies and decisions.

      4. neither he or Michael lost their licenses….per a article back in 2010, oblammer “surrendered his license back in 2008 possibly to escape charges that he “fibbed” on his bar application” and Michael’s currently on “inactive status”….things could have changed since then….

        1. I know many knowledgeable people that wouldn’t vote for him. When will people learn, we live in the best country ever! Stop trying to ruin it pay attention to policies and our freedom! It’s not just a personality contest!

      1. I sometimes do wonder myself. But the answer is simple. He was a Negro (or actually a half-Negro or mulatto). The Democrat Party, as crooked as ever, took advantage of their racist agenda to nominate a Negro, and then screamed “racist” at anyone who even suggested that he was incompetent. Of course, he was horribly, totally, completely incompetent, and still is. And this is why the Democrat Party, and this administration, welcomes his advice and secondary control of White House matters through Susan Rice. There is NO love for the United States in the modern Democrat Party.

      2. Because the pandemic came, people got scared and thought joe was going to be our savior. Isn’t the old man cute attitude. Many used the tweet excuse. And the media would not let up on President Trump. Some are actually giving credit to joe for Operation Warpspeed. Very sad. Now, we’re all paying and it’s far from over.

      3. Because he was black and Americans believed (wrongly) that by voting for this incompetent fool they would show the world they are not “racists”.

        America is actually the least “racist” country in the world. The liberal Democrats are using race as a tactic to get people to do what they want them to do. It is BS but it works on weak people.

    2. who is pulling O’dumbdumbs strings???? he is not the brightest bulb in the box, take away his teleprompter he cant put a coherent sentence totether.

    3. Soros, Obama, (Iranian born) Valerie Jerrett – pulling strings and (compromised) Biden is their puppet.

  1. This shadow president should not happen look whats happening America is going into inflation, a war is going to break out, to many people involved with politics which shouldn’t be involved. This shows Joe Biden is not qualified impeach now

    1. Everyone I talk to….almost, is scared to death of Marxist communism happening to America!! Main consideration when voting!

  2. It’s long past time for some serious Congressional and Senatorial oversight of Bumbling Biden and Hap Hazard Harris.

        1. Didn’t realize TTN had grammar police. I taught English grammar and spelling for several years, and have never attempted to “police” what someone else writes on these threads, as long as I understand their intent. For all we know, the way technology is today, it was the auto device that didn’t know the difference. Now, when I graded papers, it was a whole different ballgame, of course. 🙂

    1. Something is in the wind. All very rich people are buying private Islands and heading for the hills,.Obummers , Gates, Musk , and even Trump.

  3. There’s no one who’s capable of being President if Biden were to be impeached. Harris?? No. Pelosi??? Hell no, Schumer??? Again No!!!
    Our only chance is to get major changes in 2022 or its going to be a disaster!!!
    Sleepy Joe’s only been in office for a few months and we’re already in a tailspin with China,Russia and Iran as Cheerleaders; and they’re definitely not cheering us on to succeed!!!

  4. And whose puppet is she? Are they even Americans? Not one thing the administration has done has been for the betterment of our nation. It certainly hasn’t been to help the middle class Americans.

      1. If they hate America that bad why not just leave, it’s like being at a party or living one a block where everyone hates you!! Just move.

  5. Wonderful! Now we can get “official” lies not only from Joe Biden but also from half-black Rice! And I thought we were rid of all the old racists, that occupied Barack Obama’s White House. It seem that the Democrats never, ever tire of being hard-over racists, so they bring back Susan Rice – one of the very worst racists of the entire Obama administration.

  6. Rice has a brain the size of one grain of rice. Sure explains the psychotic picture the USA is demonstrating to the world.


  8. I don’t care who’s pulling the strings. But, it’s very, very obvious that joe is not running the show. Are you all feeling the pain yet? Gonna hurt more very soon. Enjoy, those of you who voted for this disaster.

  9. They all doing what Obamura is giving them order to do. Boy these evil people HATE THIS COUNTRY. There is no question about it.


  11. What better way to implement your insane policies, s the blame when they don’t work and you torpedo the country!

  12. I’m not surprised. Question is – What can we do about it? Clearly Biden needs to be ousted from office – which ousts Susan Rice as well. Obviously, Biden winning the election was pure fraud and should be with by installing Trump – immediately!

  13. So heartening to know that that lying sack of you-know-what that told the whole world that a video triggered the Benghazi attack is in charge of things. At least It does help explain the Biden administration’s reverse Midas Touch.

  14. wonder who Rice is doing the work for? Peloser, Chuckie, the ‘Legacy of Failures’ oblammer?

  15. This is the WITCH that lied to the American People and the FAMILIES of those MURDERED in the BENGHAZI DEBACLE by going on every FAKE NEWS MEDIA STATION and saying this was not a Terrorist Attack but a “reaction to a UNknown to most of the World, Video” when clearly it was a PLANNED and EXECUTED TERRORIST ATTACK on our American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya wherein our AMERICAN AMBASSADOR and several others were MURDERED; thanks to some Troops and Security Employees, all the other employees were saved…This woman is a VILE, EVIL, LYING POS’ and should be in PRISON FOR HER CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  16. Based on the decisions Biden is making, I find it hard to believe it’s coming from Rice. She may have poor judgement but she isn’t stupid. I believe it more likely direction is coming from AOC.


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