Stefanik Will Replace Cheney As House GOP Conference Chair

Office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This morning House Republicans voted for New York Rep. Elsie Stefanik to take over the House Republican Conference Chair position previously held by Rep. Cheney. Republicans participated in a closed-door vote to elect Stefanik to the position.

Thursday afternoon Texas Rep. Chip Roy launched a last-minute campaign to challenge Stefanik to the post. However, the Texan knew he would have an uphill battle to garner enough support as Stefanik has already received endorsement from top House Republicans Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and even former President Trump.

Former President Trump also sent out a statement congratulating Stefanik on the victory.

“Congratulations to Elise Stefanik for her Big and Overwhelming victory! The House GOP is united and the Make America Great Again movement is Strong!” Trump wrote.

    1. She is supported by Trump and right now the party is following his lead. Like it or not he is a powerful candidate and this election was taken away from him. I just hope enough states pass election laws, limiting mail in votes and clean up the mess Dominion created. Looks like AZ was caught, rightfully so.

    2. Not so, if you like wars, Liz Cheney is as much a Hawk as her father, looking for wars to subsidize the Military Complex cabal in the ranks of the “Establishment.” They are only looking to have their pockets lined by Lobbyists from that complex…big business. Think back to Comey and how it all paid off for him at Lockheed Martin, to the tune of a $6 million dollars in salary…then he wrote a book of lies and deception for another couple million. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

      1. gary – just because Cheney was/is a war hawk and an anti Trumper – doesn’t mean her voting record on conservative issues was worse than Stefanik’s. If you actually look up their voting records, Stefanik’s record is very questionable. We need to watch her like a hawk! trump made a mistake of trusting insiders and their pics before. Being she was McCarthy’s pic you should have taken notice.

    3. We need all kinds of Republicans IN the party. As long as Stefanik doesn’t contradict Trump’s policies, it’s OK for her to vote differently sometimes. Cheney OPENLY rebuked Trump==”not prudent.”

      1. Phil – “As long as Stefanik doesn’t contradict Trump’s policies.” Well you better look at her past record. Look up Chip Roy’s letter on how much she voted against trump policies. Stefanik only became a star during the impeachment.

    1. Yeah, but where can you find ANY Republican bureaucrat with a solid conservative voting record…. particularly a female????????
      We’re not like democrats…. lol

      1. Ain’t it the truth? The Demon-crats will line up in total solidarity to double-time in step right over the cliff onto the jagged rocks of socialism. But the Republicans are almost TOO individualistic. Getting them all together is like herding cats: it ain’t gonna happen. Remember that movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Well, they are among us: they are the Demon-crats, allied together with an alien herd against humans who want to remain individuals.

  1. Liz is done and done. Now she can fully concentrate on that Presidential run in 2024.
    Bahahaha, LMAF!

  2. People are talking about her voting record, voting record, voting record! I looked it up and what’s wrong with it? Against increased gun laws, decrease spending, every time I have seen her interviewed I’m in line with her thinking.
    What’s everyone complaining about unless they are just parroting others words without checking it out themselves.

    1. You may have been looking in the wrong places. She has supported the Equality Act, climate change, border security and anti energy issues. Recently she has changed her tune a bit because of Trump. She sounds like she blows with whichever direction her career wind is blowing.

  3. Trump seems to have a “blind spot” when endorsing or choosing some people and I think this is one of them.

  4. Yay for her. She is awesome and she does not play games. Cheney was not loyal and not trustworthy bit Elise is. Thank you for accepting the position. I know you will do a good job becaaue you are not easily swayed by the crooked left.

  5. Alright……… Stefanik has her opportunity to strategize, put plans in motion, and energize Republicans (and Independents) to get out the vote and regain the House in 2022. We MUST do the same in the Senate…..FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
    Stefanik……get the job done so we won’t have to have a repeat of Cheney and time to act is getting shorter by the day! Please Lord, let this be a wise decision!

    1. Off the topic but GOD does have the last word. My sister was in ICU for two months. She would get better then relapse. Doctors could not find what was wrong with her. Finally her doctor (a foreigner) told my niece there was nothing else they could do for her. My niece said “I guess it is up to God now”. The doctor looked down his nose at her and said “YOUR God is not MY god”. One week later my sister was in recovery and in another week we brought her home. She lived six more years. NEVER butt heads with God because He always wins.

  6. Excellent decision! Elise Stefanik is pure MAGA energy. She recruited & financed 15 new WINNING House GOP candidates in 2020 when Democrats expected to wipe the floor with Republicans. She’s sooooo goood.


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