New York Attorney General Reveals Trump Organization is Under Criminal Investigation

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New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced that the investigation into the Trump Organization has been raised from a civil case into an “active criminal investigation.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“James’ office is working with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s Office, whose wide-sweeping probe into the Trump Organization has looked into whether the company misled lenders and insurance companies about the value of properties and whether it paid the appropriate taxes,” CNN reported. “For the past two years, James’ office looked into matters including whether or not it improperly inflated assets on financial statements to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits, as well as how Trump Organization employees were compensated.”

James’ office confirmed in a statement that its investigation into the Trump Organization was now criminal in nature.

“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the Organization is no longer purely civil in nature,” James’ office said in a statement. “We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA. We have no additional comment.”

“Vance began looking into Trump and his company in 2018 after former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations in connection with paying off an adult film actress who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Trump. James’s investigation began months later in early 2019,” The Washington Post reported. “Vance’s investigation into Trump and his company has heated up in recent months. His office obtained eight years of Trump’s personal and business tax returns along with related attachments — amounting to millions of pages of records. Forensic accountants and other analysts have been pouring through the documents.”

So far, Trump nor his attorney have yet to comment on what is now a criminal investigation. Previously, when a judge granted Vance the right to Trump’s taxes and records Trump slammed the decision as a “continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

    1. Could Trump sue New York for defamation of character? Just saw the New York AG. Her hatred for Trump is unbelievable. Her whole reason for running for AG was to get Trump. She is obsessed with him.

    1. Sure what else does the left have to cook up? They are so dreadful in doing anything for this country I’m not surprised that people have disowned them.

    1. I read a report one time where 15 CPAs, tax attorneys, and IRS agents were given the same information in order to prepare a tax return. Guess what?! They got 15 different returns….

      1. The IRS maintains a telephone service staffed by trained specialists prepared to answer most questions. For very complicated issues, these specialists enter questions into a database that is accessed by advanced experts in the field, e.g., oil and gas, construction loss carryovers, large scale depreciation issues and so on. If you call several times, you’ll likely hear several answers.

  1. The ones that need investigation are on the left who have no respect for our laws, our Constitution, or anyone who disagrees with them. They are traitors to our country and no one brings them to justice. Sad day in America.

  2. President Trump was the only Honest person in Washington and New York.
    Let the democrats pay for their injustices!


    1. Alot of Washington’s bureaucrats and opposition leaders are people of depraved minds, no longer knowing right from wrong. They’ve become conduits for evil and are defiant toward the Lord.

  3. I just wished they would proceed to go after Hilliary and Hunter Biden… there is real evidence there and they do nothing

    1. Only if “WE the PEOPLE” rise up
      seriously act
      talk is cheap as we all see it
      action is costly as our freedom is costly no matter what

  4. If I was as miserable, obsessed and insane as the Liberals constantly are, I would go play in the road!! Bitch, moan, and still at it 4.5 years later. Destroying this country with the BS, offended by everything. I know a lot of today’s youth and Millennials that did not get an ass whipping and needs one now. Makes me sick!!

  5. The witch hunt continues…….yes,t they need to go after the real dirt like the founder of any foundation, I.e. fbi, cia, etc… and their abuse of financial angles….
    From another perspective toward more of those witches hunt—-the more likely they will be burned via karma
    unlike the earlier era where they were really tied down on a stake and hauled into the fire pit
    life has a way of biting the hand that feeds them

  6. Every day I pray for the protection and President Trump and his family from foreign and especially domestic ENEMIES. That being said, this really troubles me. They won’t let up, all to keep him from running again in 2024. If he decides to run again, the media will make a mockery out of all this stuff. Pray if you believe in the power of prayer.

    1. I pray for President Trump often but from today, I shall join you in praying for him every day. He really needs angelic protection. All President Trump did was to put America First and Make America Great Again. He told us what he was going to do when he went into office and he did it. And for that the liberal elites and the conservative elites hate him. These elites want to keep all Americans down under their feet as slaves. President Trump liberated us. Trump gave us jobs; made us energy independent; rolled back restrictive regulations; stood up to China; stopped Iran’s nuclear ambitions; made us a fierce leader on the World stage and he made us proud to be Americans again.

      Let us join with Nine Island Girl and pray daily for President Trump. Let’s ask the Lord to grant him favor, protection, and wisdom. Thank you 🙏🏿.

      1. Thank you so much!
        This is a very difficult time for our country and all of us. May our Lord extend His hand of protection and forgiveness.
        Stay well!

  7. I think that dear Letitia should be under investigation by the FBI and the IRS. Something really smells!!

  8. You know when Trump came on board he was new and did not clean house. And now these same people he should have gotten rid of are doing there best to hurt him. Now he is a human and when hurt remembers and I hope does the revenge thing. Pay all these things (not humans really) back. No more nice guy since he has learned his lesson (I hope) I hope we see a lot of treason, attempting to over throw the Pres……charges that will put them in jail for the rest of their lives…..And any found guilty of Treason/or like charges have the proper punishment given to them…..Let them have a choice…..hanging/shooting.

    1. You didn’t get the leftist memo. Blacks are incapable of racism and whites are inherently racist. Read the dissertation of any graduate of Critical Race Theory.

  9. Meanwhile the real criminals like Cuomo and Biden are raised to the level of saints. They just cannot do anything but go after our 45th President. They are stuck like Chuck so to speak. Idiots one and all.

  10. Can these “prosecutors be charged with a crime for falsely coming up with accusations
    like this? They should be. It’s gotten to the point where it’s so obvious that they are bending over backwards to get rid of Trump, they would jail him for having spit on the sidewalk in 1975. It’s especially obvious when they allow politicians they favor do anything their little heart desires. Where are the Charges against Hillary, and how about Mario’s little boy Andy, the “Hands On” governor of New York, and add to the list the placement of Covid patients among the state’s nursing homes. They are letting felons, who were caught in the act of Burning, Looting, and Rioting back on the streets within a few hours with no bail, even if they had been arrested previously that same night.

    1. Look what is happening with former Governor Eric Greitens. He was falsely charged by AG Kim Gardner and now she has to answer to a board for her false allegations!
      He has now proved himself innocent and she had to admit she could not provide evidence she claimed to have against him!

  11. New York is a corrupt state. They should focus on real crimes that Governor Cuomo has committed, murder and sex assaults! Everything is a witch hunt against President Trump. God will give him and all of us justice. At least one case was dismissed recently, the Stormy Daniels one, and she was ordered to pay the court costs! President Trump issued a statement thanking the court.

  12. Everyone should feel VERY comforted that they (The Swamp) want him stopped at all costs. No other president ever threaten them the way Pres Trump does.

  13. Trump Reid more for the US. Than any of the “OldBoys” have done in years and now Biden is ruining the country in record time.


  15. A.G. James needs to go after the real criminals like BLM and Antifa and perhaps the $850 Million that Mayor de Blasio gave to his wife to help the homeless and mentally ill. De Blasio needs to give an account of his stewardship. What about all the destruction that criminals did to NYC when they broke into stores and stole everything in sight, when will t A.G James hold these criminals accountable.

    1. This is all an outright attempt to stop Trump from running in 2024. The Race Hustling Democrats, Fake News Media and Big Tec are all in on it. Biden has weaponized the DOJ. We are all now white supremacists for being Trump supporters. Where is the guy that murdered Ashly Babit on Jan 6th. Shot her at point blank range while she was draped in the American Flag. Our country is in freefall, we better freakin wake up. Trump needs to do some rallies, the fake news will cover it only because their ratings are in the toilet. Homeland Security will be taking all our pictures. Smile for the camera

    2. Ah, but that is precisely why the left keeps investigating Trump! For nothing! Before becoming president, the supposedly ”best intelligence in the world” surely had investigated him, especially by running against HRC. By winning against such odds, was something unimaginable from these vicious people! Hence the importance to destroy him. Their accusations of Trump accomplish two things, keep the attention of people away from their inability to govern, (check each state w/ the left governing) and the second, not one democrat is in jail or even impeach! If John F. Kennedy were alive today, he would be insulted that these people behaving like vicious dogs with rabbies, called themselves democrats!

  16. Is BHO and the scared Democrats behind this new Witch Hunt. They must be afraid that Donald Trump will run for president and be elected again and save the USA from their “woke” left wing destruction..

  17. Where is the investigation of all of the illegal influence peddling, pay-for-play activities of the Biden crime cabal? Hatred of Trump is no reason for such ridiculous charges. Does anyone realize that the Cy Vance “investigation” accuses Trump of inflating the value of his properties while this James “investigation” accuses Trump of under-estimating the value of his properties? Does that make sense to anyone other than this is just another witch hunt?!

  18. Instead of sifting through tiny bits of sand to find something to go after Trump, how about the wall of info available on Hunter that everyone in the Biden administration seems to avoid?

  19. The DEMS “FEAR TRUMP BIGTIME”! These guys are so corrupt. How come there’s no investigation of Cuomo or DeBlasio? Better yet, good ‘ole Hilliary. “They” want Trump OUT-PERIOD & will do ANYTHING to make it so. “They” KNOW that the people support Trump & they want to ban him from politics. Might I suggest that they begin in their own corrupt Marxist party?

  20. why haven’t these people gone after the real criminals like Biden and his blackmail of Ukraine to protect his son and others like the mayor and Gov. of New York and all the felons walking the streets of New York do your job quit being partisan and stay out of politics

  21. The democrooks can’t stand that he is still a threat to their power. They will never stop wasting our tax money on investigating him ,till we vote ALL of them out of office

    1. ” WE THE PEOPLE ” must speak out, and call them out every chance we get. The TRUMP Train just added a few more miles of cars.

  22. Billionaires don’t usually involve themselves in their tax returns. They pay millions for the best accountants and attorneys to research and prepare a tax return each year. If money is owed after an audit, taxpayers pay what’s due or appeal the issue to the tax court.

    This usually isn’t a matter taken up by political hacks or even state attorneys general. The IRS has thousands of CPAs, lawyers and other specialists who are professionally paid to deal with the Internal Revenue Code. This action is just part of the usual democrat witch hunt.

  23. Oh malarkey, the real criminals on the left have abused every law, every trust, and every branch of government! They are truly liars and deceivers, and totally uncivil to the Constitution, the American people, and lawful branches this country used to represent.

  24. There are too many signs to ignore going on. Prominent signs converge into the tribulation, New World Order, or the time of Jacob’s Trouble Luke 21:28, and we are seeing evidence of many of them right now. There has definitely been organized sedition and resistance to an elected President Trump with intent to bring down his government. It began with harassment at campaign rallies and grew into riots, property destruction, and assault. A communist style disinformation campaign infiltrated the American media saying and printing anything without evidence. Evil and lawlessness are celebrated with evil being called good, and good being called evil Isaiah 5:20. Strong delusion has never been so rampant, and nations are tangled in a web of Distress with Perplexity. Luke 21:25. Its not difficult to see why most sane people in America have abandoned so many leftist politicians and rinos, because they have abandoned sanity.

  25. More “INSANE” liberal BS wasting time and tax payers money. New York Attorney General Letitia James is a corrupt moron who licks Biden’s boots every ngiht.

  26. The MAIN REASON THEY keep attempting to discredit President Trump is from their OWN GUILT. Why do I say that? Simple, They are so crooked that they assume everyone else is just as crooked and can’t wait to take Trump down.
    They keep fabricating things about him to keep the focus AWAY from their own guilty actions and deceit…we all know this is so true so don’t pretend you don’t see it…if you do then I feel so sorry for you and can only hope the veil is lifted from your blind eyes.
    I really do feel badly for anyone that can’t see all the forged and deceitful allegations against someone that only wants to do the RIGHT thing for AMERICA FIRST.
    The other reason is that they are affraid of how he takes control and makes things BETTER for Regular Americans…….They can’t stand to see anyone beneath them get ahead in life and might expect to have a little enjoyment.
    I VOTED for TRUMP the first time and expect to see him run again in 2024 with my whole hearted support.
    President Trump IS AMERICA and wants only to make the USA as great as it used to be, FAIR and HONEST for all…not just the LEFT IGNORAMUSES that think they know best. They ACTUALLY don’t have a CLUE and they know WE KNOW THEY DON’T.
    This is just another attempt to slam and discredit the one man that actually cares for the rest of America and they can’t stand that.
    Just Sayin’

  27. James and Cyrus the Virus are in the pockets of the New York Mob led by Cuomo and his family. Why no investigation into the Biden crime family, the Clintons, Soros, Gates, Obamas, Barry and Big Mike and all the rest of the evil demorats.


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