GOP Senator Who Voted to Convict Trump Now Opposes Jan. 6 Commission

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North Carolina Senator Richard Burr who voted to convict former President Trump is opposing legislation to create a bipartisan commission to investigate January 6th. Wednesday evening, the House moved the piece of legislation forward with a 252-175 vote. Now the bill faces a rocky fate as Republican Senators like Mitch McConnell have already voiced their plans to oppose the legislation.

The Hill reports:

“These investigations are being led by the committees with jurisdiction, and I believe, as I always have, this is the appropriate course. I don’t believe establishing a new commission is necessary or wise,” Burr said.

Burr, who is not running for reelection, is the first of the seven GOP senators who voted to convict former President Trump of inciting an insurrection to say they would formally oppose it.

Sens. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) are undecided. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has declined to weigh in.

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) are pushing for changes to the proposal, including clarity on who gets to hire the staff. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) has indicated that he’s inclined to support a commission.

Sen. Burr’s early opposition to the bill notes that it will likely have an uphill battle in the Senate.

Recently, House Leader Kevin McCarthy opposed the bill because Nancy Pelosi refused to expand the scope of the investigation to include the political violence in American cities last summer.

Trump recently blasted the 35 “wayward”  House Republicans what voted in favor of the bill.

“See, 35 wayward Republicans—they just can’t help themselves. We have much better policy and are much better for the Country, but the Democrats stick together, the Republicans don’t,” Trump wrote. “They don’t have the Romney’s, Little Ben Sasse’s, and Cheney’s of the world. Unfortunately, we do. Sometimes there are consequences to being ineffective and weak. The voters understand!”

  1. dear senators, PLEASE don’t waste our bloody money…..! do you remember the investigation from Robert Mueller’s story??

      1. Exactly, where is it? Buried by Biden of course! The FBI is never going to send their own to jail! The FBI, CIA, and NSA ARE JUST DEMOCRATs NAZI GESTOPO. The CIA IS THE GROUP THAT PUT THE FIX IN FOR BIDEN TO WIN! If Trump gets re-elected he needs to fire everyone above local supervisors for all three agencies and fill them with outsiders that he personally hand picks. No Washington insiders, no RHINOS, no McConnell people. Also appoint no judges recommended by Republican RHINOS. Also, no one associated with that whimp Pence!

      2. It’s in Nancy’s panty drawers with the rest of the evidence of her and the demoncrats corruption provided to her by the criminals currently holding the DOJ and the Federal government hostage following their election coo and using it and all their unadulterated power against the citizens of this country!!

  2. another commission??? just what we need … “jobs” … our tax dollars at work … “They” investigating Antifa & BLM participation??? The country is rushing towards hell not needing the hand basket … Feel sorry for the youngsters not knowing the wonderful country that has been taken from them…

  3. It will be another fake investigation run by the likes of Adam Shitt and Eric SwallHELL.

    1. It must “suck” to be a “demoRat” filled with such evil and revenge which is never ending!!
      It shows what they are made, of no soul!

  4. Ok, for anyone wondering, all this is about is the upcoming elections of 2022 and 2024. They want this investigation to be rhetoric and talking points to be used during the election cycles.
    That’s it!!!!!!

  5. A bunch more jackasses, running a phony investigation, go figure. When will they stop this clown show.

    1. They will stop the clown show when enough people start staging rallies across the USA AND start writing their congress people in numbers. If you can get in front of a mike or even one person – you have a voice. My family and friends to it every day, and the Biden administration is loosing it with even their own members as people are seeing it for themselves – it needs to be put so it makes people think how this is going to effect them and their home and family – not just one liners like the left use – for example, “Biden’s tax increases are already affecting your income through inflation as it is increasing more than you wages are, and through large tax increases, you will see less businesses, less jobs, higher prices, less service and more theft and killing as a result. If you all do not aleady see that death and crime rates, illegals, covid alerts, and shootings up as much as 85% in the last 3 months – perhaps you need to start looking at who you vote for before you yourself are endangered financially and/or physically while crossing a streetin America.

  6. Do any of the worthless RINOs ever ask about the Durham investigation? The great John Durham, outstanding individual, impeccable credentials, a leader among lawmen, unquestionably honest is investigating something and sucking up taxpayer dollars. Did he hire Mueller as a consultant on how to suck up taxpayer money? Anyone on the Republican side have the guts to ask what Durham is doing?

  7. If you do insist on this, Witch Hunt III Republicans pick the 5 or 6 on the republican side, like Darren Beattie, Dr. Peter Navarro, Amb. Ric Grinnell, Stephan Bannon, Dave Ramaswamy, Raheem Kassam, I can think of more to add to this!

  8. Will you political clowns please stop wasting our (tax payers) money and time. Start working on something that will actually benefit the American people. A good start would be to go after CHINA for developing and releasing the Corona Virus on the rest of the world.

    And you hacks wonder why the American people don’t trust or like you. The American people are the ones with good sense. You politicians – NOT SO MUCH.

    1. Actually a good start would be for the entire DEMONCRATIC PARTY to take a flying leap off of the tallest building in DC ridding us of their corrupt acts and cleansing the government their scum!!!

  9. There is no way democrats would do an honest investigation. Their hatred of Trump is as deep as the British clergy’s hatred of John Wycliffe who was translating the Bible into English. Wycliffe also pointed out the evil doings of church leaders which they didn’t like. He died of a stroke and was buried in a church yard in England. Forty three years later a church council had his body dug up and burned and the ashes thrown in the river Swift. That same kind of long lasting demonic hatred is obvious in some of the democrat leadership.

  10. It’s sad that we have a bunch of GUTLESS WIMPUBLICANS that are so spineless that they can’t see past Nancy Piglosi’s butt and for all intent and purpose they may as well be DEMONCRATS as they follow as they’re told to so anytime they have to vote on the STUPIDITY Nancy and her fellow MORON LEFT-WING GOONS come up with calling it legislation when all it is is GARBAGE PAPERWORK w/scribble and drivel they think up in their dark little corners of the swamp to attack the people of this country!!! PIGLOSI and her GOON-SQUAD of MORONIC IMBECILS will have this country burnt to the ground if something isn’t done to stop them and God help us all we have are these half-a$$ RINO’S who wouldn’t know where up was if it weren’t pointed to!!!! It’s so inconceivable that the BAFFOONS are elected over and over again when we all know the definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over again while somehow expecting a different result??? PATHETIC

  11. These political trials are the evils of communist regimes. Law is for them a weapon for socialism. And the republicans … they are all over the place with traiters, self-haters, nay-sayers and personal ambitions.

  12. Is this all congress has to do, investigate? We still have people in jail, will this investigation get them bail, at least? Many were killed in last summer’s riots, only one died on scene, jan. 6

  13. So much is now coming out about that horrible day. There looks to have been alot more that was done that has been covered up. Imagine, magnetic doors that could not be opened unless someone did so from the inside. Hmmm. Who set this up?


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