MURDOCK: The Unbearable Lightfoot of Being Chicago’s Racist Mayor

Office of U.S. House Speaker's Speaker Office, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats love to claim that Republicans use racist “dog whistles.” But Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D – Chicago) is barking like one of those German Shepherds that Democrat National Committeeman and Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor sicced on black civil rights activists in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early 1960s. One must go that far back, into the Jim Crow era, to find a public official as openly racist as the Windy City’s top government leader.

Like a female George Wallace of color, Lightfoot denounced Chicago’s press corps for its “overwhelming whiteness and maleness.” Even worse, and astonishingly, she announced that she would ban white journalists from interviewing her, one on one.

This is pure, unfiltered bigotry.

Lightfoot’s policy also is an undisputed violation of every civil rights statute — local, state, and federal — that clearly prohibits the government from discriminating against citizens on the basis of skin color. This is precisely and explicitly what Mayor Lightfoot is doing.

She also is creating racial division where none should exist.

If a black journalist interviews Lightfoot, this almost certainly will breed jealousy and resentment among that journalist’s white colleagues. And not just the usual professional envy and rivalry, but those same feelings amid the added flames of racial resentment.

How does this help anyone?

Imagine if President Donald J. Trump declared that he would grant one-on-one interviews only to white journalists. America’s streets would be clogged with protesters. Statues would be flying from pedestals. And House Democrats would be plotting their third impeachment.

Also, Lightfoot essentially is complaining about the house paint being too white, even as the entire residence burns to the ground.

The most egregious crimes are exploding in Chicago, year-on-year:

Criminal sexual assault: Up 12 percent.

Murder: Up 22 percent.

Shooting incidents: Up 33 percent.

Rather than a war on white journalists, Mayor Lightfoot should declare war on criminals. And, immediately afterward, Lori Lightfoot should resign for her blatant, vile, un-American act of 200-proof racism.

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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

    1. She is more of being lightheaded or actually an airhead like a dumb blonde . I know I should not have compared it to a white person because it is barely human . Forgive Me true blondes

      1. Note: Some people are very blonde as children but turn sorta brown and dull as adults. They need color to be attractive. That has nothing to don with intelligence.

      2. I see more black blondes then white blondes. They love being white and yet the hatred is so apparent.

  1. If I were a true journalist, not one who is part of the MSM, I wouldn’t want to interview Ms Lightfoot in the first place, regardless of my race. Really, what does she have to offer except more divisiveness? She may have been elected by the people of Chicago (I’d check the reliability of their voting machines–eh, Dominion?) but she certainly has chosen not to represent them equally. How can the citizens of this country see/experience this sort of bigotry and still vote for progressive socialist Democrats? It’s like a never ending stream of the film, “Dumb and Dumber”.

    1. Her record is awesome. Under her administration the city has one of the highest murder rate in the country. General crime is like a massive disease. I will never understand how anyone could vote for her and that has nothing to do with the race card. It has to do with abi,it’s to lead.

      1. globalist puppet lighthead relies on globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud to appoint/reappoint her .

  2. Why can’t Chicago elect something besides Negro racists to office? Maybe the answer is that the people in Chicago are RACISTS! The city is an embarrasment to the nation, and has been since Al Capone. Maybe we should ship all the Chicago citizens to Palestine or even Iran. They could try their racism there!

  3. Lori Lightfoot is a racist idiot. If she had been a conservative, there would be all kinds of calls for her to step down. However, any idiot on the left who is blatantly racist is fine with the fools on the left. That’s why it’s time to kick them all out of office. Racist Lightfoot, Governor “Black Face”, fake Muslims Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Beijing Biden..etc.

    1. Ginger: We need to find and implement an all new voting system first…this one is broken on the side of the Dems…The entire Nation knows this but the Dems have hoodly-winked the issue because they know that they will all get voted out by RATIONAL People. They had to cheat or go home…sad isn’t it?
      The REAL PROBLEM is that the Leftists in MEDIA has been so adamant in spreading the lies that the Dems are the answer and are always right even if they are blatantly going against the Constitution…I hesitate to say this but this is is going to get worse before it is fixed…You know deep down how correct that is…don’t you?
      Extremely sad it has come to this because they had to cheet to win…It will come back to take them out of office permanently and start from scratch and revamp those that have lied claiming to represent the people…we all know they only represent themselves and therein lies the real problem.. …CROOKED LIARS!!!!!!!

  4. Racist Mayor, Lori “BEETLEJUICE” Lightweight, is a pure trainwreck! The people of Chicago sincerely need to dump this incompetent bug-eyed loser and elect someone who will restore law and order to the City of Chicago and bring prosperity back to the city. end the corruption and get rid of the lame-ass, corrupt D.A. of Chicago. Are the residence of Chicago so stupid and inept at seeing the destruction taking place before their very eyes? Digging out of the hole must start with getting rid of that lunatic Mayor that is destroying your city!

  5. Lightfoot should be kicked out of office for being so openly racist and STUPID!! Where on earth did she go to school??? I remember the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the famous speech he made in Washington D.C. in the mid-1960’s, speaking against the evils of racism. If Dr. King could hear the divisive words that the idiot Lightfoot utters today, he would be turning over in his grave! Lightfoot is definitely an embarrassment to the fight for equality that so many men and women made to bring unity to our nation.

  6. So the “racist against pale skin” Mayor Lightfoot fights racism HOW? Well of course, she fights racism with racism! It never works but, when you are the Dem mayor of Chicago…… doesn’t matter!

  7. can you just imagine what a white male republican would go through if one said that black reporters would be plastered on every news media of every kind and they would be there to arrest him

    1. BLM/antifa would have been rioting, looting and burning on the day a Republican made such a outrageously bigoted statement! Of course this mayor is the “correct” skin color for any and all stupidity and racism to be overlooked, and in fact supported by Democrats! Just watch and wait to see if a single Democrat condemn her! We’re waiting, waiting, waiting…….

  8. She’s a true BLUE DONKEY SCUMBAG from Chicago and this is not surprising at all coming from a left-wing lunatic like her and her RACIALLY OPPRESIVE DEMONCRATIC PARTY ILK!!!! She is igniting racist flames that will burn her city to the ground!!!

  9. She needs to resign. She is a true racist and a discriminater.She broke federal laws and federal attorney general needs to take her to court.

  10. Wow another black person who believes she can’t be racist because she is black. Racism no no color it is just hate plan and simple.

  11. Guess where racist troubles start?? People like the racist Mayor of Chicago. I have absolutely no respect for her ilk!

  12. The only thing saving Lightfoots record on murder is Chicago’s minorities can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn! Fifty five shootings in a weekend with three dead! Sounds like the residents of Chicago are lucky that their weekend warriors can’t aim!

  13. Lightfoot and our nation’s Coprolite in Chief are soulmates. Both are mentally deficient and neither of their brains enjoy reliable synaptic activity. Thought wandering is a shared trait. I wonder if they’d consider entertaining us again by driving electric cars.

  14. You can’t argue with dumb black people and white liberals. They are the same and yes there is black hatred and racism from to many blacks that is fueled by white liberals. White liberals just hate their skin.

  15. This mayor has really lost it. She needs help from a shrink or the city council or maybe even the local sheriff. Sounds like she’s been corrupted by communist BLM/Antifa.

  16. Let her come out and brazenly show her true color. I wish the O Vomits would come out of the closet and show true colors like this thing is doing.

  17. Whenever people wanted to immigrate to America and become a citizen usually they were usually quality people looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Just think how it was when people were forced to come to America against their will. Surely some were not what you would consider desirable citizens. Lori Lightfoot must be from that later stock.

  18. What does this reporter mean you have to go back to the ’60s to find a Black Govt Official as RACIST as the ones of that era!! There have been MANY of late!! Watters, Cummings, Obama, Sharpton, Abrams, AOC’s two COHORTS, etc to name only a FEW!!!


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