Fox Contributor Loses It on Dan Bongino While Discussing Israel Conflict

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Fox News hosts Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera clashed during an interview with Sean Hannity while discussing the conflict between Israel and Palestine causing Rivera to call Bongino a “punk” and throw things at the screen.

Rivera sided with Palestinians and terror group Hamas which first fired missiles into Israel. For the past 11 days before agreeing to a ceasefire, Israel has defended itself against the attacks. However, Rivera brought up the fact that innocent Palestinian children had been killed during the conflict. Hamas is known to use human shields as an effort to deter its enemies from retaliating against the group’s terror attacks.

When Bongino called out Rivera for repeatedly using emotion to twist the angle of stories chaos broke loose with Rivera yelling and screaming at Bongino.

[jwplayer vt1oCr80-lzmB6GEw]

“Geraldo, you do this every time. This is such garbage, and I’m really getting sick of it,” Bongino said.

“You play this emotional game with the audience and use your position of responsibility to put out misinformation and B.S.,” he said.

Then Rivera went on a complete tirade against Bongino calling him a “punk.”

“I’m sick of you, Bongino. I’m sick of you!” Rivera screamed while crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it at the camera.

    1. If you know how democrats think, charity is the last thing they would use it for and in Jerry’s case, it would be for his surgery to become a SHEILA with a mustache to keep.

  1. Dan the Man!
    Gerlado I know the secret passage ways to Capones fortune just what you exploited to be a nothing burger.
    You are the mistake by the lake!

      1. He also claims to be a friend of President Donald Trump, yet he always criticizes him. Another lie.

        1. I think that could be true. Trump hold his political view separate from his social life. I think Trump never met a man he didn’t like even when he disagrees with him. Now I think the way the media and the democrat party has treated Trump he may think a little different now days.

        2. Exactly! He always defends the illegals.
          He should do one of 2 things:
          House many in his mansion or
          Pack up his sheeeet and leave the USA and crawl be where he came from.

  2. Screw Geraldo! Screw the Palestinians, even the children. They’re all terrorists. Even the children are taught to want to kill Jews. All Palestinians should be taken out. They’re irredeemable murderous terrorist scumbags.

  3. Geraldo Rivera with his dirty lies is one of the reasons why I turn off Fox News and have switched to Newsmax!

    1. Don’t forget OANN !Great expose’s on Biden Crime Family and the vote fraud I have left Fox due to Rivera and Juan Williams. dumbest voices on cable..

      1. You know that is why I like fox news as I get the hear what the other side talks about. It certainly proves that fox news is not 100% bias for or against any issue. Much better news than CNN or MSNBC or NPR and any other main street media.

  4. I DO NOT WATCH FOX NEWS ANYMORE SINCE THEY WORKED VERY HARD TO GET RID OF TRUMP, and these are the kind of people they have on like Geraldo who loses it when he is confronted with the truth!!!

    1. I watch Fox for the following shows, the Five, Hannity, Ingram, and Tucker, they are fair and as truthful as you can find, Newsmax is a great and upcoming news source and you are right on that.

      1. I love to watch clips from Tucker’s show. I think he does a great job and doesn’t mince words. Plus, I love the way he sometimes laughs at some of the crazy guests.

          1. You gotta understand people. Dana P began her career with and is a devoted admirer of Dubya. The entire Bush clan is New World Order – One World Government advocate. Dubya had a VP named Cheney, and we recently fully learned about his daughter. Connect all these “dots” and see what-who Dana P really is.

      2. You’re kidding! The Five provides the largest “bully platform” for libturds. Hannity betrayed ultra conservative Judge Moore and was instrumental is GIVING a Conservative Senate Seat to a dedicated far-left anti everything good about America demo. Tucker is an exhibitionist who applies ultra-dramatics in order to enhance his self. Laura believes we should just dismiss what Trump did for America and totally support the Biden administration – whether we like it or not. Wake up and smell the sewage as well as the roses.

      3. You have to be kidding me that Fox News is as truthful as you can find. Juan Williams is a total Loser and definitely a Trump Hate along with Chris Wallace and Geraldo Rivera. Geralso is priming himself for a cabinst position in the Biden/Harris Administration. He is a self Serving and self Centered person. I say we have had enough of the News Media and we have to stand up for President Trump with or without the Republican Party’s help. Here we have a President now that hasn’t got all his faculties in order to do the job needed to be done to keep our Country safe from Foreign and Domestic terrorist. Some of the Illegal Immigrants are known terrorist and if that number continues to grow because of open borders our Country will be in ruins in less than a year. The American people ought to know that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen when the voting Rules were changed by some Democrats w/o the okay from their State Legislatures, so who are the liars here. President Trump was up by 750,000 votes and a few days Later he lost by about 50,000 or more votes from a Candidate who hardly left his home to Campaign.

    2. What happen to free speech and freedom to believe something else? You want to be spoon feed what they want you to hear and believe? What happen to the idea that I can think for myself when giving the facts. We are suppose to have freedom of thought or do we?

      1. Exactly! FOX personalities have gone from reporting news and facts to personality embellishment and telling the audience WHAT to believe.

    3. The final straw for me was the night Laura Ingrham spent her entire hour telling us we should just be happy we had POTUS Trump for four years but now is the time (and giving all her reasons) to fully support the Biden administration. Have NOT watched anything FOX since then. Just OANN and NewsMax.

  5. Geraldo acts so tough and he is a punk himself. He has some Martial arts training and he thinks he is a tough guy. Dan Bongino would kick his Butt without sweating. One day he is going to go to far and get a butt kicking like he never expected. Does he forget the time on his show years ago. Fox needs to get rid of this guy. He is one of the reasons I don’t watch FOX anymore.

    1. I would put Geraldo, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace in the same category, they refuse to admit the facts when they’re right in front of them.

      1. Yes what you may say is true about these people. What are you afraid of when a news network shows both side for you to decide who is telling the truth in your eyes. Is it true that we have freedom to speak our minds in America or is the right willing to forego freedom of thought for what might be true?

        1. Show me any other News Media that shares equal time with Republican supporters as paid Contributors. No way take Donna brazille for one I believe she had Given Hillary the questions that would be presented at the debate so she could prepare herself ahead of time. I would blame president Donald J. Trump if he doesn’t run in 2024 as our Country is ready for such an Honest Man as him who had done so much good for our Country over the 4 Years even with all the roadblocks and Accusations the Democrats had thrown at Him. They never offered any assistance to make our Country more energy independent and hold our Enemies at Bay. He was not a Politician but just a Great Businessman. As our Commander-in-Chief he used his business sense to make our Country strong and not weak as President Biden has done on day one and is still doing things to bring about our Countries demise. Amen

      1. because the corporate media is fully against conservatives, especially christians, we get waay too much of their “side” and too few from just maybe three other news sites, and there are only so many hours in a day, we have jobs to do, my news source gives me what the other side says, and its always slanted in favor of the democrat party

      2. The other side … JUST LIES and LIES …That’s the reason, they just don’t speak the truth !!! Juan, Donna and the other democrats just LIE!!!!! I’ve been a democrat all my life….and this is not the democrat party I was a part of…this is the communist party today!!! The reason, I am now a Republican and an a proud American!!!! Fox needs to Fire Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, and Donna Brazil they bring absolutely NOTHING to FOX, wake up before you lose all your followers to Newsmax and others!

  6. Geraldo is a punk. Always has been and always will be.
    I have never ever heard him to shut his mouth when others
    talk.He needs to be removed A.S.A. P.Go back to Cuba or
    wherever. You are done here!!

    1. So you don’t believe in freedom of speech? So you are no different than the left and their lies with no one disagrees with them on their shows. You want the same type of programs only one sided. All one sided get rid of whoever disagrees with us.

      1. I’m not interested into listening to Lies…go to the other liberal media sources if lies are what you are listening too!!!

      2. Dahlberg – I can only assume that you’re not a native-born American, because your spelling and syntax are atrocious! It’s also apparent that you’re a professional shit-disturber and a Demoncrat minion that loves to parrot their leftist lies just to get right-thinking citizenry all riled up! Do they pay you to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, or is that just how you get your jollies?

  7. I wish FOX NEWS and Hannity would not bring Geraldo on just to fight with Dan all of the time. It is time for less chaos on that show. Geraldo is a hot head and so is Dan so we must keep the apart. It is time for Geraldo to retire and stay away from any more TV!

    1. Dan is NOT a HOTHEAD!! He is PASSIONATE about what he BELIEVES IN!! I COMMEND him for STANDING up to Rivera. Actually when I used to watch FOX I enjoyed when Dan put Geraldo IN HIS PLACE!!

      1. Bongino is a rational person, doesn’t base opinion on being angry and a spoiled brat, thats the difference. The left is overly touchy and emotional, especially when they are caught lying and don’t get their way.

  8. OF COURSE Rivera sided with Palestine. He IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a LIBERAL THROUGH and THROUGH!! I NEVER could stand Rivera!! Just looking at him makes my skin CRAWL!!! SLIMY

  9. Rivera always been a grandstander. He should put his money where his mouth is and donate some of his funds big time to HAMAS. Better still, travel to the sand pits and do an up close expose’ on the crooked dealings going on between Palestine and the Palestine collaborators and Marxists right here in the democrat Senate I used to think the democrats were Socialists but now they have declared the party backs BLM and BLM declares it is Marxist, I have to assume the Democrats have become Marxists also.

  10. most of the civilian deaths in Gaza were from failed rocket fires that Hamas was shooting at Israel which fell short and fell inside GAZA! THAT is how most civilian deaths happened.

  11. Fox’s idea of “fair and balanced” is to feature a slug like Geraldo Rivera . Evidently, Fox News doesn’t realize the loss of viewers because of characters like Rivera. Rivera’s on-air insults to Dan Bongino does not represent “fair and balanced,” it represents Rivera’s immaturity and lack of self control.

      1. You wouldn’t understand. The Main Stream Media (once the Mainstream NEWS Media) give their “journalists” scripted news reports. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. “Trump waved at the people”. Just keep flipping your dial and ABC: Trump, CBS: waved, NBC: at, MSNBC: the, CNN: people. Try it.

  12. Geraldo, I am just another customer that turns off Fox!! Geraldo you are the punk with small man syndrome !!

    1. Geraldo has always been a grandstander and this too was one of his ridiculous acts. I guess Israeli children don’t count. I refuse to watch any time he comes on TV.

  13. Jerry is such a girl, that limp wristed toss with the turning around, wow, that is effeminate.
    Jerry coming out of the closet?

  14. I think Geraldo is hitting his late 70’s and not doing very well, all of a sudden he is an angry madman all the time. I would like to think it it just schtick but his arguments seem disjointed and incoherent these days.

  15. Rivera called Bongino a punk and then the brave Geraldo pulled up his skirts and ran away screaming! Ha, ha, ha!

  16. Time for Jeral DOH to retire. He’s never been more than a sensationalist who wants to be an entertainer but masquerades as a broadcast journalist. He does outrageous things like expose 101st Airborne plans resulting in his expulsion from Iraq. He used his ridiculous show back in ’88 to host activist Jews and activist Blacks where chairs were thrown and his nose was broken. He’s 77 now and able only to throw paper at the camera. He’s still a punk and Bongino has honestly earned bona fides.

    One thing about this article stands out from the usual leftist propaganda. It states clearly that Hamas struck the first blow. They always do. And when Israel responds in kind, they invariably suffer the blame because leftists own big media. Perhaps peaceful people should flee Hamas terrorists instead of allowing them to use people as shields. Defense Minister Rabin was assassinated because he signed a peace treaty. It’s not complicated but never ends because people like Jeral DOH don’t get it.  

  17. Anyone with a brain has studied the conflict in Israel with the squatters of hamas/palestine haters of all Jewish since the WWII survivors of Hitler were settled there basically by the British and USA. And immediately every arab in the region tried to finish what Hitler started.

    Read, educate yourself, and maybe then you might have a clue about these ticks called palestinians. And you might ask why the other arab nations don’t take em in. Surprise, they do not want the trouble makers back! They dumped their worst of the worst on Israel and laughed. And some of the comments of those saying it is wrong for the jews to protect themselves I would ask what do you think of the genocide the Chinese are putting the Tibetans through. They actually took over tibet long ago and the world watched. Now they are after other free nations in their hemisphere.

    That is far worse than the Israel conflict but it seems the moron squad missed the information in their own petty persecution of anything jewish. Omar and Talib are TRAiTORS to the USA. Using us to gain wealth and power and also refusing to be americans. Both are still muslimes and should never have been allowed in the US. Talib during the carter years was born here as her parents escaped Iran. And Omar and her crooked family lied during Bozo’s years to get here. Why don’t they go back and live the life they are trying to bring here?It seems obvious as both have been here for years that they hate the USA too. Assimilation of people with their views, nope and we are not going to bend to their ways either. Ship em back for free but one way!

    1. Judicial Watch “Members of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives who joined forces with extremists in a forum Thanksgiving weekend on Palestine include Ilhan Omar and Betty McCollum of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. … lineup at event read like “who’s who for Muslim Brotherhood”. … Washington D.C. based Clarion Project published a poster advertising the conference which featured an array of terror financiers and anti-Semites.”

  18. The of the top liberal should get on camera side by side and get his butt kicked again it’s been years since that happened and he could use a reminder. Siding with terror groups should be consider treason.

  19. Geraldo fails to see the dangers of whats happening to Israel and America. Dan Bongino is a good law man, and he understands the lawlessness that is going on and the inefficiency of the government to protect people. Israel did what it had to do, those tunnels built by Hamas were a threat to every Israeli city.

  20. Geraldo that Jewish heritage and yet he shows himself to be Anti-Semitic ….. he is Selling OUT his own people

  21. Geraldo is a joke. He acts like he has more experience & knows more than anyone else.
    We are all aware of the fighting that has gone on in the Middle East for decades.
    Israel was attacked first and they needed to let Hamas know they would not put up with it. The Palestinians are not fans of Israel.
    It is sad the children are victims, but Israel has had losses too. They have every right to protect their country & it’s people.
    Does Geraldo actually think if Israel ceases fire that the Palestinians will.
    Geraldo is the left wing punk!

    1. I agree with ken but I saw some of that part of Hannity and geraldo hashing over the edge think he needs to retire

  22. I know one thing I am sick of seeing Geraldo Rivera and his opinions. He is on often enough I won’t bother tuning into Hannity, who I really like to watch if he keeps inviting him on. Bongino needs to cool his heels a little with him too but I hate the two of them together.

  23. Bongini is great and he’s always right. Rivera is the hack. I wonder if he ever found the contents of AL Capones safe. REMEMBER THAT FIASCO!

  24. I have watched Geraldo for years in his phony overseas. When he was supposedly under fire… later to find out the whole thing was stage. As I said a phony, a fraud, and it has always been about Geraldo, the “Latin Lover”.

  25. He is and has always been a very hot tempered person. There is no excuse for his behavior he s/b terminated. He would fit in well at CNN.

  26. AND we are sick of you Geraldo!! Why Fox even has you on their programs is beyond me. Why don’t you go find an empty vault to open?


  28. Geraldo, in general appears to always be on the wrong side, or does he just like to fight with the other guests? He certainly holds no place in my heart!

  29. Dan is absolutely correct…Hamas fight cowardly by fighting from a neighborhood…Absolutely care nothing about those kids…And calling Dan a punk…I remember Rivera reporting from a combat zone and saying how much danger he was in and he was no where near the fight…If Dan’s a punk Riviera is phonie news hack and a Democrat…

  30. G R is one of biggest POS ever hired by FOX – AND he is a big reason for conservative to abandon FOX.

  31. Geraldo is nothing but a deplorable racist communist socialist slimy democrat punk
    He should be deported far away never to be seen again
    Always has been a low life non American

  32. Get rid of commie Geraldo Rivera!!! Dan Bongino is a patriot of the USA and he does not deserve to be treated that way.

  33. How the fuck did Rivera ever get on FOX? The dumb ass still thinks he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer for Al Capones brick walls. He was sucking on both Obama dicks during their administration and still defends the fucking traitors.

  34. I’ve had enough of Rivera. MUTE at all costs when he is talking. He thinks Illegals have a right to be here. Very WRONG. Hannity needs to dump him.!!

  35. Rivera says he’s “republican.”
    He is not!!!
    He is a closet democrat and his liberal, leftist views come out EVERY DAY on his one (1) hour morning radio talk show in Cleveland.

  36. I am sick of Geraldo. Yes indiscriminate killing of people is bad, but the Isreali’s are not targeting them. They are targeting terrorist targets. On the other hand the Palestinians fire rockets largely indiscriminately not caring who they hit, maim and kill.

  37. Why do you participate in censoring people. There was absolutely no reason to flag my prior submission. Bunch of hypocrites.


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