6 Times The Press Gave Biden a Free Pass When They Would Have Attacked Trump

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Since President Biden was sworn in to the White House Americans can’t help but notice a stark difference in the way the media portrays him from his predecessor. While the media frequently villainized Trump and his family launching a seemingly endless barrage of media attacks against them Biden is heralded as the “good guy.” Despite the fact in under five months since Biden’s inauguration inflation has risen, conflict in the Middle East returned, and Americans are still struggling through a pandemic the media largely ignores his many failures. Biden’s awkward gaffes are constantly laughed off by the media with them often creating excuses to brush them off, meanwhile, the media constantly attempted to create a false narrative that Trump was mentally unstable.

Keep reading to see 6 times the media defended Biden’s concerning rhetoric:

  1. Americans need to start interviewing their so called “journalists” and ask them why they are so incompetent and how they feel about America “outsourcing” its so called news reporters.
    How many times does corporate America outsource products, workers and services because they cannot find knowledgeable, skilled workers in the U.S.???
    Why is it any different with American media???
    Answer: The media nitwits are inept too!!!!!!!!

      1. every picture he takes makes him look deranged…….then he opens that trap and i know he’s deranged and a whole lot more……just a disgusting waste of air and space

  2. Other than One America News, the American public knows NOTHING about ANYTHING! Quite frankly, I also LOVE Australian News , “because” :they” tell it like it is”!”They”” & the rest of the world consider Biden an idiot! THIS IS AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT?, who has no “clue” about anything.The “Leader of the Free World” who can’t string a sentence together. Gaffs beyond belief.NOBODY in any government will “believe” anything that HE SAYS. Not only are “we” stuck” with a moron, but so is the best of the world.

    1. We have a third term president again killing America and it’s ppl why is nothing being done???? They think money means more then life itself. The left and rhinos need to go down. Dear father I plea to you to take down the devil in our midst. Y’all pray

  3. This man is a moron & a brain dead idiot! My husband fell 30′ off a ladder in 2006.It took 2+ years after a subarachnoid bleed, blood & clots in the legs, a broken back & Lots of rehab.”Let ’em go Joe” is a classic case for COGNITIVE THERAPY!. Speech therapy would also help. AND “THIS” is the PRESIDENT OF THE United States? “Those” of “us” who have dealt with “brain injuries” CAN “SEE” the writing on the wall. This “guy” has cognizant PROBLEMS! How long are “we” gonna be subjected to this ?

  4. China weaponized the covid19 an will use it again. Watch.
    No one knows what China is doing in these viral labs there is no transparency or data what they ate doing. Stop China an remove all viral labs from China.

  5. Joe Blow Biden a GOOD GUY?!? Are you kidding? Biden is nothing but a lying, dung-faced phony pollster!

    1. dementia Joe is a puppet and only reading the cards he’s given, the prompters he’s told to read from….the democrats (Peloser, Chuckie, the squad, Soros…all aka domestic terrorists) are the “lying, dung-faced phony pollsters” out to destroy the US continuing on with oblammer legacy and they are his puppet masters….

  6. There are so many people who agree about Biden and the democrats and many of the cowardly republicans. What we need to do is stand together and let them know. I wondered about how we could do this. I would like to offer a solution for us for the future. I believe in God and I know that we have to put this in his hands and let him handle this. So I found a Psalm in the Bible. Psalm 94. The Title of it “God the Refuge of the Righteous.” I stand on my front steps in the morning and I say it out loud so the wind could carry it to God and anyone else that hears it. Please read this Psalm, as it is about what we are going through. Read it on your front steps. We need to let God know we are with him.

    Even if you don’t have a relationship with God, but you do not like what is going on in America, send this Psalm up to heaven.

    There is also a song of praise that is by Vern Jackson called “I’m coming out of the closet.” about finally showing that Christians are gathering for God.

    As we need to stand up for what our Constitution and Country, stand for as the idiots in Washington will not stand up with us. Remember the Evil one is with them and look what he is doing. If you have a Psalm or a prayer that you would like to use. Do so . God accepts all prayers. He needs to hear from you.

  7. can’t decide who is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Worse POTUS this country has had….the USA destroyer oblammer, peanuts Carter, dementia Joe

  8. SO CALLED Media/Reporters/Journalist ARE biased.
    They discriminate against anyone, who does not have their STINKIN THINKIN


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