Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Challenger Comes to Mike Lindell’s Defense

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Days after pro-Trump businessman Mike Lindell was escorted out of a Republican Governors Association conference in Nashville, TN Vernon Jones is coming to his defense. Jones, a Democrat-turned-Republican, is running to unseat Georgia Governor Brian Kemp after his mishandling of the 2020 election.

Jones tweeted that in a gesture of support for Lindell and as a barb to Governor Kemp he was ordering a box of MyPillows and having them shipped to the Governor’s mansion.

The move comes after Governor Kemp played a hand in having Lindell’s credentials revoked from the RGA conference despite previously being invited and given confidential information about the conference agenda. Lindell was turned away by an RGA staff member who informed him that that the event was for members only. Later, Lindell was also kept from joining transportation to the governor’s mansion for an RGA dinner despite previously being invited.

Before traveling to Nashville for the RGA event, Lindell joined Steve Bannon’s podcast where she said he hoped to confront Governor Kemp and Arizona Governor Ducey over the weekend to discuss the 2020 election.

“I don’t know how you sleep well at night, Doug,” Lindell said on Bannon’s podcast. “And Kemp’s even worse.”

Lindell said, “I hope I get him one-on-one tonight, him and Doug, and be able to say, ‘Why, why would you do this to America?'”

Jones tweeted that Kemp was wrong to have Lindell removed simply over their difference in opinion, noting the move is straight of a liberal’s playbook.

  1. What the hell is going on in GEORGIA?
    And why is Stacey Abrahm’s allowed to act as a governing govenor with Brian Kemp—is this a joke?

    1. Fulton county judge had decreed that an audit could go forward, now the
      Fulton county election officials have convinced that judge to temporarily halt that audit and the Fulton county election board has hired two expensive criminal defense lawyers. Really fishy.

  2. Isn’t it insane that they call a stolen presidential election, mishandled? WTF is happening, am I awake or am I dreaming?

    1. We are all living in a terrible nightmare. We were starting to do very well, under Trump, but we are so horribly infiltrated by the commies now.

    2. Some of these governors are in on the global GOVERNMENT. You’re looking at officials on both sides of the aisle that sold out their country for wealth and power, (they are lovers of themselves.). Just look at the government and the states allowing all these militant age men to enter our country and be transported to every state, what is their MISSION? This is a military operation make no mistake about it and the security of this nation is going down the tubes. The American people are in danger and these governors don’t seem to care!

  3. What are they afraid of?? If Mr. Lindell has any information that might be able to bring an answer to the fraud of this election they should at least look at it????

    1. This Octopus is ashamed to admit he voted for Kemp and Comrade Rathensperger, but it will NOT happen again!

  4. Vernon Jones is what a TRUE patriot looks like. A former democrat who realized that the democrat party is anti-American. He sees the genius in our constitution and refuses to buy into the democrat’s “everything and everyone who disagrees with us is racist” narrative. Good for you, Mr. Jones, I hope you become governor of Georgia. They need a patriot like you! 🇺🇸

  5. love mike lindell, hes a super patriot. liberals are intolerant arrogant, narcissist and obnoxious COCKROACHES. LIARS and THIEVES:

  6. The pillow guy is a TRUMPSTER! How “nice” that these idiot Gov’s deny him entrance. THIS will come back to bite them! Kemp & Abrams WILL no longer “skew” voting polls & ELECTIONS! AMERICA is “SICK” of CORRUPT VOTING! NO MORE ballots for everybody, no “I.D.= you don’t vote-period.No more dead people voting No more “skewed” voting machines! Really, “how” will the Dems “win” the next election? Only thru fraud as far as I can figure out.!


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