BLM Co-Founder to Step Down

Craig Talbert, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Amid recent controversy, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors will step down from the organization. Over the past few months, Cullors raised eyebrows regarding her finances specifically her choice to purchase several expensive homes in cities across the country, predominantly in white neighborhoods.

Fox News reports:

The activist said she had created “the necessary bones and foundation” at the organization and felt the “time is right” to leave. She asserted that her exit was planned for more than a year and was unrelated to scrutiny regarding her personal finances.

“Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character, and I don’t operate off of what the right thinks of me,” Cullors said.

“I think I will probably be less visible, because I won’t be at the helm of one of the largest, most controversial organizations right now in the history of our movement,” Cullors said regarding her impending exit from the foundation.

In April, the foundation disclosed that Cullors had received a total of $120,000 in compensation from 2013 to 2019.

Cullors, a self-described “trained Marxist” said claims she enriched herself from donations meant for BLM were untrue and were simply rumors being peddled by the right.

      1. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep will continue to donate to globalist puppet cullors and purchase her more new houses .

  1. And just where is the FBI’s midnight raids, when you really need them? Has the DOJ completely sold out to the left wing radical racists? Are there ANY true Americans left in the federal government machinery?

    1. The answer to your questions are:

      1. Has the DOJ completely sold out to the left wing radical racists? – YES!
      2. Are there ANY true Americans left in the federal government machinery? – NO!
    2. They don’t raid their own. Has the DOJ sold out to left wing radicals – Yes. Are there true americans left in the federal government – Maybe a few dozen older people who still remember true history.

  2. Her finances need to be scrutinized like they did to Trump!
    The difference is, she absolutely did something that warrant’s scrutiny.
    How does she afford those homes on $120000 over 6 years?

  3. How does a person buy several million dollar homes with $120k compensation over a 6 year period?

    1. She needs to give her mansions to the “systemically oppressed” blacks so they can escape poor neighborhoods.

  4. Like all leaders she is lying. BLM is a fierce hating entity. Read there agenda or policy and people will realize the truth. They don’t care one iota about the Black people in the USA. They only want violence regardless of the truth they are protesting. BLM hates White People, America, Jews, Israel and much more and should be classified as a terrorist organization.

  5. Wow: Google is deciding if my comments are visible for their readers. Google should have their license pulled because they pick and choose what people should say and what they allow. This is not freedom of speech.

    1. Very true. I hope someday soon they are dumped and charged with conspiracy to take down the government, our constitution and it’s people. God will judge these commies.

  6. Ok, where does her wealth then come from? She is a public figure promoting an ideology about wealth distribution so the public has the right to know if she is living her promoted ideals.

    1. Big donators from the “upper class”. Several small BLM groups have started demanding their share of the $90 million they have raked in.

  7. Wow! Finally someone on the Left got cancelled. Now she needs to go to jail, and we will have what the Left believes in MOST-equal outcome.

    1. globalist puppet $oro$ already has another globalist puppet to replace globalist puppet cullors .

  8. Don’t the communists believe in destroying American rich people, not becoming part of the rich people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a “LYING HYPOCRITE she is todaY!!!~

  9. Communist Cullors says “Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character”
    Sorry Patrisse, but you condemned yourself with the admission you are a faithful Marxist. Communists like yourself are enemies of all Democracies.

  10. She is a POS. But, as bad as she is, think about those morons who believed the crock of s**t she sold them to give her the millions she got. She operated on the belief that you can fool all of the people some of the time and got away with it

  11. She needs to do this so that another racist can take over and divert a few million dollars in contributions, from all of those stupid white woke donors, for a few new homes as well.
    lol lol

  12. Patrisse Cullors is a thief and she is the worst kind of thief in that she steals from the people who support her. Typical Black Lives Matter phony but, lets face it, all the BLM leaders are phonies.

  13. Where is the DOJ on this issue?? Hopefully in 2022 a new house and Senate will investigate her and BLM for embezzlement and mail fraud, etc, etc

  14. This is great! NOW she can turn her million dollar mansions into communes for the homeless BLACKS ONLY people. California is already a Marxist Communist state, so this would put the icing on the cake.With all the $$ that she “somehow” suddenly got, she can now buy Mao’s “little red book” & give one to each resident, assuming that they can read it.

  15. Good to hear…loser Beatch leaves a marxist loser organization that does NOTHING for Black folks she claims to advocate for…just takes the woke corporate money for her own desires…it’s definitely not new as we all know. Enriching herself at the behest of others who drink the coolaide…Can’t imagine that happening huh. She’ll get her just rewards at some point I assure you…sounds like it’s coming sooner than later.

  16. Patrisse Cullor strike me as an ugly, hateful, self-centered person who cares nothing for anybody apart from herself! She is prepared to use the money for BLM issues to enrich herself and I imagine that she has done a great deal that reflects poorly on BLM

    1. I think we all know the answer to that one. If the Pubs don’t take back the House in 2022, it is all over. Right now, a five vote swing on nine votes difference will do the trick.—As a middle of the roader all that you need to look at is the recent primary election for Senate in Massachusetts. Joe Kennedy III was swamped by the incumbent radical Edward Markey in Mass. The legacy of JFK is now buried with him. — The only alternative is to vote Republican. That is why as a traditional Catholic, there is big time angst with the Catholic Church “holding hands” with Biden.

  17. Will the news media investegate where she got the money for the houses on 120.000.00 salary?

  18. more like “I cleaned up already, time for someone else”
    So long chumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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