These GOP Senators Voted to Establish a Jan. 6 Commission

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Today Senate Republicans blocked a bill which sought to establish a commission to investigate the Jan. 6th Capitol riot. The House-passed legislation drew criticism from Republican senators over the clarity of staff of the commission as well as the fact that it would not investigate political violence from riots last summer. Democrats failed to get the necessary 10 Republican votes to advance the bill but there were six Republicans that broke with the party in favor of the Democrats.

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  1. No surprise here we knew ever one of them was a worthless piece of ship that needs to be voted out they need to run as democrats since they really are democrats and are pedophiles on child molesters very sick disgusting mentally ill people

    1. Yeah, Matt Gaetz will have to leave, too, because he hit on jailbait, and that’s hurting the Republican’s claims of pedophilia just being linked with the Dems. Heck, Gaetz may end up in the slammer.

      1. Lol – bs walt 14 -once again feeding on shit the demoshit msm dishes out – and refusing to swallow your dimwitted pride . Intelligent people (not like you ) can actually differentiate between bs lies and the actual truth. Needless to say these RINOS will have to face the wrath of their state’s citizens come voting time😁 ! Bye bye RINOS

      2. Worry about your globalist puppet, chester the molester biden and globalist puppet hunter the molester biden .

      3. Well, well, well ! Looks like we have a jerk on board here!

        Hiya Walt14! I look forward to making your life very uncomfortable here!


    2. They are good globalist puppets and globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud will ensure that they are reappointed to continue preaching globalist agendas .

    1. A big majority of Americans want the Commission to investigate the attack on democracy. The negative votes leads us to believe that some of GOP officials were directly involved in the coup.

      1. Not true. The Republicans who voted in favor of the commission are Democrats in disguise. They don’t give a Damn about the Truth. Antifa posted on Facistbook they were going to dress up as Trump Supporters and cause chaos. President Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard Troops and was turned down by Nancy Pelosi because she was in charge of the Senate and DC Mayor Muriel Boswer. I have several pictures showing Capital Police showing “Trump Supporters” where they were supposed to pose and the MSM taking pictures . Also why were Capital Police ushering people into the Capital if this is supposed to be a Riot. It was a setup from start to finish.

      2. Tony, I wasn’t there, but read Kat’s post as it sounds like she was there.
        The fury of the left is to use this investigation as rhetoric for the upcoming elections of 2022 and 2024. Old Nan is pure evil and crazy. So no investigation needed. Crazy people did all that stuff. Good Patriots not so much. I get it. You still think old joe is the great uniter. Perhaps it’s time for you to just be quiet and mask up.

      3. You are low intelligence, their was no inserection or coup. Not one person has been charge with possession of a fire arm. The only person shot was a Trump supporter. If they went there to overthrow the government, which is what an insurrection is about, then they would have went there armed with guns, not signs. The only thing that needs investigation is why Democrats let ANTIFA and BLM burn their Democrat controlled cities down, attack people and the police being told to back off and let them do it. The setting up of an autonomous zine in a city is insurrection. It was the Democrats using violance and saying if you want this to stop you better not elect Trump or we will burn the country down. That is insurrection! That is voter intimidation. How many people voted for Biden because they were afraid of the good NAZI YOUTH DEMOCRATS CALLED ANTIFA AND BLM, AFTER ALL HITLER CAME FROM THE SOCIALIST PARTY. NAZI STOOD FOR THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKER PARTY. ALL THE GOOD LITTLE NAZI DEMOCRATS GET A FREE PASS BECAUSE THE MEDIA, FBI, CIA, NSA ARE ALL GOOD NAZI SOCIALIST! ANTIFA AND BLM ARE JUST GOOD NAZI “BROWN SHIRTS.” AS FOR THE “MAJORITY OF AMERICANS,” YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT. YOU CAN NOT BELEIVE POLLS, WE KNOW THEY ARE JUST LIES ATTEMPTING TO CONTROLL AND MANIPULATE AMERICANS. YOU CAN NOT TRUST ANYONE IN THE MEDIA ANYMORE! SO STOP TRYING TO SPEAK FOR OTHER PEOPLE AND ONLY SPEAK FOR YOU! YOUR GOING TO MAKE A GREAT LITTLE NAZI PARROTING PROPAGANDA SO WELL.

        Be glad Trump did not call for inserection. If he had said “patriots bring your ARs and AKs and let’s take back America,” there would have been 2 or 3 million of us there and the national guard or the Army would not have been able to stop it. However, he did not. He called for a peaceful demonstration and it was, except for few ANTIFA POSING AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS AGITATING THE PROTESTERS. NO ONE TRIED TO BURN DOWN THE CAPITAL LIKE ANTIFA AND BLM WOULD HAVE. AS OLD AS IT IS, WITH ALL THE WOOD AND PAPER IN THERE, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASY TO BURN DOWN THE CAPITAL BUILDING. THERE WAS NO INSERECTION TO INVESTIGATE. IT IS JUST A DEMOCRAT TALKING POINT PARROTED BY GOOD LITTLE NAZIS LIKE YOU!

      4. Tony, I was there. I saw the entire “Show” put on by Antifa/BLM. The Capitol Police actually LET Antifa & BLM folks through the barricades while every one else were keeping the area secure. Those people had on “Trump” caps, shirts, flags, you name it! ZERO Trump supporters entered the building on the first AND second wave of invaders!

        The sooner you realize the lies you are repeating and just that, LIES, the better off you will be, dude!

    2. The globalist puppets love globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ bribes to preach the globalist agendas more than they love America .

    3. Unfortunately about 3/4 of government with SUPREME COURT JUDGES. Senators and governors are against the majority of U.S.A. CITIZENS. And they are not even smart enough to know what happens to women and children in COMMUNIST countries. Citizens of our country your friends neighbors and families and yourself will become a slave to the state and the rich. You refuse you no longer breath . or they will take your kids or a family member and do things you don’t want to imadgin . or make them stop brewing right in front of you. SENITOR Rand Paul , Said AMERICANS. Have to stand up and against these idiots. That means GROW A PAIR!!!! So what you know is right. And Americans oh this is not what Rand Paul said . this is common sense. DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR HOT LEAD THROW’RS. TO ANY ONE !!!!. THAT MAY BE YOUR ONLY WAY TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. AND ITS YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT. !!!

  2. The Utah Church has to be backing Romney because he doesn’t have the guts on his own. If they were Americans first, he’d have been a memory years ago !

    1. You know not of which you speak, “The Utah Church” does not dictate whom to vote for. Romney for example was not endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, nor was anyone else. The only thing that got Mit the twit elected was that he was Hatch’s hand picked successor.
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

      1. no, the demorats will lose because of your stupid Dictator Biden. Better get on the winning side. The repub Rhinos will be kicked out of congress.

        1. Or if it comes down to Civil War they they will be hung as traitors by either side that captures them. No safe side for them at all, both sides will call them the enemy of the people and hang them.

      2. To Wait14 and Sage: where are you getting your “news”. Where are you getting the “information” you use to decide for yourself what is happening?
        Have you ever, honestly and with unbiased thinking, compared any previous administration with the Trump years?
        Have you considered what our “elected public servants” have to loose with a man like Trump in office?
        Trump is no traitor- but there ARE traitors in our government and we had better be wise enough to ferret them out so we can actually stand for our country-our home.

      3. I hope they loose in the Primary to Trump Repubicans! Because the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat! But the SOBS still vote after they die, a miracle huh, no just cheating crooked lying peice of dung Democrats that crawl out of the sewers every time an election rolls around.

        1. Lets us hope these Audits have enough effect to wake up the entire Nation. I strongly believe they will.

  3. Get rid of every one of these rhinos, and any more wolves in sheep’s clothing, kick all rhinos to the curb starting with cheney,murkoski,romney,collins,assinger,portman.

    1. No! Cicero said:

      ”don’t fair the enemy that is trying to brake your wall, fear the one that is in hiding
      among us”! Meaning? RINOS, pretending to be patriots!

  4. It’s The same names that come up every time when there’s senators going against what should be a common sense vote.
    I for one am thrilled romney never made president, however,the one who beat him was 20x worse!

  5. I got 5 of the 6 of what’s called the usual suspects. The most self absorbed among the self absorbed. They can’t honestly be that naive can they. Cassidy is one I’m not that fimilar with.

    1. Don Nicholas; thanks for providing the exact term for politicians, “SELF-ABSORBED”. National Politics opens the door to untold wealth and lifetime security; saying nothing about lifetime perks.

      1. I like what General Patton said about politicians, “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” That is why he never got the 5th star, the Democrats were in control of our government at the time. They would have fired him, except without him the war might have lasted several more years or maybe even have been lost. Since the Germans would have had a chance to get the jets they developed into production and other high tech weapons they had and were developing. Maybe even nucs ahead of the USA.

    2. Cassidy is a real POS. He is our “Mess” to deal with in Louisiana. He brags about having an “A” rating with the NRA. Truth is, he is rated “B-“!

  6. Investigating the Jan 6 riot would be fine,if it wasn’t for the fact,the real people behind it won’t be outed,& they will only try putting more blame on Trump!
    It’s easy to figure out,if it’s brought up by the demonrats, it’s not gonna be truthful. It’s gonna be biased as hell!!!🤬🤬🤬

  7. I know one thing for sure, Mitt the Twitt will face serious primary opposition in his bid for reelection in ’04, and I for one will be yelling the loudest to see him go down in flames here in good ole Utah.
    And YES I voted for his opponent in ’98, I didn’t want more years of Oral S n a t c h (AKA Orin Hatch) In Washington, claiming to be from Utah.
    Barry Age 76
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

    1. Hatch/Romney
      Both came to Utah and claimed residency when they realized that they could not get elected to the Senate as Dumbocrappers, so RINO from Utah they became.
      Birds of a feather.
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  8. Not one of these are truly Republicans. They all should be charged with operating under a false flag (and NOT re-elected).

  9. Old Nancy knows what side “her bread is buttered is on”. She knows that she is on line to become vice-president if things fall right. I’ve seen so many photos of her consulting and advising Biden. I think she is “feathering her nest” making herself to become indespensible.

      1. It is unbelievable how many Jezebels, there are in the Democratic Party! Do they have a special finishing school for them? They are all so awful Ugly too!

  10. Why waste hard working American tax payer money to investigate what Americans already know; globalist puppet $oro$ hired globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep and transported them on buses to washington dc and dressed them in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and ordered them to invade the capitol at the same exact time that 1,000,000 Americans were one mile away enjoying a Trump peaceful speech . . . . .

    1. Question for everyone who is a registered Republican like myself? When will the GOP realize we stopped sending money to the NRC and NRCC because of RINOs and cowards like McConnell who refused to fight fir a federal investigation into the rigged elections. Now the same RINOS join democrats to get still another capital riot investigation, what do we get jack shit except the bill from both parties. Trump is the party, Trump won that election, the GOP ate scratching their asses thinking why are these people nit sending money like when Trump was in Office? They screws us and now expect us to trust them. Common sense if the democratic communist party gets HR1 there will never be another fair election the dictatorship will get worst and the weaponized scumbags hold7ng cabinet seats will become even mor3 dangerous to our prayers for protection of basic freedom. Not challenging a rigged election what did the republicans expect? We all knew the democratic communist party would created a dictatorship. We want Trump we do not want the GOP we do not trust most of the them either. Only two things can stop our illegal government, election reform to prevent more rigged elections, not HR1 to create more rigged elections, and if that fails our last hope might be request succession from the communist dictatirship.
  11. If one says Ben Sasse’s name right it sounds just like ‘Ben’s ass’, which is a very apt description of him

  12. No surprises! These RINO’s need to be voted out of office as soon as possible. I guessed who it was before looking and I got 5 of them right. That should tell you how pathetic these reprobates are. You can not trust any of the ones who voted for this nonsense. All they ever do is waste tax payer money and they are ALWAYS looking for anything that will go against the conservative Republicans. The ones who are mentioned are disgusting phonies and need to leave the Republican Party and go join the Democrats.

    Please please please vote these clowns out of office. They are such cowards they won’t even tell you where they stand on issues. Then they stab Republicans in the back.

    1. There is always one Rino Snake that has escapes notice, with his twist and turns, guess who? Sen. Lindsey Graham and his friend Niki Haley!

  13. At least 3 of these are NOT republicans, romney collins and murkowski have done more in 3 months to advance clueless joe’s agenda than they did in 4 years to help President Trump make America great again.

  14. These six Republican GOP senators should have been taken to task for their betrayal of their cohort! That’s not how these issues are supposed to be handled!

  15. Everybody bad mouthing the decisions might want to look at what Bill Cassidy had to say about the reason he thumbed up the vote for the commission. He says the investigation will occur anyway, no matter how this bill is decided. That means Piggilosi and nothing bu dems deciding the whole damm thing. There will be no republican voice in it. This has a lot of far reaching negative potential.

  16. Oh well, looks like the gops dropped their dix in the dirt again!

    With the commission, they could have used their power to prove, once and for all, that the Trump incited insurrection was really those antifa guys and not the Trump incited anti-American insurrectionists.

    But, they chose to kowtow to their orange master, again..

    Whatever happened to gop, anyway?

  17. I like what General Patton said about politicians, “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” That is why he never got the 5th star, the Democrats were in control of our government at the time. They would have fired him, except without him the war might have lasted several more years or maybe even have been lost. Since the Germans would have had a chance to get the jets they developed into production and other high tech weapons they had and were developing. Maybe even nucs ahead of the USA.

  18. I will take great pleasure in ripping up Bill Cassidy tomorrow morning over the phone! I will also forward his crummy voting records to every person I know.

    Typical Rino………….


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