Texas Governor to Veto State Legislature Funding After Dems Walk Out on Election Bill

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is retaliating against state Democrats after they walked out before holding a vote on a Republican-backed election bill. The governor announced he plans to veto Article 10, the portion of the state bill that funds the legislative branch.

According to Fox News:

Abbott’s action came hours after Democratic lawmakers left the House floor and broke quorum ahead of a planned vote on Senate Bill 7, a measure which had drawn widespread criticism from the party. As a result of the protest, the Texas House was unable to hold a vote on the bill prior to a midnight deadline.

The move by Democrats marked the fourth time in state history that lawmakers broke quorum to protest a bill, according to the Dallas Morning News. If enacted, the bill would make changes to election requirements by expanding the authority of partisan poll watchers, enacting bans on 24-hour and drive-thru voting and increasing penalties for election workers who violate protocols.

Abbot and other Republicans have argued the bill is necessary to ensure voting integrity after a combative 2020 election cycle. State Democrats argue the measures amounted to voter suppression and have accused Republicans proceeded without sufficient consultation.

Democrats have regularly resorted to theatrics in order to push their agenda against increasing election integrity. When Georgia passed a new voter ID law, Democrats encouraged boycotts of Atlanta, GA businesses and for the MLB All-Star game to be moved out of the state. The move has effectively cost many minority-owned businesses hundreds of thousands in revenue.

    1. Let there be more Governors like him that have the guts to REALY ado something
      it is high time that we the people have a REAL VOICE due to people LIKE HIM!!!!!

    2. He should’ve had the State Police there blocking EXIT. Other states have sent the police to ‘retrieve’ elected aholes deliberately hiding out of state to avoid doing their jobs!

      1. This only proves that the Dummycrat party is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of lazy left-wingers who care more for themselves and their leftist party than their constituents!!! POLITICIANS WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO WORK FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE!!

    3. Integrity, what integrity? There is no integrity in the Democratic party any more. They are just a bunch of Sociomarxists following a demented pied piper who is leading them down the road to destruction of the Republic. In a year America will be too far down that path of destruction to return. The damage done is just a little over a hundred days is stunning. Could any one other than S2t6n himself done a better . I read complaints but I don’t hear any passion or anger. Liberty is on the line and no one seems to care, not even conservatives or moderates.

  1. Great, the dim wits walkout during state legislature business and no dinero from the state for that time out for children unwilling to do their jobs that people voted for them to do. How fitting! And fining them for their failure of duty would be appropriate too.


  3. I love Governor Abbott. He’s got canines, and he’s not afraid to stand up for the truth and what’s right. More should follow his example.
    I’m sure my little RINO won’t think of it.

    1. I meant to say he’s got CAJONES…..not canines.
      I didn’t notice the auto correct. Sorry

    2. You’re so right, i just hope people will remember all the terrible things DEMOCRATS are doing when they vote in 2022 & 2024 !! Viva le REPUBLICANS !!!

      1. Me too Mike. It’s going to be up to the people running for office to remind them when out campaigning.

  4. Great news time somebody put a end to the spoiled child who believe they can like a two year old kicking and screaming because they didn’t get their way. Like many parents who having to deal with unruly children.

  5. The democrats are all about grandstanding and hypocrisy. They move the All-Star game, punishing many small black owned businesses and move it to Colorado which has far fewer black people and businesses and more restrictive voting regulations than Georgia. NEWS FLASH DEMOCRATS! The voters are watching and you are constantly overplaying your hand. Just wait till November.

  6. Thank God a return to fairness and common sense—- no work no pay—- better yet. fire any politician who refuses to work and do the job they are more than well compensated to do. Thank you governor Abbot for having the courage to do the right and honorable thing👍👍👍👍

  7. As is now apparent, terrorism has a LEGISLATIVE face. Dereliction of duty must not be tolerated. To HELL with these people! And kudos to Gov. Abbott!

  8. He should pass a better gun law that protects the Second Amendment in Texas such as that of Missouri before the Democrats start pushing that Pandora’s box.

  9. Now if my state of PA could do the same. Tired of Philly and Pittsburgh ruling our state. Hop to it Republican State Senate!

  10. In addition to this the repubs in the state legislature s/h taken action to suspend them, thus having a quorum, passed the bill. They should now pass a law that says a quorum is simply a majority of those present, thus ending such childish antics. Also include a provision that says any legislator that walks out s/b immediately suspended w/o pay until such time as the legislature votes to reinstate them.


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